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I filled in for Nerdarchist Dave on one of our weekday live chats a while back when we were doing them regularly, and I got to sit down and have a great conversation with Ben Barsh from Pacesetter Games and Simulation. They have a range of products for a variety of different roleplaying games, but we talked about their Kickstarter and bringing Pasesetter into fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons adventures. You can check out their successful Rise of the Nefarious: A 5th Edition Campaign and and their other 5E adventures on the Pacesetter website.

Pacesetter Games miniatures for 5E D&D

What I wanted to discuss, as you may or may not have guessed, is miniatures. During the chat it came out that while they have material for games they have a sweet line of miniatures in metal and plastic and the list is expected to grow. Ben told me since they make adventures and miniatures, they absolutely have plans to make adventures and miniatures together so that you can hopefully pick up everything you need to run that adventure in one place. To me this is a no-brainer and I can’t wait to see what great things will come from this.

Pacesetter Games 5E D&D miniatures
Halloween is right around the corner and this miniature from Pacesetter Games looks like the perfect sort of creepy creature to haunt an adventure.

Pacesetter Game and Simulations was nice enough to send me a sampling of their wonderful products to feed my miniature addiction. Their miniatures span a wide variety of monsters and sizes. You have tiny almirajs as seen in the 5E D&D adventure Tomb of Annihilation, so if you want to have a crazy familiar you can have a cool mini for it. Then you have some massive miniatures to compete with some of the larger Reaper Bones that have come out. The ultimate King of Evil Dragons standing on two legs has five heads so it can be used as your own campaign ending Big Bad, or if you paint it right it could be your Tiamat miniature to crush her enemies

Tsathogga is a massive frog creature sure to swallow enemies of any size. This one is beautifully painted. I will point out that like Reaper, all of these miniatures are supplied unpainted and in some cases assembly might be required. The frog mini could be another Big Bad for your 5E D&D game considering its size. It is a really cool sculpt and like the dragon is a limited number figure. The website does not mention if they will ever print more so if they sell out they may never be available again.

The chaos giant looks like some unique or special ettin and while I do not have one of these — yet — I will certainly acquire one soon as they could be very special boss figure or a great NPC, or maybe both. I love the paint job they have for this one. I wonder how many ideas we could come up with on a miniature like this.

The froghemoth. It is a wonderful creature we have stats for in 5E D&D and can be used in many ways. The formerly Nerdarchist Ryan talked about a culture of bullywugs that worshiped one of these and I think it is a great idea. When food is offered to its godlike entity a tentacle whips out of the muck and snatches the food, and sometimes the bullywug carrying it. In total Toy Story aliens style the bullywug could relish being chosen. Hysterical. The crew discussed the awesome froghemoth in more detail in another video after the release of Volo’s Guide to Monsters too.

The glacial wyrm is big enough to be a serious threat for use as an encounter or a random boss. Spring this mini on your players and they’ll be nervous and worry if they will survive.

There are a number of awesome figures for sale. I like making lists or spreadsheets so I went right away and made my wish list of figures from their collection. I am very happy to have a couple of new golems, some pumpkin men and vegepygmies to assault characters with in upcoming games. I think I can use the vegepygmies and the pumpkin men with the stuff I already have for a nice Halloween adventure in the future.

Jump to their website to check out all their awesome products. And check out the gallery below for some images of a few of my favorite Pacesetter miniatures.

Thanks for reading and until next time, stay nerdy!

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