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Wilderness Adventurer Couture

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Going on an adventure in the wilderness? Here are different categories of heroes for wilderness adventures for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Whatever the case may be for you it is best to make sure you are prepared to become one with nature in the fashion sense. Asking around and doing your research is the perfect start!

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Staying fashionable in the wilds of 5E D&D

General wilderness adventuring

Taking a weekend trip or a quick adventure into the wilderness? No problem! The good news is there are some really easy things you can do to be comfortable in the wilds. The first step is to know your conditions. Is it cold? Is it hot? Muddy or swampy? Once you have this information or at least an estimated guess then you can dress according to your needs. If it is cold you’d best at least pack a coat and some nice boots. You don’t want to get chilly.

Let’s consider the sun. Is it bright where you are traveling or is it cloudy and rainy? Depending on the occasion you may need a parasol or a poncho. If it is super sunny you will need to look into some sun protection if you have delicate soft skin. You need to take special precaution if your heritage comes from a place with low light. You could try the druidic way and use mud from your local terrain to coat your skin for protection. Local markets may also have bug repellents and skin protection so make sure you talk with the locals before adventuring into the unknown wilderness.  

Sneaky sorts

Are you a lover of the hidden arts and seeker of the shadows? If you go into the wilds you need to pay close attention to your camouflage options. Wearing black in a snowy forest will probably not work well for you. You must take the colors of the terrain and make them assimilate into your outfit — unless of course you carry magic items. 

For example darker areas of the wilderness require dark clothing. If you are in the swamps you would not want to go tromping around in a pink ghillie suit now would you? But a dark green or brown-green swampy color would work quite nicely. Maybe some reversible attire so this way you don’t have to completely find new gear.  

Tree hugger

You really love and respect nature and it shows. You might wear a flower crown or have tree branches in your hair. Your clothing is made from materials that did not come from animals or if it did the beast was already slain.  

Nature fashion for these adventurers is a necessity but these adventurers are not 100% committed to embracing nature and becoming one. These folk still bathe and brush their hair. They also probably wear shoes but just maybe not all the time. These adventurers are not afraid to get dirty or experience nature but when they are done they can blend in with polite society.  

The wildling

Ah, you have become one with the wilderness I can smell. If you were in town you would be the source of all sorts of whisperings. I’m not sure if the townsfolk would be concerned with your appearance, your smell or your unsightly manners. Alas, we are just focusing on appearance and style for this particular moment.  

To become one with the wilderness an adventurer must use only what they can find within their given terrain and only the minimum needed. You can only imagine the minimalist clothing on a wildling. Hello, loin cloth! No shoes? No problem. Your soles are calloused to the point where you cannot feel it anyways. Natural paints such as mud, dirt and berries can also be used to tone skin for camouflage and sun protection. An don’t neglect your hair — it is matted or contained in a fashion so it does not obscure your vision but still blends in nicely with that caked mud to your surroundings.  


Whether you want to become a wildling or not all depends on where you want to take your character. I’m not really sure how a wildling would play out in many groups but they totally sound like a crazy druid with mud on their face and sticks in their hair. Sounds like some interesting roleplaying possibilities! Make sure you add some natural qualities of becoming one with nature if you are adventuring into the wilderness!

*Featured image — The Kagonesti are one type of wild elf, from the Dragonlance campaign setting and book series. [Art by Brom]

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