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Tales of Terror 5e Miniatures — Something Wicked (Foundations) This Way Comes

I’m taking a page out of Nerdarchist Ted’s playbook today to share some news about some highly detailed miniatures to augment your tabletop roleplaying experience. Wicked Foundations: Tales of Terror 5e Miniatures is a live Kickstarter campaign featuring some truly creepy and terrifying minis along with storytelling material to help Game Masters bring the fear!

Getting Gritty With It! Explore the Grim and Dark with Grim Hollow

Hope is forgotten, the gods are absent, and civilization desperately struggles for survival in a harsh, foreboding world. Adventures in a world like this are fraught with peril on every front, and taught with tension. Grim dark fantasy entices and appeals to funny-shaped dice enthusiasts the world over, and Grim Hollow, currently live on Kickstarter, embraces these themes to create a campaign guide designed for Game Masters and players of the fifth edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game alike. This grim dark campaign setting guide checks the boxes I look for in a product like this. Here’s why.

Ultra Interactive Dynamic Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games

As technology increases people are always looking for new things they can use that technology for. It is not only relegated to improving quality of life and betterment of oneself, but can be used to improve any number of hobbies. For quite a while I have heard tales of tables built for D&D with TVs or screen built into them so a simple map could easily be loaded with a push of a button. Well, that aforementioned technology has taken a big step forward with Ultra Interactive Dynamic Maps. The video on the kickstarter has just blown me away. Please check them out here!

Campfires Aren’t Just for Character Intros Anymore!

Campfire Writing Software is a tool for writers. It’s phenomenal for tracking everything from characters, to major plot lines, to world building, and more! I was provided a free copy to review, and boy, do I have thoughts. Spoiler alert (in case the article’s title didn’t give it away), I loved it! If you want to watch me go through it initially and get my raw thoughts, you can watch this week’s RPGtube video on my channel!

Curse of Hollow Hills – Undead Miniatures on Kickstarter

From the people of Crippled God Foundry, allow me to present the Curse of Hollow Hills. Dungeons & Dragons, or let’s face it any fantasy roleplaying game, would not be the same without hordes of undead. It is that fear of a fate worse than death that can scare the normal mortal into staying in town. It takes a brave adventurer — or a foolish one — to brave the trials and tribulations of the monsters out there. And the undead are one of those. Curse of Hollow Hills is a miniatures project of fantasy heroes & undead monsters. If funded, it will include a collection of up to 50 original sculpts (including future stretch goals), inspired by the most iconic undead creatures of fantasy novels, RPGs & tabletop board games.

5e D&D

Mega Dungeon Crawl to End All 5e D&D Dungeon Crawls

We were contacted by the folks over at Hammerdog Games about their latest KickStart:

The Grande Temple of Jing – 5th Edition: The DUNGEON CRAWL THAT RULES THEM ALL

Now updated for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. And with exclusive miniatures! This thing is massive with huge amounts of talent on this project – Danny O’Neill with Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Ed Greenwood, Jim Ward, Chris Pramas, Stan!, Grimtooth, Matt Mayhew, Dave Gross, Kevin Andrew Murphy and more.

This is the 5e D&D version of the Pathfinder original. With minis, character maps, and some improvements to the book. It’ll still work with Pathfinder, but the focus is on 5e. Did I mention this thing is massive? 65 themed dungeon levels in a book that is 500+ pages. There are levels that are appropriate for levels from 1st all the way up to 20th.


Make Your Own D&D Maps with Dungeonfog

Let’s face it — Game Masters can never have enough tools to help make running their D&D games easier. DUNGEONFOG is just one of those tools. The fine folks over at DUNGEONFOG sent us over some copies to check it out and sponsored this article and some videos. They were even nice enough to give us the promo code Nerdarchy so you can score a 10 percent discount on the annual subscription which is already discounted from the monthly subscription. There are a ton of features to help GMs run their games and prepare beautiful maps. Not only that, there are tons of maps already on DUNGEONFOG that you can drop into your games or modify to your needs. Go sign up for free here.

Immersive Battle Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Need D&D Battle Maps for Your Game

Since the inception of D&D maps have played a huge part of the game. But that makes a lot of sense when you consider the origin of the game. Since Dungeons & Dragons was born of Chain Mail, a tabletop miniatures war game. From the earliest day of Dungeons & Dragons it has been played both in the theater of the mind as well as with D&D battle maps and miniatures. Theater of the mind is a style of play that doesn’t use miniatures or battle maps. Many tabletop roleplaying games have come along since the beginning of Dungeons & Dragons. Some favor theater of the mind while others lean heavily towards using minis and battle maps.

D&D warlock

D&D Sorcerer or Warlock Out of the Chaos

Time to slip into some Nerdarchy home brew D&D lore. With this piece of lore we’ve got some ideas for creating either a 5E D&D sorcerer or warlock subclass. Maybe even both, but for starters we throw it to the Nerdarchy community. We start off by discussing the land and monsters that spawn our concepts. Whether we go with a D&D warlock or sorcerer they will be steeped in chaos. We took our inspiration from the chaos giant miniature from Pacesetter Games & Simulations. We had former intern Jake paint them with some Vallejo Paints. You can find pictures below.

New 5E D&D Magic Items for Dungeon Masters and Players

What would be a Dungeons & Dragons game without magic items? Players love them, the Dungeon Master loves giving them out. Magic items have always been a huge part of the Dungeons & Dragons game. 5E D&D magic items are no different. They can completely make, and in some cases break, a Dungeons & Dragons game. How many stories have I heard of a new excited Dungeon Master who’s broken their game by giving out to many magical goodies too soon. Speaking of magic items, right now on Kickstarter you can find the Tome of Magical Mystery. It’s a new book full of over 200+ magic items for 5E. Check out the Kickstarter here.

D&D Barbarian 5E — Path of the Frost Wyrm

Nerdarchy has teamed up with Pacesetter Games & Simulations as well as Vallejo Paints to put together something special in our opinion, but we might be a bit biased. For one, both companies are sponsoring this article, video, and contest. So, disclaimer out of the way if you care about such things. Inspired by the Frost Wyrm miniature by Pacesetters Games & Simulations we came up with the concept of the Frost Wyrm barbarian tribe. As well as a brand new D&D barbarian primal path for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. For some extra inspiration we had our former intern Jake Kosman work his magic with Vallejo Paints.

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