Kickstarter Korner is Back — April Week 2

D&D Ideas -- Critical Role Legend of Vox Machina Kickstarter
Curse of Hollow Hills – Undead Miniatures on Kickstarter

As the ever-changing wheel of this thing called Nerdarchy rolls around we have decided to bring back the weekly post about RPG Kickstarters that mean something to us and talk about them here. I am going to break it up into several categories. There will not always be something from every category. As I see it, we need to have one that talks about role-playing games.  Given what we do here at Nerdarchy I think this is a no-brainer. As long as people keep playing Dungeons & Dragons and others want to buy products hopefully this category will remain with new options each week.

RPG Kickstarter
The second category are dice Kickstarters. There can usually be found new dice out there in a wide variety of choices and colors. This winds up being a major temptation for me so I personally have to be careful here. The third Kickstarter category is going to be miniatures. I might bring in some board games with very fantasy heavy lines that would work if you wanted to back it for just the minis. I know there is a large community who do just that, and yours truly who has spent way too much on board games just for minis I never played. The final category is going to be a catch all. It could be something I think is cool, or it could be something loosely affiliated with the hobby but not specifically one of the other groups.

So let’s dive into this weeks update.

RPG Kickstarters

I have a couple of adventures because let’s face it, players typically have the ability to run through a module, short or long, faster than it takes authors to write a new one. So if you are one of those Dungeon Masters who prefer to use prewritten material, these are a couple of choice options up there for you.

Ultimate Bestiary: The Dreaded Accursed for 5th Edition!

Who does not love monster manuals? If you raise your hand please put it back down. Know your enemy and how better to do that than with this amazing supplement from Nord Games.  Our great friends over there made an ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde — a fantastic book giving loads of options for a variety of monstrous humanoids. This book has been no small amount of help to me as a DM.  It has 9 different races to use against your players and a variety of tips to use them better.Now they are back with the Accursed, talking about undead and lycanthropes. To me this looks even better than the first. I NEED to have this book. I am most excited about more options with will ‘o-wisps.  You heard me. Combine that with more lycanthropes and you got me.


Everybody who plays roleplaying games typically needs dice. If you are one who strictly LARPs then you do not need dice but then again why not get further into the hobby and be a dice chucker? The potion bottles look fun and I have seen some iterations out there but they certainly make the use of potions more fun as long as these are frequently used in your game.

Wooden dice made in a beautiful options are glorious to add to any collection, So if you have some extra coin to spend and want something fairly unique to add why not give these beauties a go. Lastly we have random encounter dice. Sure you can use a chart, but why use a chart when you can just roll special dice?  If you are the kind of DM who loves random encounters and you have no desire to scale back difficulty these will help you out immensely.

Catch all

Lastly let me bring to you something you probably have already heard about. Yep, those super popular voice actors who help make the game of Dungeons & Dragons shine — Critical Role. Having watched all of campaign one I am personally excited for this cartoon and can’t wait to see how they do with it. Considering the talent they have access to I can’t see it being anything short of amazing! As we enter the final days you need to decide — do you want the dice or the teddy bear?

Thanks for stopping in and checking these out.

Until next time, stay nerdy!

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