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Nerdarchist Ted here and it is time to look at some more D&D and Pathfinder minis. Today we have Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures. This is another set with a great selection of minis. There are 44 figures to collect and they have some on the bigger side — this set features huge sized monsters. The larger box means you have the chance of getting some of these huge sized minis.

Pathfinder Battles Legendary Adventures D&D minis

Monstrous and massive minis

This set is highly focused on monstrous humanoids. I love using goblins and kobolds, and combined with the fact they are low in power you can use lots of them. This means you need lots of these minis to swarm your adventurers. Thanks to this set I have some awesome new goblins to assault those characters. With amazing sculpts you get figures like Goblin Dog-slicer with its wicked sword or the Goblin Ankle-slasher with its pair of hooked blades. These figures are fun and full of detail. Though I will say the wife would not like the Goblin Horse-Chopper as she is a fan of the equines.

Of the 44 minis in the collection they are not all monstrous humanoids. To the new collector you will get a nice mix of new player character and NPC options, though since I’m a Dungeon Master more often than a player these are not as useful to me. I have nothing against them and understand every new set release will always have the potential to be someone’s introduction to purchasing and collecting minis.

Of the monsters in this set there are some real standouts. The Alghollthu is a monster I am not that familiar with but can function as several different monsters. It can of course be an aboleth, but with its given name it makes me think it makes a great aberration of your own creation. The chimera, a favorite monster of mine, has a cool sculpt though it looks like a different type of cat than a lion. It still looks rad. The dragon turtle is massive for being in a box of random minis. If you are looking for this one you are going to want to feel the weight of the boxes and go for one with a serious heft difference. Looking at the booster boxes there are 6 options, one of which is the chimera. But the one I was most excited for was the very stringy shadow. When I pulled one from a box I was even more elated — it has the paint job with red dry brushing. This inspires me to make a new type of shadow.

The minis I would like that I did not get in this set were the Boar Demon and the Blue Dragon. One can never have too many demon or dragon minis. Overall I feel WizKids continues to put out great minis in this Pathfinder line. But I am not through yet. In this collection there is also the Goblin Village.

Pathfinder Battles Legendary Adventures goblin village

Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures — Goblin Village

The goblin village is great to go along with this set and comes with some amazing pieces. The big pieces are the four walls of this encampment. It could easily be used for any tribal settlement center of power but is too small to represent a full village. I will not go through all the great stuff in this set but I will point out the things I like. You get three huts and small barricades, all of which can be used individually however you like, but for me the real winner is the Junk Statue. This could be a statue or you could use it to make your own stats for a goblin-like golem. And if that is not enough reason for you to pick up this amazing set there is also a magic pig. The pig has a wooden crown on it and would make for a fun chase sequence as part of an adventure.

If you want to get your own set of these minis you can check them out here.

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