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Dungeon Explore – Tabletop RPG Tile Card Deck on Kickstarter

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How would you like to be able to just build your dungeon room by room as you go?  Would you like visualdungeon explore kickstarter cues to help you design your dungeon while the group is not around?  Well now you can with this easy deck of cards.  They are double sided with a standard 3 by 3 tile on one side and a more interesting side on the other.

The Dungeon Explore Card Deck is a deck of 48 square tile cards each printed with detailed dungeon artwork. The cards use a 3×3 grid that can be interconnected by passageways and doorways to create an endless variety of combinations. Whether you play Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other fantasy tabletop RPG system, this portable and affordable deck of cards will integrate right into your game.

While GMs are free to imagine up their own ways to use the Dungeon Explore Card Deck, here are a couple suggested ways to try them out.

Quick Encounters

The quick encounter play mode lets you throw together a quick dungeon setting right in the middle of andungeon explore tabletop rpg adventure. With the deck on hand, you can sort through a few cards and whip up a battlefield in just a few minutes. Additionally, if all you need is a grid, flip the cards over and use the generic grid that can be arranged any way you’d like.

Preconfigured Dungeons

The most common way to use the deck is to piece together a dungeon from the wide variety of corridors and rooms for a specific encounter you plan to create. Before a game, you can work out a dungeon that will take adventurers down a specific path. Maybe you want players to find the prison cell to free a captive or maybe they must defend the armory. Once the dungeon layout has been created, gather up the cards in sequence order so they can be laid out in front of the players at the appropriate time.

Fog of War

The fog of war play mode is a slight variation to the preconfigured dungeon mode. The difference being that instead of laying out all of the dungeon tiles at once, you reveal a tile only after a player explores it. This mode works works great for infiltration missions.

We did a video review on these cards so you can see how cool some of the cards are.  So backing for only $20 you get a cool accessory of 48 cards that are sturdy and easy to use but you technically are getting 96 cards because they are double sided.  but speaking of double.  Suppose you want to double your pleasure you can do so.  You can get 2 copies and save a $ by doing so.

Any GM looking to save him or herself some work would do well by getting at least one of these decks.  If you are into dungeon crawls or you just hate making maps think of all the time you will save by grabbing one of these handy sets of reusable fun.  Head on over here and grab your copy now.  The sample copy that we reviewed is just that so I know that I will be backing this, will you?

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