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If you are like me, then you enjoy using minis in your tabletop roleplaying games like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Minis add an enjoyable tactical side to the challenge of combat. But at times it can be so difficult to find the right mini, the perfect one with the right gear, right pose and even the perfect expression on their face. If you are not aware of Hero Forge than please let me introduce you to their wonderful products. I have purchased dozens of Hero Forge minis I proudly display in my collection. Their method of allowing the customer to perfectly design the exact mini they want makes them an ideal choice for selecting the mini for use at the gaming table.

Hero Forge minis
Click on the image to visit Hero Forge on Instagram and check out more amazing minis.

A mini to remember from Hero Forge

Designing your own highly customized mini for campaigns around the gaming table is tons of fun. But that is not all when it comes to Hero Forge. Your mini gets to be a trophy or remembrance of the game after the campaign is over. I seriously enjoyed playing my character Eyes, and he was one of the first Hero Forge minis I purchased. Every so often I look at the shelf and see him proudly standing there watching everything going on around him.

Hero Forge
Click on the image to visit Hero Forge on Instagram and check out more amazing minis.

Hero Forge minis are not just for the players though. If you have a unique NPC that frequently puts itself in peril, this is a great opportunity to add in a fun Hero Forge build. Do you have a reoccurring NPC bad guy or villain? Use a Hero Forge mini to thwart your players and either force them to run away or have them escape before defeat. I have a game going right now with a major story arc villain and I’ve got a Hero Forge mini for the end boss as well as two reoccurring lieutenants.

This is a lot of talk if you are not familiar with Hero Forge. Hero Forge offers mini creation at the design level. You have the ability to select from dozens of fantasy races and thousands of parts to choose from. You can select the facial expression and choose the gear with a symmetrical or non-symmetrical method. With so many pieces of clothing equipment and weapons to choose from, and new stuff constantly added, you will never be short a choice. The easy-to-use design tool lets you build your perfect mini online using a fully 3D, in-depth character creator right in your web browser.

Hero Forge offers new additions to the shop every week, like new race choices and new gear. They recently added the ability to not only choose the pose you want for your character but also give you the choice of how to articulate each joint offering supreme customized options.

Hero Forge’s print on demand services company allow you to design and have the mini 3D printed in a selected material of choice. You can choose between plastic or metal with cool options like steel or bronze. But if you have your own 3D printer, Hero Forge also offers downloadable model files so you can print your unique design at home. They are constantly expanding their catalog of customized options, adding new parts every week and major features like races and customized posing on a regular basis.

I can’t spoil anything else right now but I have heard some really cool stuff they have planned on the horizon and I am very enthused about it. So go check out Hero Forge, or if you have been there before go and see all the new things that have added since you were there last.

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