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A Never Ending Parade of Characters and NPCs on NeverEnding

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By guest poster Jamie Van Doren, Founder/CEO of ‎NeverEnding, Inc

Dungeon Masters and players tend to have hundreds of character ideas living rent free in their head. And that’s just where they’ll stay unless you’re an artist or can afford thousands of dollars in character commissions. At least that’s how it used to be. NeverEnding is a brand new TTRPG company developing an entire digital tool box for DMs, players, streamers and storytellers of all kinds.

Be seen in YOUR story, with NEW character avatar options, including new body types! Check out NeverEnding II here!

Be seen as the hero of your story

In December we launched a Beta of our character portrait maker as a web app. Members of NeverEnding have access to 8 bodies, 10 heads, 60 facial features and 14 hairstyles as well as over 100 armor and weapon choices.

Even though the platform is new there’s a tremendous variety of characters you can create. Those options are expanding with new armor, weapons, hair or other options added on a weekly basis.

Free users will find they’ll quickly use up their 10 save slots. Paid members are unfettered since they have unlimited save slots. Right now the app has three payment tiers: Free Villagers, $1 per month Hirelings or $9 per year Heroes. If you’re hearing about NeverEnding for the first time we’re also running a Kickstarter to expand the amount of character options. It’s fully funded and onto stretch goals so three new body options will be added to the platform in June.

Backers of this Kickstarter get an extra six months of access to the premium tools for a total of 18 months for the same $9 price. If your membership expires or you drop from a paid membership to free you only lose access to the premium art assets for new characters. You continue to retain all of your previously created characters.

While all the characters are forward facing, NeverEnding expects to introduce a variety of battle, spellcasting and other poses in July. We also have a token creator in the pipeline. In May, you’ll be able to turn your characters into tokens for platforms like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds.

While characters are fun, another feature you might enjoy are the character bios. They’re a fast and easy way to capture our backstory and salient details you might want to share with your DM or other players. DMs may want to use the feature to help create an easy library of NPCs.

While many more features like the ability to create and publish webcomics and animated videos are on the way, that character builder by itself is a useful feature and a good reason to check us out. Visit the NeverEnding II Kickstarter page and discover the pledge level that works best for you here.

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