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Realize Your World with Fantasy World Creator

Fantasy World Creator tabletop terrain fantasy roleplaying game

Fantasy World Creator product line by Gamestart Edizioni

The “World Creator” product line dedicated to Fantasy RPGs, is designed for all players who want a “physical” setting on which to play but without having to spend too much on miniatures or expensive plastic scenarios. The Fantasy World Creator core box contains more than 500 elements including game tiles, character and monster tokens, fast environments and status tokens. The two expansions, proposed in the first reprint in March, add accessories for players (such as interactive equipment cards) and a rewritable book dedicated to masters, the Black Book, containing maps and tools to keep track of every aspect of adventures and characters. Any element is dry-erase rewritable, ensuring total customization.

The Gingerbread Gang Joins the War in Christmas Village

Are you looking for holiday themed adventure? Would you love to send the Mouse King, Krampus or evil snowmen at your players but having a hard time finding just the right miniatures to use? Please allow me to introduce to you The Gingerbread Gang, part of an amazing assortment of awesome miniatures to add to your tabletop roleplaying games through the War in Christmas Village line.

Mandalorian armorer 5E D&D bounty hunter campaign

Specialized Gear Like The Mandalorian in 5E D&D

Over on Nerdarchy the YouTube channel, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted shared their insights on the best tier 1 spells for the brand new official artificer class for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. The artificer in 5E D&D has undergone a lot of playtesting, with several versions presented through Unearthed Arcana. With the release of Eberron: Rising from the Last War the artificer firmly found a place as the first official new character class for 5E D&D outside of those found in the Basic Rules and Player’s Handbook. But it’s not only players who get to have all the fun with the new artificer class. One of the new creatures in the book gives me a great idea for an ongoing bounty hunter campaign inspired by The Mandalorian and there’s a Challenge 0 entry with a lot of potential. I’m looking at you, magewright.

Mandalorian 5E D&D bounty hunter campaign

Playing an Anti-Hero Like The Mandalorian in 5E D&D

With The Mandalorian Chapter 4: Sanctuary streaming now on Disney+ we are halfway through the first season of this amazing series. Thankfully season 2 is already ordered. Between chapters of the show here on the website we’ve been exploring and developing ideas for a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons bounty hunter campaign. For each installment we’re taking inspiration from various books created by Nord Games. In my home game group I’ve been putting these ideas into practice along with players in our 5E D&D bounty hunter campaign and so far we’re all loving it and having a fantastic time. After watching Chapter 4: Sanctuary I knew immediately which Nord Games product would help next. Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde feels like the perfect fit. So let’s get into it and see how the book will help ramp up the action, tension and drama of our bounty hunter campaign for 5E D&D. (Still no spoilers.)

Hero Forge custom miniature conquistador

Conquistadors Take to the Field from Hero Forge!

You know me as the guy who loves miniatures. If you have been here before then you know having options with your minis is the best way to go. Hero Forge is a custom miniature creation company where you can design a mini to your own specifications. You can then have your custom miniature printed in the material of your choice or purchase the STL file and print as much as you like on your own 3D printer. And with the holidays in full swing, Hero Forge offers the perfect way to share the joy of creating custom miniatures with all the adventurers in your life.

Uphold your Sacred Oath Through Paladin Oath Spells

Over on Nerdarchy the YouTube channel Nerdarchists Dave and Ted discussed the 5 best D&D Paladin Spells for Tier 2. Check out the video below and hear what they share. Paladins can access some nifty spells in between laying the smack down with Divine Smite. Since they cover the best all around paladin spells, it might be worthwhile to take a closer look at the different Sacred Oath options and the associated Oath Spells to see how they match up. Let’s get into it.

Hero Forge orc

Orcs Invade Hero Forge!

Hero Forge offer loads of options for use in creating miniatures for your favorite tabletop roleplaying games like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. Whether you use it to make your player characters, your special NPCs or your mighty villains, no other miniature service out there is able to give you the variety or flexibility as Hero Forge. With their newest release we are seeing a direction offeing players some cool options and giving Game Masters out there supreme customization with humanoids. They now have orcs available on the site. So if you want a killer Orc Headhunter as a player character or a mighty chieftain for the adventurers to fight or take down, we now have the capability to craft and print this amazing staple in tabletop gaming.

Mandalorian 5E D&D bounty hunter campaign

Dangerous Combat Like the Mandalorian in 5E D&D

When season one of The Mandalorian ends following chapter 8, I’ll be a sad Disney+ viewer. I subscribed to the new streaming service only to watch this show. Incidentally The World According to Jeff Goldblum keeps me coming back, too. Even though I’ve got to wait one long week between chapters of The Mandalorian, I’ve been keeping the bounty hunt going at the gaming table. Right around the time the show premiered I’d gotten a copy of Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery from Nord Games. Never a greater wretched hive of scum and villainy had I come across for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. A 5E D&D campaign immediately formed. The players loved it, I loved running it and we’re keeping it going. Nord Games helped created the seedy underworld with Skulduggery and engage the players through interesting encounters with Wandering Monsters. After Chapter 3: The Sin, I think Critical Hit Tables for Players and Critical Fail Tables fit the tone for this dangerous and complicated, Mandalorian inspired bounty hunter campaign. (Still no spoilers.)

Dungeon Draw Kickstarter RPG cards

Your Custom Card Deck Helps Dungeon Draw Build a Creator Community and Marketplace

I’ve been watching the promotional video and pouring over the details for the Dungeon Draw | RPG Cards Kickstarter. My mind reels with the possibilities. Cards have long been my favorite kind of accessory for tabletop roleplaying games. Many of my favorite types of games are card based in general. Curating a deck of cards to enhance your own RPG campaigns sounded pretty cool. Custom cards, even better. Creating your own RPG cards whole cloth, now we’re getting somewhere. Becoming part of a creator community and marketplace for designing and sharing your custom cards, decks and artwork for others? You really are cooking up a little scheme here, aren’t you Dungeon Draw?

Random Encounters like The Mandalorian in 5E D&D

When it comes to fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons I tend to run a lot of one shots and shorter campaigns. I like this scenario just fine because I’m always finding inspiration for new campaigns and gaming with new friends. After watching chapter one of The Mandalorian last week my first thought was wow! This Disney+ show is incredible. And my second thought was this would make an awesome 5E D&D campaign. A party of bounty hunters navigating the underbelly of scum and villainy sounds like tremendous fun to me. I found a lot of inspiration from Nord Games Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery for a bounty hunter campaign. Now with two chapters of The Mandalorian available for viewing, we’ll match it with a second chapter developing this idea. So let’s get into it. (And don’t worry — still no spoilers!)

Mandalorian 5E D&D bounty hunter campaign

Bounty Hunting like The Mandalorian in 5E D&D

If you’re like me and what I suspect are tens of thousands of other nerds, you fired up Disney+ today and watched episode one of The Mandalorian. And since you’re here I’m going to assume you’re also a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons player. Taking those two things into account, it can’t be far from the truth that a lot of us were not only blown away by the premiere of this new streaming show and our first thought was “this would make an awesome bounty hunter 5E D&D campaign!” And I just got a copy of Ultimate NPCs: Skulduggery from Nord Games so I’m going to use this Game Master’s Toolbox book to help. If this sounds cool to you, I’ll give you a promo code for 20% off the book and everything else in your cart from Nord Games when we’re done. So let’s get into it. (And don’t worry — no spoilers!)

Bring Your Customized Character to Life with a Hero Forge Mini

If you are like me, then you enjoy using minis in your tabletop roleplaying games like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Minis add an enjoyable tactical side to the challenge of combat. But at times it can be so difficult to find the right mini, the perfect one with the right gear, right pose and even the perfect expression on their face. If you are not aware of Hero Forge than please let me introduce you to their wonderful products. I have purchased dozens of Hero Forge minis I proudly display in my collection. Their method of allowing the customer to perfectly design the exact mini they want makes them an ideal choice for selecting the mini for use at the gaming table.

Weigh Anchor for A Complete Guide to Nautical Campaigns

Vehicles and the sorts of exotic adventures featuring them are a big draw for tabletop roleplaying game campaigns. Nerdarchy friend and host of How to be a Great Game Master Guy Sclanders is no stranger to running epic campaigns on the high seas, in the skies or across the blasted landscape of Avernus, and he’s sharing that expertise with A Complete Guide to Nautical Campaigns. The Kickstarter is currently live and by the looks of it by the time I’m done writing this post it will more than likely be funded. Check it out here and navigate your way to the pledge level that works best for you.

D&D cursed magic items cursed collective kickstarter

Cursed Magic Items Get Top Billing in Cursed Collective Kickstarter

There’s only so many cursed magic items to tempt and torment characters with in our fantasy roleplaying games. Game Masters can have a lot of fun seeding our campaign settings with powerful magic for the heroes that come with a price. For those GMs who enjoy presenting players with a little risk vs. reward treasure — or just straight up risky magic items — Cursed Collective is a Kickstarter campaign promising over 50 new unique and creative cursed items suitable for all your tabletop roleplaying game campaigns.

Immortalize your D&D Adventure Stories with Campaign Medals from Ancient Lair

Fifth edition characters do some pretty heroic stuff. Or at least extraordinary, for good or ill. In the course of a campaign, a party of adventurers is likely to do at least one thing worthy of being awarded a medal. Unless you’re Chewbacca. What’s a wookie gotta do to get a medal if helping blow up the Death Star and save the Rebellion doesn’t cut it? Ancient Lair has a Kickstarter going on right now with an awesome way to commemorate the deeds of 5E heroes. Campaign Medals: Collectable medals for your RPG adventures is creating metal and resin displayable medals for your RPG group inspired by D&D 5E adventure modules. But even if you’re not into the cool rewards you and your group can share as mementos of your mighty triumphs, you can get yourself a medal with a display box and a neat PDF with new stuff to add to your game inspired by the medals themselves.

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