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It is time to look at some more miniatures. This time we are going to look at Pathfinder Battles: Ruins of Lastwall miniatures from WizKids. One of the things I really enjoy about the Pathfinder minis is these sets occasionally come with set dressings or terrain pieces. By slowly adding new items to my collection I get inspired by the items that have come out of the boxes. Some things I might not choose to purchase if I just saw them on the table, but if I get them by chance, I already have them so might as well use them.

Pathfinder Battles Ruins of Lastwall Pathfinder minis

Ruins of Lastwall packed with adversaries and heroes

This mentality gets to change my sets and encounters in new and fun ways. In this set I wound up getting the stone cairn and the torture rack. The torture rack fits in nicely with some of the things going on in my current game and I am very happy to add that to the collection. But the stone cairn might not be easily recognized for what it is. It can be dropped in a wilderness setting and see how the players react to it. It could be a cool way to add an angry spirit to the battle angered by people fighting on its grave or it could be a helpful spirit that aids the heroes in a troubling encounter.

Besides these cool terrain pieces the standout great minis for me actually come from the uncommon set. The Large Gold Dragon is fantastic. I love the sculpt and the paint really pops. The wings look like they could be rays from the sun the way they are positioned so that could be something you touch on when you use one of these Pathfinder minis in your game.

I have wanted to get more oozes and use them for some fun encounters and there is a new one in this set, Rolling Oil. This could be a black pudding or anything else in the ooze family. Rolling Oil could be an ooze controlled by a mage NPC that when it gets close is set on fire causing it to either explode or causing it to do more damage when it attacks.

The other uncommon that I wanted to touch on is the Vanth Psychopomp. This winged skeleton has a long tail and an elongated skeletal head. Only the wings are not skeletal and they are sculpted really well with detail you can see and feel. This is something that to me stands out as more than a simple monster. This could easily be a boss or something to have a creepy conversation with.

Ruins of Lastwall also has a premier set that is just amazing. The Cemetery of the Fallen comes with loads of pieces you can either use all together as one gorgeous set piece or just use a few things to slowly draw in the creepy undead feel of your campaign. This 21 piece set comes with loads of great accessories. Number one, the Mausoleum, is stunning. Be careful with the door as it can be a pain to open if you push it in too much. It has 5 coffins, 8 tombstones (always useful), and 7 pieces of fence, one with a gate. Over all this is such a great set every DM who uses terrain should consider getting as adventures in a cemetery are such a staple of gaming that you will get use out of it. You can get the Cemetery of the Fallen here and more Pathfinder Battles: Ruins of Lastwall minis here.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

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