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Hero Forge customized miniature undead

Play Your Halloween 5E D&D Game as an Undead Character with Hero Forge

'Twas the Nightmare Before Father Winters' Day for 5E D&D
Undead Halloween Terrors of D&D!

I have played more characters than I care to try and count in the decades I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons. Plenty of those campaigns featured fun and interesting character concepts and with Halloween right around the corner I thought I would approach the idea of playing an undead adventurer for fifth edition D&D. This undead character might not be for a main campaign, but I could totally envision playing such a character in a fun 5E D&D one shot. But if your Dungeon Master and group leans more into story and you have a good character idea then why not allow an undead adventurer into the party?

Creating deadforged for 5E D&D

With all the races available to play out there I could try and make a race to work well in 5E D&D but I am going in another direction here. Since undead are not alive I am looking to the warforged as my starting point for creating a race. Warforged are indeed living humanoids but with their origin as manufactured creatures they provide a jumping off point. The Constructed Resilience trait warforged possess grants resistance to poison and advantage on saving throws against poison, immunity to disease and negates their need to sleep, eat, drink or breathe. This makes a terrific foundation to build on. In place of Integrated Protection I’ll add a new trait called False Death.

False Death

If you lay motionless, you are indistinguishable from a humanoid corpse and appear dead to all outward inspection and to spells used to determine your status. You have advantage on all Deception checks to appear as a dead body.

5E D&D undead race dullahan

The dullahan is a 5E D&D playable race of undead creatures with detachable heads! You can find this character option along with the Stygian Shadow Ranger Archetype, new monsters and magic items plus an adventure in Dark Paths: Winter Lord’s Throne over at Nerdarchy the Store.

As for Ability Score Increase I am gonna go crazy. Since you can come from any race I am going to give players the choice. You get a +2 to any one ability score and +1 to any other ability score. This makes the best combination to make whatever kind of character you choose. The warforged gain a skill proficiency and a tool proficiency through Specialized Design and this remains the same except I am renaming the trait Memories of a Former Life. Everything else fits nicely.

This post is inspired and brought to you by the wonderful people over at Hero Forge. Hero Forge offers so many options for custom made miniatures and the new option of color printed designs are even more fantastic. As of now offers both Skelton and Zombie as a species for your customized miniature, either of which are perfect for an undead 5E D&D character.

Whether you are looking to make an undead adventurer with the traits above or a villain for the game you are running these along with the humongous amount of options Hero Forge offers give you all the tools you need. And now you can customize your miniatures even further with Hero Forge 2.0 to add vibrant color and get the whole thing 3D printed and delivered.

I have been using Hero Forge since the very beginning and I love all my miniatures from the ones I painted myself to newer ones taking advantage of the unbelievable color printing tools. Simply designing characters there is so much fun. You can make tokens or even just download the image of your customized miniature for a cool character images to cherish and share them with your group. If you are like me you will fall in love with Hero Forge. So check them out here.

Thanks for reading and may your 5E D&D Halloween adventures be spooky and fun. If you’ve got your own undead character miniatures creations show them off! Share a photo or screenshot and tag us on social media or let us know all about them in the comments below and until next time, stay nerdy!

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