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Titanic Miniatures for your Tabletop Roleplaying Game

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Not everyone uses miniatures when you game but many of us do.  How amazing is it when the DM places titanic miniatures dungeon crawleran amazing model on the table and the mini is so much bigger than the party.  Do you worry that this is the time that the DM is finally going to bring you down?

Imagine how much more terrifying it will be when the mini is of colossal size.  Yeah those of us playing 5th edition know that they have removed this size category from the game but gargantuan is only limited by your imagination.  I for one love the large size.

I am a proud owner of the Collosal Red Dragon released by WOTC all those years ago.  You can Grab one here.  The red dragon is big enough that a standard size mini fits in its raised claws.  I typically display it that way for humors sake.  Dragons are a staple of the D&D game and any fantasy tabletop roleplaying game.  With that it is always great to have that looming threat that you can drop that mini on the table.

Until recently there have not bee many options other than this colossal red.  Either you had to have something that was a reasonable facsimile or you had to do painstaking work to make your own.  Based on the conversations with many gamers and DMs over the years there are far fewer DMs out that that take the time to make individual minis of that size to use as a single encounter.  even if they think that they will get to use it again later.  Do not get me wrong your crafters are out there.  I have seen some spectacular work, but in our diverse niche you are not the norm.

So what options do you have.  The fine people over at Dungeon Crawler have produced some great tabletop roleplaying dungeon crawlerproducts.  For one they have made a Kraken.  The horrifying creature from the depths, the legendary monster that all sailors fear and that every player wonders will they encounter one tonight when the party is forced to travel by boat over open waters. Every tabletop roleplaying group has a story of the carnage that these monsters can do.  The fact that they can tear boats apart or grab a person from the ship and descend below is hard to deal with.

Although there are a few toys out there that can look like a kraken having a perfectly sized mini hit the table just makes the players at the table weak in the knees and excited at the prospects all at once.  So Dungeon crawler has made one of these legendary monsters and I can assure you they look great.  Not only does it match in scale to the red dragon, base size wise, it can technically take up more room on the table if you pick up extra tentacles.

The red dragon is on an 8in base that is square and the kraken is on an 8 in round base.  in 5th edition the Ancient red dragon is a challenge 24 and the kraken is a 23.  Who do you think would win?

So two titanic miniatures to drop on your players but is that all?  Well I am here to say I hope not.  I hope that there are more monstrous creatures to come.  All who play these wonderous tabletop rolepplaying games are familiar with the tarrasque.  The horror out of french mythology.  There have been several attempts at getting a miniature of one these out to the public.

One such attempt used the art out of the 5th edition monster manual and was shut down before it could do much.  I do not know who was behind that.  Last month our good friends over at dungeon crawler attempted their own kickstarter for the behemoth.  It had promise and looked amazing.  Perhaps you saw my article on that.  If not you can check it out here.

Well as sad as it was that they did not make it, they did not give up.  They are trying again and I would dungeon crawler titanic miniaturesbe remiss if I did not share it again.  You can see the kickstarter here.  Now I am going to be greedy.  Perhaps you are not interested in these massive monsters, but you like minis.  Well if that is the case please help Dungeon crawler out and support by pledging and get the add ons of the smaller minis.  Help out your fellow gamers that want to drop one of these on the table.  And lastly, here is teh greedy part, help me out as I REALLY want one of these at my own table.

I have the awesome dragon, and I have a super sweet kraken, Dave and I have been talking about who would win in a fight. But I want this to me a three way fight.  I want my behemoth as my tarrasque.  In the kickstarter you can even get a behemoth and a kraken all in one transaction.

Ok greedyness done.  These are awesome miniatures or display pieces that can be added to any true gamers collection.  I would be remiss in my duties of Nerdarchy if I did not brings these miniatures to your attention.  Happy gaming and until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!

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