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Dealing with combat in roleplaying games offers a number of challenges. Once you pull out the battle grid and miniatures some of the issues go away, but whether you are playing theater of the mind or using a grid there will always be arguments about how spells effect the area. When you do so playing theater of the mind, that will have to be between you and your Game Master. But if you are using a battle grid I have the perfect solution — the Roleplaying Spell Effects 2.0 Kickstarter from Arcknight.

spell effects templates Arcknight
Revamping the best RPG Spell Effects to make them even better. Everything you asked for: Cheaper and Pre-Cut

Spell effects raised to the next level

I have been using the spells from Arcknight’s first series of spell templates and they are an invaluable asset for anyone playing on a battle grid. The series one templates were over many pages with multiple options in the same size. Useful, but why use more plastic? How many spells can you cast at the same time? You rarely need more than one of each size — and this is what Roleplaying Spell Effects 2.0 is all about. The only duplicate is the 20-foot radius sphere so if you have one in use for a lingering area effect you still have your trusty fireball template at the ready.

The spell templates are printed on sturdy plastic allowing you to see through the template. This allows you to identify creatures in the area of effect easily. Using these templates makes running spellcasters as a player or as a Game Master so much easier. I make sure to keep them close at hand anytime I am running a game just in case I might need them. And I almost always need to use them.

In series one the templates were printed on a clear sheet requiring you to manually cut out each template and spell effect token. Roleplaying Spell Effects 2.0 is streamlining the process and arranging the spells over only three pages, using metal die cutters so you can punch out the spells. This makes it so much easier for the end user. I have a lot of Arcknight products and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

But we are still not through yet! This pack has tokens as I briefly mentioned above so you can denote who is under what effect. This pack has minion or summon tokens you can use to represent a summoned creature or even an illusion on the battlefield. The templates make use of the edges by writing the name of the spell and range and the short version of the effect. This writing is on one side meaning if you turn it over the text is hidden by the graphic. But having this on the template means less time looking up the effect or range. It is written right there for you.

The fact that these are plastic means that they are perfectly safe from that accidental drink spill. You can also write new effects on them for an on-the-fly spell or effect you come up with. Just make sure you use wet/dry erase markers!

These templates are designed for the 5th Edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game, but given the range of sizes and shapes, you will find them useful for any game that uses square grids or has spell and effects options. As I said earlier I cannot recommend these products enough and the fact they are flat and durable means they can easily fit into your gaming bag. In fact if you are a player you can easily slip the few you are going to use into your Player’s Handbook. Check out the Roleplaying Spell Effects 2.0 Kickstarter from Arcknight, learn more about the campaign and the team and pledge for your own pack of spell effect templates. Help support this great company that has always done right by Nerdarchy.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

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