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Heroforge – Custom Miniatures for your Tabletop RPG

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There is a wide variety of miniature lines out there.  D&D and Pathfinder both have their fully painted Heroforge custom miniature ready to go miniatures and for many hero choices they work just fine of you can find a reasonable facsimile.  And then you have several other lines that make miniatures including Reaper Miniatures and their Bones line.  They are great but they come unpainted and in some cases un-assembled.

For those of you that are unaware Heroforge offers fully customized minis that are 3D printed made to your exact specifications.  And they are not limited to designs just for your D&D game.  Heroforge offer Custom Miniatures for your tabletop RPGs for fantasy, western, sci-fi, modern and East-Asian themes.

Not only that but you can fully customize it in a way that blends these elements together should your specific character need that.  When you go to their site: www.heroforge.com you are presented with a body that you can change the race, make it male or female and dress/equip it with all manner of gear and accessories.

The detail on your choices is amazing.  you have the ability to alter on a sliding scale the facial expressions, the muscle tone and every body dimension you might want, height, weight, curves, booty, bust, waist and build.   These choices alone make your model more custom than anything else that I have seen. 

You get to choose from a large selection of poses and equipment.  You can put an item in each hand, an custome miniatureitem on each hip, an item on the back.  You even have a selection of choices for items that you can have on the base for your custom miniature.  There are even a few choice mounts should you want to be riding on a pony, horse or warg.

If that is not enough customization I do not know what is.  But, crazily that is not all.  You also get to choose what you want your custom miniature made out of and how tall you want it to be.  Standard minis for them is 30mm which fits along perfectly with the minis from other brands.  The few of these that I have have not stood in size on in excellence.

You can go with 30mm, 2x scale or 4x scale.  Materials for it to be printed in: Ultra detail plastic (my preferred method), strong plastic (the cheapest), steel and Broze (the most expensive). Each type offers distinct advantages Ultra detail plastic offers the most detail to be painted but it is the least durable of any of the choices.  Now I have some of these and I have never had an issue with anything breaking despite transport to and from numerous games and frequent handling.  Strong plastic is durable and tabletop RPGrather inexpensive.  You would pay the same amount for a standard booster of minis and you would get exactly what you wanted.

Steel has the same issue with strong plastic in that you loose some of the great detail in exchange for a stronger durable material.  Bronze however is your great equalizer.  Custom miniatures made in bronze have all the durability of steel and all the detail of ultra detail plastic.  You do have to pay for that though.

I cannot tell you how many minis I have made on heroforge just playing around to see what I could make.  I say go to the website: www.heroforge.com and see what inspires you.  Not only will you have loads of options but it just might inspire you to play something different or it just give you the perfect miniature you are looking for.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed being informed about Heroforge: custom miniature for tabletop RPGs.  Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy!


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