Elven Tower Maps a Course Through D&D Content Creation

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Derek Ruiz – or Derek von Zarovich as he’s widely known to fans on the internet – is an 2017 Ennie Award nominee for best website. A year ago he was an English  teacher. With the flip of a coin, … Read More

5E D&D in space with Spelljammer is back!

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Spelljammer thrusts your D&D adventures into space In last week’s column I shared a cobbled-together homebrew system for handling ship-to-ship combat from the homebrew 5E D&D Spelljammer campaign that I run for my friends. With the Memorial Day weekend keeping my … Read More

Tricky Dungeons and Dragons Terrain- Goo-Blythe’s Guide to Surviving the Underdark

” Uses sure about this tall one? Underdark very dangerous place.” whines Goo-Blythe. “I’m sorry Goo-Blythe time is of the essence if we are going to reach the Lady Lureanna in time to save her.” said Sir Gregory. “Yes yes … Read More

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