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Ravage — Dungeons of Plunder is an Adventure Board Game for Treasure and Teef!

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Are you looking for a new board game? Do you like board games with great options like competitive and cooperative, as well as solo play? Is repeat play value through variable quests important to you? And No. 1: do you want to play with a tribe of orcs? If you answered yes to all of these questions, or even some of them, then I have a game for you! Ravage — Dungeons of Plunder is a dungeon delving board game where you play orcs, with three modes of play.


“High up in the Blackroot Mountains live a tribe of orcs. The chieftain selects warriors from each caste: the berserkers, the shamans, the headhunters, and the cultists. Together they must form an uneasy alliance to plunder nearby caverns. Many times these raids are purely to plunder loot while ridding the nearby area of monsters at the same time. Other times they are formed by the chieftain to exterminate a specific target.”

Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder has three different modes of play. Play the solo game against a random dungeon boss and attempt to survive. Play cooperative mode, or adventure mode, and choose whether you go the dungeon itself or an evil overlord. Play treachery mode for more cutthroat options, as a story mode where players vie for the role of chieftain. This last method is not one for me, but hey, it’s all in the box for those who want to play it that way.

Ravage is designed for one to five players with a recommendation of ages 14 or older. The artwork was a bit too bloody for my son, who is 11, so he was not all that interested. Game length is designed for 30-90 minute games.

The card draw system makes for an excellent random way of designing the flow of this game. The game is fun and has some move mechanics similar to a typical Dungeons & Dragons grid, if you are used to playing with miniatures. But here you have the ability to buy stuff from the sneaky goblin in the middle of combat, provided you have enough teef. Yep you heard that right, teef. I have not seen that happen in D&D before.

Players use custom d6 dice to handle the combat of the game with a very easy to learn and follow cancel method. My swords cancel yours and vice versa. Nice! And you even have the opportunity in adventure mode to get resurrected if you die. Only so many times of course.

If you are looking to get a copy or learn more information about the game let me point you toward a couple of snazzy links. First, the original Kickstarter page here. They also have a Facebook page here. If that is not enough for you and you feel yourself craving some more Ravage then I am permitted to point out a tidbit of knowledge.

The creator is working on a standalone expansion. Ravage — The Swamps of Delgor introduces new characters such as a Gnoll Trapper, Kobold Pyromancer, Goblin Assassin and an Orc Beast Master. Lots of new enemies, new traps, new mechanics and two separate environments: swamps and the temple. Each of these character archetypes seems cooler than the last. Each I assure you adds new layers of fun and new options to the game so I am sure to be on the lookout for it in the future.

“This game is a project of love, run by an artist, that dreamt of dungeon crawler projects but never got to work on one, so made his own.” — Ian Schofield, Ravage — Dungeons of Plunder creator

So if you want to support projects of dreamers like this one I highly recommend you check out Ravage Dungeons of Plunder.

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The nerd is strong in this one. I received my bachelors degree in communication with a specialization in Radio/TV/Film. I have been a table op role player for about 20 years 17 of which with the current group. I have played several itterations of D&D, Mutants and Masterminds 2nd and 3rd editions, Star wars RPG, Shadowrun and World of Darkness. I am an avid fan of books and follow a few authors reading all they write. Favorite author is Jim Butcher I have been an on/off larper for around 15 years even doing a stretch of running my own for a while. I have played a number of Miniature games including Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Heroscape, Mage Knight, Dreamblade and D&D Miniatures. I have practiced with the art of the German long sword with an ARMA group for over 7 years studying the German long sword, sword and buckler, dagger, axe and polearm. By no strecth of the imagination am I an expert but good enough to last longer than the average person if the Zombie apocalypse ever happens. I am an avid fan of board games and dice games with my current favorite being Quarrios.

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