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Hero Forge orc

Orcs Invade Hero Forge!

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Hero Forge offer loads of options for use in creating miniatures for your favorite tabletop roleplaying games like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Whether you use it to make your player characters, your special NPCs or your mighty villains, no other miniature service out there is able to give you the variety or flexibility as Hero Forge. With their newest release we are seeing a direction offeing players some cool options and giving Game Masters out there supreme customization with humanoids. They now have orcs available on the site. So if you want a killer Orc Headhunter as a player character or a mighty chieftain for the adventurers to fight or take down, we now have the capability to craft and print this amazing staple in tabletop gaming.

Hero Forge orc

Forge your orcs with Hero Forge

This new orc race option comes with male and female options like all the other races on the site. We also get to add three new hair choices: the tribal topknot, and hair pulled back in high ponytail with short and long styles. While these might be the norm for some orcs, they don’t have to for your character and as with all other Hero Forge customizations they add it can be applied to any build. Feel free to add it to your elephant man or your humanoid robot and let the comments come.

If that is not enough you have the optimization power of being able to supremely position the figure exactly as you see fit. If you want to create a character who is doing the Matrix bullet dodge that Neo does in the movies, it is not only possible — it is super easy. I was in the Hero Forge shop just this week and it took me all of a couple of minutes to get the bullet dodge position just the way I wanted it. Yeah, it might be a pain to paint but it was hilarious I could do it.

I have been a fan and customer of Hero Forge for years and if you like miniatures and painting as much as I do I can not recommend Hero Forge enough. So do yourself and your gaming table a favor, go check out their awesome website and see how perfect they can make your player character or mighty villain you want to use.

Visit Hero Forge here and share your creations with us on social media so we can ooh and ahh what you come up with. And be sure to check back often. Hero Forge adds new content every week. There’s already dozens of fantasy races and thousands of parts to choose from to create your mini exactly how you imagine with the easy-to-use design tool on the website. Once your mini is complete, Hero Forge offers a variety of materials for forging the mini, and users can also download model files to 3D print your unique design.

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