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Kobold Press Vault of Magic items

Discover Incredible Magic Items Inside Vault of Magic from Kobold Press

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The industrious kobolds of Kobold Press launched a new Kickstarter and not surprisingly they’re knocking it out of the park once again. This time our friends over at Kobold Press crack open the Vault of Magic for 5th Edition to uncover over 800 new magic items created by leading tabletop roleplaying game designers and Kobold Press veterans bringing wild surprises to your games.

Compendium of 5E magic items from Kobold Press

Awarding and discovering new magic items thrills me as a Game Master and player in any Fifth Edition game. Even though the 5E Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide and many official sources include a dizzying array of magic items it’s still always a blast to explore new ones and all the possibilities they entail. I’ve designed quite a lot of them myself and as a team we’ve collectively produced many more but nevertheless I’m excited to peruse this new grimoire. Kobold Press is a longtime favorite publisher of third party content and they’ve more than earned my trust when it comes to fun and useful game content.

The Kickstarter page focuses primarily on the production of the book and the team behind it, which makes sense because let’s face it — how much do you need to know about a grimoire featuring over 800 new 5E magic items? The number of Kobold Press books on my own shelf each illustrate the care put into their products. I use them all the time when preparing for games, during games and between them simply to flip through and enjoy. Never has a quality issue arisen so I’m confident the durably bound full color Vault of Magic will be no different. Backers can get the standard edition or the limited edition with leatherette cover, two color foil stamping and all the bells and whistles and as the proud owner of the limited edition Courts of the Shadow Fey book they produced a while back I can tell you these make excellent additions to any TTRPG collection.

Many of the names I’ve come to expect to see in a Kobold Press product show up for Vault of Magic too. Lead Editor Meagan Maricle’s previous Kobold Press credits include Margreve Player’s Guide, Underworld Player’s Guide, Empire of the Ghouls and Tome of Beasts 2 — all terrific books in my collection. She’s also working on Kobold Press’s upcoming City of Cats, which while I hadn’t heard of it before as a cat enthusiast myself I’m curiously looking forward to learning more about. Marc Radle takes on the art director role once again as well and I’ve long admired his design and layout of Kobold Press books.

Vault of Magic expands the team with lots of guest designers this time around. At this time these guests include Deborah Ann Woll, Adam Bradford, Celeste Conowitch, Luke Gygax, Daniel Kwan, Meagan Kenreck, Todd Kenreck, Professor Dungeonmaster, Victoria Rogers and Lauren Urban. There’s a chance our own Nerdarchist Ted may join these other luminaries too and I don’t have to tell you how thrilled we all are about this possibility.

I can tell from the Kickstarter page (and because it’s Kobold Press) Vault of Magic promises much more than a grimoire of new magic items for 5E games. Material like Fabled Items that increase in power alongside their wielder and items tailored to Kobold Press’s own content like bearfolk themed items sound really cool and by the time this post publishes I’ve no doubt stretch goals like magic contracts for binding otherworldly entities to your will ought to be unlocked.

Head over to the Kickstarter page for Vault of Magic from Kobold Press and discover the pledge level that works best for you here.

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Nerditor-in-Chief Doug Vehovec is a proud native of Cleveland, Ohio, with D&D in his blood since the early 80s. Fast forward to today and he’s still rolling those polyhedral dice. When he’s not DMing, worldbuilding or working on endeavors for Nerdarchy he enjoys cryptozoology trips and eating awesome food.

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