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World of Revilo on Kickstarter: 5th Edition Campaign Setting and Monster Manual

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Are you ready for a new campaign setting for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons? How about getting a book full of new and imaginative monsters to add to your game? Let me introduce you to the World of Revilo. In this Kickstarter you will get access to a campaign setting unlike any other setting D&D has had before.

World of Revilo D&D 5E campaign setting
Revilo is a campaign setting for 5E D&D that includes new player races, new sub-classes, new monsters, new magic items and more!

The World of Revilo campaign setting awaits

The Campaign Setting book contains everything you need to play in the wonderful World of Revilo including new races that stand out against your typical fantasy races. There are new subclasses to add more options to the game we all know and love. There are new magic items to give more options for rewards for those long, grueling battles. And if that is not enough there is a bestiary full of new monsters to add to your 5E game.

When I look at the cover art on this Kickstarter I am blown away. The monster on the cover of the Bestiary and the group on the cover of the Campaign Setting book leap off the page. When I first saw the cover art I knew I needed to add these wonderful books to my 5E library.

If I have not sold you yet there is still more about this Kickstarter I haven’t discussed yet. The creator Brian Colin has been working on the World of Revilo for years, developing lore and mechanics now along with the Creature Curation team. For as little as $15 you get access to the PDF of the print-and-play of both books — or you can do as I did and go all in for the Deluxe set, which comes with the hardcover books, a slip case, a full set of polyhedral dice, coins minted in the likeness of some of the monsters and races and more.

This Kickstarter comes from the same designer of Atmar’s Cardography. Atmar’s offers a variety of amazing options for your game regardless of campaign setting or ruleset and you can get the same kind of quality in decks of cards with the monsters from the amazing Bestiary.

World of Revilo races
Interesting new creatures and cultures wait to be discovered in the World of Revilo.

A toolbox and toybox for GMs and players alike

Unique new monsters challenge adventurers in the World of Revilo.

Playing in the World of Revilo you can visit wonderous locations like the Floating Forest where the land is well above the surface and the root structures are what keep the land so high off the ground. The races living there have their own political structure. Having run a game in that world it was so much fun and I long to run some more.

You can see cool monsters such as the Salazarite, medium-sized insectoid monstrosities with the ability to leap amazing distances. I got to use these in a game where they crawled underneath a rope bridge to ambush the players.

The Kickstarter offers clear acrylic minis with all the great artwork on these. Using these great minis offers a number of excellent advantages. Number one, they separate from their bases so they fold down flatter and make them easy to store. They come with exact artwork from the Bestiary so you know exactly what is what. Being made of sturdy acrylic they are fully painted and ready to go, so no need for painting. Acrylic also means that they will not be damaged or stained if food gets on them or if a drink is spilled.

Do yourself a favor and check out the World of Revilo Kickstarter page. See the awesome artwork and consider backing this Kickstarter for a fantastic project by a very talented group of individuals.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, stay nerdy!

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