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Enter Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasure — If You Dare

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We are all familiar with the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark. (Pop culture is a powerful thing, eh?) We see that guy — a “Top man” — carrying the Ark of the Covenant away, then the camera zooms out, revealing countless more crates stretching as far as the eye can see. “What artifacts are locked away in all those other crates?” We hear you ask. Today we are presenting you with our very own “Top man” and he too safeguards countless dangerous and deadly artifacts. His name is Aizendore, a formidable wizard and his Vault awaits.

Take your games to a whole new level

Penny Dragon Games, creators of the highly successful Mag of Holding (Issue #1 now available to download for free!), are back with not one but two exciting new D&D 5e products: Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasure and Order of Elemental Chaos. Aizendore’s Vault is bursting with lore, adventure and over 300 magic items!

What makes these Tragic Treasures so tragic you ask? For the most part it is the story of their creation (or reclamation) but others bear curses, dark gifts, and perilous consequences for the brave and foolish souls who risk wielding their power. It is for this reason that Aizendore the Wizard has dedicated his life to hunting down this cursed catalogue and sealing them away, to ensure they do not fall into the wrong hands. However, he is only one man and cannot hope to keep them all contained. Not when there are heroes, villains, and dungeon masters across the multiverse who would seek to claim them for their own.

The accursed artifacts of Aizendore’s Vault are sure to astonish and inspire players and DMs alike, providing not only unique magical mechanics but endless adventure hooks as well! You might think that this would be enough material for one Kickstarter but the creators at Penny Dragon Games wanted to provide you with much more!

The second book entitled, The Order of Elemental Chaos, is a 200-page adventure module that will take you across the four Elemental Planes and beyond, into the roiling maelstrom of the Elemental Chaos itself on a quest to stop a cabal of genies and ancient primordials from tearing the fabric of the Material Plane asunder… or worse.

You would think all of that material would be enough but that’s not all you’re gonna get—just how deep is this vault?! Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasures also offers an array of STL files so you can print a horde of Penny Dragon’s custom miniatures. And all backers, regardless of pledge level, will receive 7 STLs completely free! These files will provide you with all the monsters your party will face in Order of Elemental Chaos’ electrifying opening chapter: “Plunder and Lightning”. There will be plenty more up for grabs during the Kickstarter so be sure to pledge early and share the good word so you and your fellow treasure hunters can unlock some incredible stretch goals! Stay tuned for more secrets from the Vault.

Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasures launched April 8, 2021 at 9:00 PST

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