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5th Edition Tome of Beasts – Arch Devils and Devils

5th Edition Tome of Beasts - Fey Lords and Ladies
5th Edition Tome of Beasts – Aberrations

Last week I delved into the Tome of Beats and the Rulers of the Fey Court.  You can check out that kobold press tome of beastsArticle here.  This week I have torn through the devils and lets see what we get.

Not only does Tome of Beast give us some new lower tier Devils to play with but some Upper tier Arch Devils that can be a source for an entire campaign arc.  If you have not pre-ordered you own copy you can do so here.

We get 4 new Arch Devils to inspire us in new ways.  Kobold press did an excellent job of creating foes with goals and agendas.  They also added a new format of damage requiring weapons to be silvered to damage certain foes.

Arbeyach is the first Arch Devil we get to explore and he is literally made of a swarm of insects.  His greatest weapons is to cause people to be poisoned and he removes resistance and immunities from those close to him.  Be warned.  Though his power wains through inaction he has many that serve him.

Ia’Affrat is actually the offspring of Arbeyach.  While his father is a swarm of insects, he is a swarm of fire.  He is composed of tiny elementals.  So removed from flesh and blood he is immune to weapon damage of any kind.  Do not get into a fight with him unless you are prepared.

Mammon is the arch devil of Greed.  We talk about him in the video below.  But he is a great center piece for any campaign and the ways of using him are huge.  He could be a major villain that has something you need or someone.  You could have to sneak into his place and either retrieve something or place something in his vault.  His desire to have unique things makes the ability to introduce him in a story that much easier as he does not have to fight so he could exist as a role playing tool or temptation for those dancing on the edge.

Totivillus is the scribe of hell.  he holds power over the written word and loves twisting what is there.  He also has the ability to enter any text, book or scroll and remain there as long as he likes.  He also has an arua that makes people trust him.  It makes for an easier negotiations when you are always trusted. This also allows you as a DM to enter him in you game as the players wont be able to attack when they just trust him implicitly.

Besides the Arch Devils you have a horde of other options for those ‘law abiding’ denizens of the lower devil tome of beastsplains.  And by law abiding I mean how far can I twist and warp this law before it would break.

We have the Auomata which used to be chain devils but got an upgrade and now pull victims into their grinding maw of destruction.  We have the chort which are your more iconic devils with fire and contracts.  Very useful are the crystalline devils which have the ability to appear as a valuable gem and try to corrupt those who carry it.

Additionally you have the gilded devils who not only love to be decked out in the finest in fashionable jewelry but they can consume some off of their foes to restore health.  Ink devils are great to be used in any place of study.  As they are small and present many more role playing options than some of the other lower power devils.  Kuralk or harvestor devils not only are savage and damage dealing machines but are able to serve as mounts for demons of a smaller size.

Lunar devils break the mold and are known for being on the surface much more so than of the lower plains.  Their favorite hobby being to corrupt or destroy circles of druids.  Orobas Devils are dviners thattome of beasts like to mess with you.  Horse headed humanoids that if you do not know that they are devils could easily get one over on a group of travelers.  Again lots of uses here.

Lastly we fall to the salt devil.  Evil monsters that like the desert and actually have salt crystals embedded in their weaponry to cause you greater pain and suffering.  The old adage talks about pouring salt in an open wound and they have taken it to the next level.

So there you have it.  More awesome info on Kobold Press and their 5th edition release of the Tome of Beasts.  It should be hitting stores later this month, but why wait pre-order your copy today so you too can start using these Devils to corrupt your players.


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