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Eldritch Foundry miniatures

Adding the Eldritch Foundry to your D&D Game

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I wanted to create a cool location to add to your Dungeons & Dragons game and the fine people over at Eldritch Foundry asked us to share how awesome their minis are so here is a great way to do both. Eldritch Foundry makes great miniatures. I first met them at Gen Con and they were already fans of Nerdarchy. Eldritch Foundry is a web based program allowing you to design and print 3D miniatures for your tabletop roleplaying games. There are loads of ever expanding options for use in creating fantastic miniatures of your own design.

D&D magic items with personality and panache

Currently when you make a purchase on Eldritch Foundry’s website a 3D printed miniature includes an Eldritch Foundry D20 with their logo on it. As a dice collector this was a nice surprise when I opened the package. Each miniature also comes in a very cool tin you can store your mini in to protect them or use to carry your mini to game day. Lastly the black plastic the mini was printed in was very cool. Part of me wants to use the minis as is since it looks like a sparkly night sky. That could be a cool statue or golem. However you want to use them you have to check out Eldritch Foundry. You can check them out here.

The location I want to create is inspired by Eldritch Foundry so I’ll look at those words first. Eldritch is defined as an adjective meaning weird and sinister or ghostly. Foundry is a noun meaning a workshop or factory for casting metal. You can add an Eldritch Foundry to your own fantasy RPG campaign setting. Forgrun Ironhold is a smith of no small skill. He makes arms, armor and any number of things made of metal. He works harder and faster than any other smith on the continent. Bilmop Gakas is a tinkerer who has made a name for themselves. Together they run and operate the Eldritch Foundry. 

Many generations ago what would become the Eldritch Foundry was a burial place. As generations passed the burial markers of loose stones and wood carvings wasted away to nothing. Cleared of any other claims the area was open to be built on anew. Very few, if any, were interested in building on such a place. Most were unaware of the history other than the weird events that would happen to those who spent a prolonged period in the locale. 

Bilmop convinced Forgrun the weirdness would be a selling point on the business and the low price on the land was a no brainer. As a business they are able to create and sell minor magical items like +1 weapons along with sundry other objects. There is always a chance items created in the Eldritch Foundry become imbued with some weirdness. For example a fluke might be the possessor of the item hears spirits talking or other odd noises. Sometimes while a person carries the item on themselves they can speak and understand a language associated with it’s origin. I recommend check out the fifth edition D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide Chapter 7: Sentient Magic Items to start. You’ll find lots of interesting quirks and traits to adapt for the items being created at the Eldritch Foundry in your world.

This can also be a great way to either have a sentient magic item on something without a huge amount of power. You can use this to provide a path to some interesting side quests. You can use it as a place where characters can purchase magic items if this is something you do in your games or a place characters can simply acquire fun and interesting gear.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

*Featured image — Eldritch Foundry makes high quality, flash-less, seamless prints using the latest in 3D printing technology. Check it out here.

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