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Hello gamer friends out there. There are lots of ways to use terrain in your tabletop roleplaying games and there are loads of options when you are looking at modular dungeon tiles. I am here today to talk to you about one of those options — Dungeons & Lasers now on Kickstarter.

Dungeons & Lasers modular dungeon tiles

Interlocking tiles and walls for both fantasy and sci-fi tabletops that come with unique companions. Including cats.

At the time I am writing this article the company behind this product, Archon Studio, has already raised over $160,000 towards their goal of only $40,000. So not only have they already met their funding goal they have unlocked a large number of added stretch goals for this amazing product. I have personally backed this product as I believe that what you are getting is something that will offer many gamers a cool experience at an economical choice.

You have the option of diving in and grabbing just the cool minis if the terrain is not your thing. And I would not blame you — those minis are quire cool. And the amount of minis you get for that price is quite economical. But if you are more interested in the modular dungeon tiles you are left with some amazing options you can choose to build any way you want.

Dungeons & LasersFor starters this campaign was put together with the end user in mind. Not all gamers play sci-fi and fantasy games. Some only play one or the other. Dungeons & Lasers as the name foretells offers both settings and you get to choose what type of tiles you are looking for. But if you want both that is an option too.

The great thing about this Kickstarter is these sets are modular as the name implies so they can be put together in any configuration. You have loads of different options. You have the core set as stated in either fantasy or sci-fi but then in addition you have 6 rooms as options that can allow you expand out from there. You can also choose to go and just get the things you want.

You want to get one backer level but then add more rooms because you like the Warlock Altar? That is an easy choice of just doing an extra add-on for only $20. Perhaps you have plans to make a megadungeon and you really need extra core sets over what is already at the highest tier: the Story Ends. You can do that by just adding another $40 to your pledge and that will allow you to get an extra core set of your choice.

I got a sample of what these tiles are like sent to us before the Dungeons & Lasers Kickstarter launched. Everything comes on a sprue, but a simple pair of snips removes the items easily and it takes very little time to take apart and set up. If you are not used to using terrain or modular dungeon tiles you can easily just begin using it as is and worry about paint later or you can dive right in and get the stuff primed and painted to the level you are comfortable with.

At the time of writing this article the Kickstarter is killing it, with  a week left and over 70 items added to every pledge of $99 or higher. Now I will warn you — these are a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, but many items can be used by either depending on your imagination. So if you are looking to step up your game away from the typical battle mat and to begin using modular dungeon tiles made of high quality sturdy plastic that fit together nicely and are stackable, than do yourself a favor and check out these amazing tiles: Dungeons & Lasers!

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

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