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Arcknight: Flat Plastic Miniatures – Gaming options

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Many of you out there like to have hordes of options when it comes to visual items to add to your gaming 10920260_845524982175848_4758157902260867166_ooptions.  3d minis comes in several options or styles.  Usually you can get pre-painted plastic miniatures but these are usually blind purchase and the cost winds up being around $4-$5 a piece higher if you are going to just grab them off of ebay.

You can go away from the blind purchase and go for the unpainted miniatures.  Here you can see exactly what you are getting and wind up paying a better price per mini but if you want them looking good you have to assemble and paint them yourself.

ArcknightHowever what if that those prices or options are not to your liking.  Well you could go and grab some cardboard pawns.  The flat packing pawns with bases offers smaller storage and usually come in packs so you know what you are getting.  Always handy.

I have been in games where these pawns are used and while they are great the paper minis are subject to the hazards of spills. When the excitement is high the chances of something getting knocked over or be subject to pizza fingers.

Here is another option for you.  Arcknight offers flat plastic miniatures.  These amazing miniatures are printed double sided so that you can actually have a front and back.  If you are playing with more realistic rules and need to know which way a character is facing you will have that option.  The artwork is really great with loads of character options. 

Like the cardboard pawns you know exactly what you are getting when you buy the packs.  You can grab 5 packs of minis for $100 here.  That is over 300 minis that will not be damaged by pizza fingers soda spills and fit nicely in a small box or bag.  You can choose from packages such as Mankind where you can get your typical pcs and npcs.  You have the grove and wild-lands which have your nature based npcs and monsters. You have ancient evils which has some awesome monsters and fiends for you to throw at your players.   And you have the Underground full of the dark denizens from below.



The kickstarter for these was a great success and they keep coming out with more options.  There is one plastic miniaturesfor a Skeletal horde.  There is a pack that they will be releasing one that is a pack of Legendary monsters.  I am certainly excited about getting a copy of that one.

I will be doing some more reviews of their great products.  But I would be remiss by not letting you know of another great sale that they have going on presently.  They have some wondrous map packs.  This sale includes 24 Double-sided Pages, 48 modular maps that can be rotated flipped and rearranged to create anything you need for your tabletop adventuring needs.   All of this for the low low price of $60.  I have some of their map packs and they are fantastic.  The maps are 11 squares by 17 squares and the packs come in a resealable plastic envelope for their protection. Throw these bad boys in your gaming bag, along with your flat plastic miniatures, and be ready to run a game anywhere without any danger of getting your stuff messed up.

Thanks for reading, help these guys out as Arcknight only has 2 people in the company and they have some really great ideas.  I personally can’t wait to see what they launch next.

Until Next Time, Stay Nerdy

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