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Inspire Revolution in Sirens: Battle of the Bards 5E Campaign Setting

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Plane Shift Your 5E D&D Game Into Magic: The Gathering — Zendikar

One of our earliest friends in the tabletop roleplaying game sphere launched a new crowdfunding campaign recently and we’re thrilled to be a part of the project too! Satine Phoenix partnered with Apotheosis Studios to create Sirens: Battle of the Bards, a 5E campaign setting in a city of artists where bards inspire revolution. The robust and sweeping project encompasses tons of material for Game Masters and players alike to create awesome memorable moments, stories and campaigns together and we couldn’t be more excited to take part in the creation. Let’s get into it.

Rock your 5E games in a fantastic campaign setting

Satine Phoenix remains one of the most creative contributors to the RPG space, particularly when it comes to the Fifth Edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Her latest project is the ambitious Sirens: Battle of the Bards in conjunction with Apotheosis Studios, the company who brought The Red Opera to life. Like that project Sirens: Battle of the Bards presents a comprehensive package with all the bells and whistles gamers love.

To make this epic journey even more incredible Satine Phoenix enlists a stunning group of RPG luminaries who’ll add their voices and creativity to the project — including us! Nerdarchy could not be more excited to become part of the group of fantastic creators as VIP guest writers. We’ll be developing a custom sidequest and related 5E material in our own inimitable style along with folks you’ve certainly heard of such as Gamehole Con director Alex Kammer, superstar artist and writer David Mack and more yet to be revealed.

The Kickstarter page for Sirens: Battle of the Bards illustrates how extensive the project is and I’m certain 5E fans will discover a lot to get excited about. For one thing there’s a 30 page free sample to download. While this isn’t an uncommon feature for an RPG Kickstarter I can’t say I’ve seen additional free downloads like these including a Syrinscape sound set and VTT samples for both Foundry and Shard Tabletop. Backers can enjoy the content virtually through those platforms as well as Roll20, Fantasy Grounds and even the Weave Storytelling Platform (wow!).

The bedrock for Sirens: Battle of the Bards is the bohemian City of Salvata and the way gamers love a fresh campaign setting I’m confident this sizzle alone sells tons of people on the project. People love new settings, no doubt about it and with concepts, ideas and characters spinning out from Satine Phoenix’s long running Sirens live play game there’s rich history to draw on. A 300+ page book designed for GMs and players contains a full campaign set in the City of Salvata, which features ten districts each with a unique theme and locations leading to multiple endings encouraging player agency and replayability.

Those bells and whistles I mentioned serve to bring campaigns to vibrant life and facilitate the kinds of memorable moments to last lifetimes that we all strive for when we’re rolling funny shaped dice. A full orchestral soundtrack from the RPG hobby’s preeminent musician Jason Charles Miller aims to rock your campaign along with a complete campaign sound set from Syrinscape. But RPG nerds love our doodads too and related merch from Wyrmwood Gaming, Level Up Dice, Campaign Coins and more aim to create unforgettable experiences.

There are tons of entry points for gamers of all interest levels to find the perfect pledge for their groups. Satine Phoenix and Apotheosis Studios pull out all the stops for Sirens: Battle of the Bards. When they asked Nerdarchy to become contributing creators we were floored! We don’t receive many opportunities like this one and we’re super proud to bring our style and perspective to the project. We can’t spoil any details about our contribution but I’ll share this: we’ve developed a fervent fanbase for our approach to 5E design incorporating content for GMs and players into modules aimed at fostering strong collaboration at the gaming table. GMs who appreciate the tools and resources to construct truly one of a kind stories along with the rest of the players in their group won’t be disappointed!

If dynamic settings celebrating creativity both in games and around the table sounds like your jam I urge you to visit the Sirens: Battle of the Bards Kickstarter page and learn more about this incredible project from Satine Phoenix and Apotheosis Studios. You can help unlock the Nerdarchy stretch goal — if it isn’t already by the time this publishes (we’re so close!). Check out all the pledge levels and add on features to discover the best one for you and your gaming group here.

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Nerditor-in-Chief Doug Vehovec is a proud native of Cleveland, Ohio, with D&D in his blood since the early 80s. Fast forward to today and he’s still rolling those polyhedral dice. When he’s not DMing, worldbuilding or working on endeavors for Nerdarchy he enjoys cryptozoology trips and eating awesome food.

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