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Play Your Next 5E D&D Game with a Crafty Vulpin New Playable Race

So, what does the fox say? Actually, we’re not going there. Today we’re coming at you with a new idea for a playable race in your fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons games, regardless of setting. You know how you just wish you had some help whenever you lose something, whether it’s your keys, your work badge or possibly yourself after you took that wrong turn? Wouldn’t it be cool if there were some sort of planar race to help you out? Now there is! Let’s meet the vulpin, a humanoid fox race for 5E D&D.

fox folk kitsune race

Illustration by Eva Widermann

5E D&D character option — new playable race


Vulpin are humanoid foxes who jump back and forth between the planes of celestials and fey. Crafty in every sense of the word, these small denizens of the multiverse know most creatures presume them to be harmless and innocent due to their cute appearance and are unashamed to use this to their advantage. On rare occasions vulpin find themselves within material planes, sometimes without memories. Legend holds anyone encountering a vulpin is destined to find something lost.

Aids and Guides

Whenever vulpin find themselves on the Material Planes they usually have a strong instinct of their purpose as well as significant individuals to their destiny. Legends hold the only way for a vulpin to return home is to fulfill their destiny and find that which is lost. Sometimes this manifests as helping others find their way. For others their quest proves to be finding a physical object, person or location. Stories exist of lost children meeting fox spirits believed to actually be vulpin. Upon the child’s finding their way home, they turn to thank the fox only to find it vanished.

Of late it seems more vulpin have been appearing in the world and many take up lives as adventurers, with some hoping to eventually make their way to their home plane and others simply content to fulfill an ambiguous purpose and do good along the way. Some vulpin choose not to return to their homes, favoring their new friends and the new world in which they’ve found themselves.

Crafty People

Vulpin possess an affinity for crafting and most seek to hone their natural talents for creation and self expression by taking up apprenticeship with planar creatures such as hags, solars and others. For many their craft is as much an extension of their identity as an artist’s work and exchanging gifts is a common introductory greeting among their kind.

Vulpin seldom possess villages or collectives, favoring more solitary lives among other races. The exception is the family unit, with parents remaining under the same roof with their children long enough to raise them before departing. Vulpin believe those destined to be together will meet again after parting, at which time those with romantic interest would mate for life.

Vulpin Names

Vulpin have secret names known only to themselves and their families. These names are never used and are referred to as true names. A vulpin always allies themselves with someone who knows their true name, as this is a sign the person is bound to them by fate itself. However, vulpin do use common names, often favoring softer syllables with cute sounds. Vulpin do not use surnames.

Male Names: Alfyn, Chet, Essel, Forric, Illix, Jip, Myphri, Nolan, Ori, Shyl, Suru, Tekk, Vellyn

Female Names: Aieshia, Chara, Delphi, Ennys, Momo, Nana, Ori, Phlyk, Sahanna, Teneya, Thalren, Vin

Vulpin Traits

Ability Score Increase

Your Dexterity, Intelligence, and Charisma scores all increase by 1.


Vulpin reach adulthood at 7 years old and they can live to be a couple of eons old.


Vulpin range from 3-5 feet in height and favor lean, athletic builds. Your size is Medium.


Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Compact Flexibility

While your size is Medium, you count as a Small creature when determining passages you can wiggle through, including doorways, windows and holes.


Your people view crafting as an extension of the self. As such you gain proficiency in one set of craftsman’s tools of your choice.

Keen Senses

You possess acute senses, including hearing, smell and sight. You have proficiency in the Perception skill.

Natural Sleuth

You possess an innate sense when it comes to hidden features and objects. You have proficiency in the Investigation skill.

Natural Traveler

Your people have an instinctual sense of direction. You always know which way is north, and you have advantage on Survival checks to navigate.

What do you think of the vulpin?

Do you like our new foxy race? Got any cool character inspiration from this? We want to hear from you in the comments!

Until next time, stay nerdy!

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