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Wardlings are a series of pre-painted miniatures from WizKids designed for kid heroes. You can see the first review I did here. The previous lines of Wardlings were 6 blister packs that are not blind purchase so you know what you are getting when you buy it. Each of the 6 blisters had a heroic kid and a pet companion. Each hero was associated with a typical fantasy roleplaying game class or profession. Wave 3 takes a small deviation from this model. Fear not! The blister packs are still non-blind purchase. But this time around Wave 3 is 7 blister packs instead of 6.

Wardlings Wave 3

The deviation goes even further. Two of the packs are like the others —  you get a hero, or heroine, and a pet. The two packs that are like the previous start with the Warlock with a Lizard. I have to say that the term lizard does not do this mini any justice. Given the size, the spikes and the club tail I would not consider this an animal to take lightly. This lizard is easily one of my favorite animal companions in this series. The second set is a Witch and a Cat. This is no house cat like some of the smaller models! This is like a hunting cat or mountain lion sized cat. It is almost big enough for her to ride. Both minis of the kids are very detailed and look great. It clearly shows the paint job is of higher quality than many of the prepainted mini lines out there.

Three of the packs still offer two miniatures but they are more like monsters than heroes. There is a pack of goblins. I find this one interesting as it does appear to be one male and one female, but they are red-skinned goblins. Perhaps in the world of Wardlings that is the way goblins are but I am used to them being green. There is nothing to say you could not use these as heroes, if you wanted to be a goblin that is.

The next pack is just like the goblins with a pair of ghosts. They say ghosts are dangerous with unfinished business. With the rumor that there is going to be a book to Role Play with the Wardlings miniatures I hazard a guess the ghosts are heroes as well. The last of the packs that have 2 miniatures in them is a pair of zombies. Again one male and one female. I really like the sculpts here as it fits the setting because each zombie has an animal on its shoulder.

The last 2 packs are clearly full of fun waiting to happen. The first is a troll. This comes with a large sized base and I think the sculpt is great. While he has his typical club like an brute would have, he also has a backpack with stuff in it like an adventurer would have but in his left hand is a giant fish. Seeing this I want to use this mini and smack a PC in the face with a big fish. I really want to see the rule book and see if I can use this mini in their game as a hero. Given that it looks like he has gnomes stuffed into his backpack with a frying pan I doubt it. The last mini in this series is a treefolk. This is another large mini and is great because there are not a lot of tree humanoids in the large size out there. This one has birds and a bunny living in its branches, still giving way to the animal theme that seems very present in this line.

Overall, I am very pleased by this series. As WizKids releases more it seems the quality only increases. If you like these as much as I do you can grab these at your local gaming shop or save yourself the time and pick up the set or sets you want on Amazon here.

Stay tuned for more information on the aforementioned rule book. As I know more so will you!

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

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