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Author: Ted Adams

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Board Games in Review – Fluxx the Board Game

fluxx the board gameIf you are into board games and card games then you should have played one of the numerous versions of the great game Fluxx.  It is an ever changing card game where the rules can change not only round to round but even turn by turn.

Well the awesome people behind Fluxx the card game have made Fluxx the Board Game.  Looney Labs brings you the game where the only constant is change.  All the hilarity of the base card game mixed up with moving pawns around the game board to collect goals.

The base goal of the game is to move your pawns to the icons for either the current goal or the goal you are looking to play.  If you meet the goal you can collect the goal card.  Collect the number of goal card equal to the win condition and you win.

Be warned the other players in the game can bump your pawn off of the space.  So make sure your strategy is sound or your other players could mess you up.

Looney Labs Presents – Fluxx  Board Game

Ecology of the Golden Chimera – Dungeons and Dragons Monsters

Dungeons and DragonsLast week I talked about the creation of the Golden Chimera.  While the chimera is built as a monster of Demons combining all the worst of each of the component monsters, the olden Chimera actually combines the best of each of the creatures combining together.

As the Demon Prince created the regular chimera a powerful Solar, perhaps the first,  created a creature in its image to be a positive force on the world below, but powerful enough to defend itself and its kind.

As the dragon half of the regular strives to raid and plunder the Golden Chimera craves its wealth but usually through trade and service and is interested in acquiring knowledge above actual material possessions.

Golden Chimera in Dungeons and Dragons

Board Games in Review – Quarriors Light Vs Dark – Dice Games

QuarrirosNerdarchist Ted here and we get to yet again dive into the wonderful world of board games.  Today lets talk about Quarriors Light Vs Dark.  Quarriors is a great game at its core that takes the deck building game one step further and lets you have a dice building game so that it is dice that you get randomly on your turn.

The base game and its expansions have been fun, but today we are going to look at the new base game Light vs Dark.  If you are familiar with the base game and unfamiliar with the new then lets go over a few things first.  If you are unfamiliar with either you will pick it up fast.

As with any game you need a resource to be spent an in this game it is called quiddity.  Quarriors likes q-words so if you wind up reading the manual  get used to it.  In the base game quiddity is just basic and is not seperated, but in Light vs. Dark you have basic quiddity as well as  Light and Dark quiddity.

Quarriors Light vs. Dark Can You Shed Light on it?

Designing a monster

AJ Pickett – The Mighty Gluestick – Designing a Monster

Role Playing GameDesigning a Monster for Role Playing Games.

By AJ Pickett (aka, The Mighty Gluestick)
Off the top of my head, here are my Top Five Factors to consider
1. Is it needed?
Is there an existing creature that could just be tweaked a little to fit the new fluff?  (look at monster types per challenge rating, can you rework it into a role suited for sneaky ambush, brute force assault, fast striking skirmish, tricky controller, etc) Is there something already close in your role playing game.

2. Is it fun?
Not just for you to run, is it a fun creature for the players to encounter? Does it have atmosphere, iconic characteristics, reputation, hair raising threat, horror, wonder, humor and excitement?

3. Does it make sense?
Why does it exist, where did it come from, what does it do when the players are not fighting it, how does it live, feed and thrive? What impact does it have on it’s environment?

4. Is it known?
Has it been encountered before, studied, recorded, and if so, how widely known and famous is it? Are they relatively common and people know of them far and wide, is it just a local legend, even thought to just be a solitary, legendary beast?

Dungeons and Dragons

Creation of the Golden Chimera – Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Dungeons and DragonsLong ago I came up with this creature.  Inspired by the regular Chimera I set out to make something personnel and cool.  I never truly gave it a name because it was more of a unique creature in my mind then one of many.  But over the years the idea has changed and grew.

Now Nerdarchy did a video on the chimera For Dungeons and Dragons, you can watch that below, and I talked about my version.  The Golden Chimera like the regular has the head of a lion and a dragon.  The lion looks more regal than vicious.  The dragon is that of a gold dragon rather than that of a red dragon.

Would You Use this in Dungeons and Dragons?

Board Games in Review – Thunderstone Advance – Deck Building Game

Thunderstone AdvanceGreetings fellow adventurers.  Care for a journey into a dungeon filled with monsters?  if you answered yes then Thunderstone Advance is the right game for you.   While this is a deck building game it does require some more strategy than some other deck building games because unlike other games you can either buy or fight on your turn not both.

Can you defeat the Bearer in Thunderstone Advance

Now this is my biggest gripe of the game not being able to do both but it is an element of the rules.  but once you own your own copy, feel free to ignore this rule and allow the good time to roll. 

Board Games in Review – Breaker Blocks – Spriteborne

Breaker BlocksGreetings and Happy Monday.  I hope the day finds you well.  Nerdarchist Ted here, and today I am bringing you another great game by 3D printing company Spriteborne.  back in April I did a review of their game Komi’s Gate.  You can read that review here.

Today I am looking at Breaker Blocks.  This is a fantastic tile manipulation game.

Breaker Blocks is a 1v1 tabletop game where you place tiles to power up circuits, input commands, and overwhelm your opponent. You win if, at the end of the game, you control more circuits than the other player. Use power tiles to charge your circuit and command modules to perform unique actions that can trip up your opponent.

Breaker Blocks Tile Strategy Game

Game Master Tips – Giving your Players Agency in Your Campaign

Game Master TipsNerdarchist Ted here and today we are going to be talking about Dungeon master tips or game master tips for your Dungeons and Dragons game, or what ever RPG you play.  So for those of you who are unfamiliar with this concept, lets ask the question, What is Player Agency?

Player Agency is when you allow a player to actually control the on goings of a story for a portion of the time or to create something and you allow them to run with it.  Technically when a player makes a back story for their character they are doing so with agency but with most groups it actually ends there.

Do you use Player Agency in your RPG?

Board Games in Review – Hive – Strategic Tile Game

HiveGreetings and happy Monday.  I am back with another board game review and today I would like to infect your game table with Hive.  Hive is a strategic tile placing and manipulation game can rival chess for a one on one strategy games.

Hive is the Board Game Buzzing with Possibilities

In this fantastic board game you have different insect tiles, each with their own special abilities and you can either place a new tile onto the playing field or move an already placed tile.
The goal of the game is to completely surround your opponents queen bee without letting yourself being surrounded as well.  As each piece in chess has its own movement possibilities so do the different insect tiles in Hive

Ecology of the Mage Eater – Fast and Dirty Monsters

Mage EaterSpell Casters of the worlds beware.  The Mage Eater lurks above stalking and hunting lone travelers with magical abilities.  I present to you the Fast and Dirty Monster: The Mage Eater.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition presents many useful creatures to use against your player characters but perhaps that is not enough.  Fast and Dirty Monsters is a series where we take a concept and convert an already created monster and give it a whole new life as a completely different monster.  In this edition we have taken the Coalt, a generally good monster and turn it into something a little more vial and monster-like.

Fast and Dirty Monster: The Mage Eater

Board Games in Review – Looney Pyramids

Looney pyramidsHello fellow gamers.  I usually do a more strait forward review but today I am going to do something a little different.  Let me introduce you to Looney Pyramids. In the current state of their incarnation they are small stack-able plastic pyramids available in a variety of colors.

Looney Pyramids are a cool set of pieces developed by Andrew Looney of Looney Labs.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Andrew at a Looney labs game day last year.  It was an honor to meet and interview him and realize that he was a kindred spirit in his love of games and fellow Eagle Scout.

Do you Love Looney Pyramids?

Fast and Dirty Monsters – Ecology of the Skleee

Greetings, Nerdarchist Ted here and and today I present to you a new race and its ecology.  I offer up the Skleee.  These are from our Fast and Dirty monsters series.  Tune in below to see how the race came about.  Lets see how they stack up against other creatures in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Fast and Dirty Monster

The Skleee get their name from the sound they make when startled.  I would like to thank Jerel Fontenot  for his suggestion for the name and concept for the name.   The Sklee are an insectoid race that combines several insectoid concepts together.  They have a hive mind like that of ants as well as their ability to function together as a unit.

In addition their great carrying capacity is inherent within all Skleee.  But they also posses the abilities of termites in chewing through would and other things to burrow and make their dwellings.

The Sklee in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Board Games in Review – Thunderstone – Deck Building Game

ThunderstoneWho does not like being a hero?  Who does like crave the life of an adventurer?  Well in Thunderstone, you represent the leader of an adventurer band as you hire , equip and train you heroes to plumb the depths of the dungeon looking to clear out the dungeon but to also find the fabled Thunderstone.

You can get your copy here.

In this board game you use the standard deck building mechanic.  Everyone gets the same assortment of cards to start the game, but the choices you make and how you interact with the cards in town and cards (monsters) in the dungeon will determine who is the victor.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition – Custom Race – Boarks

Dungeons and DragonsNerdarchist Ted here and I get to present you an entirely new race created by Nerdarchy.  Over on YouTube we do a video series called Fast and Dirty Monsters.

We take an idea for a new monster and open up our Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition Monster Manual and show you how to take a thing that already exists and change it to match our creation.

You can jump below to watch the video of how we made these pig people.

Boarks in 5th edition

Boarks are a race of gluttonous pig people.  The term pig headed would most apply in more ways then one.  They are possessed of an tapped well of determination.  Once they are set upon a path they will not waver short of their own decision to alter their course.

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