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WizKids Warlock Tiles Marketplace

WizKids Warlock Tiles Inspire TTRPG Encounters in the Marketplace

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Tabletop roleplaying game adventures in town can emerge from many places. How much fun can you have in the marketplace? Given all the possibilities of events to unfold in an outdoor marketplace it is the perfect set up for fun and imaginative game play. Outdoor stalls make for ideal places for hit and run tactics by assassins or basic street thugs. Many marketplace features distract the eyes and block line of sight. A marketplace also incorporates elements for characters and creatures to interact with. Look at all the remarkable segments of chase scenes in movies and TV shows. It can all happen in a marketplace.

Warlock Tiles bring encounters to life

Marketplace options of course do not end with chases and violent aggressors. Consider if a magic item goes wrong. This could be something a vendor sells or some unknown object the adventurers picked up and look to get rid of through sale or trade. Magical mishaps can cause no end to fun and hilarity at the gaming table if you play into the concept. 

Putting aside magical mischief what about good old basic mischief? One of the characters might be interested in stealing something or conversely they’re on the other side a theft stopping a local gang from robbing merchants. Escalating matters further a local thieves guild could be moving in or already in place looking for protection money and the adventurers overhear a vendor being shaken down for its next payment. There could even be two or more gangs or guilds fighting over territory with the party caught in the middle.

It happens — adventurers have a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and this applies for any number of scenarios they potentially observe. Witnessing a shake down, a crime or a blackmail all make great catalysts for further urban adventures and they can all begin in an innocuous location like the marketplace. If you are a Game Master go ahead and run these kinds of scenarios in your TTRPG experiences to see how players react. If your TTRPG sessions take place in person you might consider adding a few things to spice up the battle mat. WizKidsWarlock Tiles: Accessory – Marketplace, Warlock Dungeon Tiles: Town & Village and upcoming Warlock Tiles: Accessory – Merchants. These would all allow you to perfectly set the scene for a beautiful cityscape layout. The marketplace has some great fruit stands, a well, gallows, some NPCs and so much more.

The merchants pair so perfectly with the marketplace offering a number of great characters to use in the scenarios I suggested above as well as some great scenery with which to interact. The hollowed out log can be used to stash any stolen goods the party chases down the thief to retrieve. Adventurers miraculously discover the thief does not have the items when caught and searched. Can they find the loot in the hollowed out log or will the thief get away with their crime? As with everything in WizKids’ Warlock Tiles product line all these great items come fully painted and are done so well. They are a great asset to any collection using fully three dimensional terrain. 

You can grab these amazing sets over here. Thank you for reading. I hope I have inspired you. If I did please feel free to like and share and until next time, stay nerdy!

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