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Atmar’s Cardography™: Full RPG Modules & Random Dungeon Decks – A New Way to Dungeon Crawl

Whether you’ve been role-playing for years or you’re new to rolling the dice, Cardography is certain to enhance your adventures. It’s basically a dungeon in your pocket. Each Cardography deck is the size of a standard poker deck, and contains 52 different cards with rooms, tunnels, or traps that can be configured in countless ways.

D&D Beyond Digital Toolset Before, During and After a Campaign

Yeah, yeah, I know. You already bought the books. I did too, and both Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage are on preorder from Amazon. I enjoy having the physical books to read through and — for running adventures — use at the table. And it’s important to me to support D&D as a consumer. But I’ve been using D&D Beyond since the beta, long before I was a DDB Insider, and I’d unlocked quite a bit from the marketplace before that too. I keep up with the conversation about DDB also. “It’s double dipping, it’s a money grab, it’s unfair to pay twice, X digital toolset is better,” and so on. At the end of the day, it comes down a cost-benefit analysis for each individual. If the advantage DDB provides is not greater than the price to unlock content for you, there’s nothing wrong with that. For many, many others around the world, the analysis is more favorable. For me, it’s really favorable and here’s why. But before getting started, let’s make a deal: I won’t disrespect your view of DDB, and you won’t get angry because I enjoy using, supporting and advocating it.

Find your setting with 5th Evolution: New Genres for Your 5E Game

For anyone that has been playing within fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons for a while, it can be easy to tell how flexible the system is. There is a lot of homebrew out there to give evidence to not only its flexibility, but also to the wide reaching success of the system. I’ve spoken to players that love 5E, but sometimes want to play beyond the fantasy setting. This is where Limitless Adventures has you covered with 5th Evolution. This #5Evo Kickstarter promises to bring three supplements into the hobby covering Alternate WW II History, 80’s Horror and Super Heroes. The best part? These supplements can be used in any combination, opening the door all manner of unique stories and exciting scenes.

Using the Corpse Rook- Fifth Edition Foes from Frog God Games| Dungeons and Dragons Monsters

What has brilliant feathers as dark as night, a massive wingspan and heads that’d make a Doduo jealous? Why, the corpse rook. Frog God Games was nice enough to include this beauty in their Fifth Edition Foes compendium and just like every other entry in the book, I love this monstrosity. Let’s jump into what I think is a great way to use this fantastic creature.

D&D Character Delve – Great Old One Triton Warlock for RPG Crate Adventures on the Open Road

It is time for another fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons character build. This time we will look at P’Saden, the Great Old One triton warlock character I played in the RPG Crate sponsored game, Adventures on the Open Road: Anchor Head Cave. As we were playing a seafaring adventure I wanted to use a triton. Ever since they came out in Volo’s Guide To Monsters I wanted an excuse to use these not-quite-mermaid people. I had no particular interest in the mechanics of the race, just the concept. I can honestly say I have never played a character like this before. Not that I haven’t played a wily swashbuckler, but not one with the superiority complex inherent in triton. It was kind of like playing an elf rogue. I had to figure out how he got from uptight xenophobe to smarmy spell slinger.

Ironrise board game Kickstarter

Ironrise – A Steampunk Adventure Board Game


Spires of heavy metal scrape the smog stretched skies. Below, the rabble of its citizens toil away, working in the seemingly countless factories to scratch out their existence under the thumb of the oppressive government, all the while under the shadow of the Obligation, a massive airship that patrols high above. Will you be the hero needed to wrest these people from their poverty and ill-fortune, or be the villain who puts the vision-less rabble back in their place? In Ironrise – A Steampunk Adventure Board Game, you are doing just that. Heroes attempting to deliver their people from endless servitude pitted against villains forced to hold the line and secure the way of life that they know. Let’s delve deeper into this new board game, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, and its unique setting.

Be Classy: Some Thoughts on D&D Party Roles

Salutations, nerds! Today we’re going to take a moment to talk about party roles and classes, specifically doubling up on them within the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons adventuring party. I have seen a lot of trouble crop up regarding two people in a party wanting to play the same class. Particularly in fifth edition D&D, this is not as much of a problem as it sounds like it is, especially when you go into the situation with a little bit of good will.

D&D Character Delve – Goliath Oath of the Ancients Paladin for RPG Crate Adventures on the Open Road

It is time for another fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons character build. This time we will look at Maala, the Oath of the Ancients goliath paladin character I played in episode four of out RPG Crate sponsored game, Adventures on the Open Road: A Knight’s Tomb. Maala is a D&D character built on one major concept, the bearded woman. As a fan of American Horror Story I wanted to play a character like Ethel Darling (Kathy Bates). All decisions from that point on centered around what it meant to be a woman who is outside her culture, in a world where she does not fit the prescribed ideal of femininity.

Frog God Games Getting Superheroic with MegaHeroes RPG

Recently Nerdarchist Dave welcomed our good friends from Frog God Games to the daily live chat on our YouTube channel. Zach Glazar, Bill Webb, and Jim Wampler to talk about the the Rappan Athuk Reborn Kickstarter and let us know that there would be a new Kickstarter coming before the dust even considered settling on the current Rappan Athuk. From the brainchild of Jim Wampler, in conjunction with Frog God Games, looming up from the corrupt city streets of Cincinnati comes MegaHeroes superhero RPG.

Rappan Athuk 5E Kickstarter

The Return of Rappan Athuk: Reborn for 5E on Kickstarter

There’s a vast underground network of tunnels, caverns, halls and ruins. There are evil monsters, wicked traps, and devious tricks waiting to disembowel or otherwise harry ill-prepared adventurers who wander in. Hope is a foreign term to the grizzled veterans who approach the entrance to the limitless depths. They’ve abandoned the word in favor of more appealing ones, ones they’ve come to be fond of.

Combat. Glory. Treasure.

This is Rappan Athuk. This is the Dungeon of Graves.

Explore the MMO Marketplace in Safety with MMOAuctions Kickstarter

*This content is a paid sponsored article

If you have ever tried to sell any of your online gaming goods, you know what a minefield it is. The web is filled with shady websites that are only waiting to snatch your account details and strip it of everything that represents any value. Online gaming goods trading needs a service that puts transaction security as their top priority.

Brian Colin Kickstarter Revilo

Back and Forth on the Revilo Creation Collection with Creature Curator Brian Colin

Salutations, nerds! Today we’re going to take an opportunity to talk about a Kickstarter by the phenomenally talented Brian Colin. The Revilo Creature Collection is a bestiary the likes of which you’re unlikely to have seen before. The creatures in the book are ones Brian has brought to life in the form of sculptures.

D&D Character Delve: Aarakocra Grave Domain Cleric for Adventures on the Open Road

Once a month, Nerdarchist Ted runs an RPG Crate-sponsored game of fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons on the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. In one of these sessions, Adventures on the Open Road: From the Sky, I played as Kek, a 5th-level aarakocra Grave Domain cleric. The next Adventures from the Open Road D&D session is set for Jan. 26, 2018, so be sure to follow subscribe, follow Nerdarchy on social media or visit us on our Discord so you don’t miss it. You can always sign up for our newsletter too, and find out how you can game with Nerdarchy.

But for now, let’s delve into this D&D character.

Stuff Your Digital Stocking and Help a Charity with Frog God Games and Kobold Press Humble Bundle

Is it Dec. 6, 2017 at 11 a.m. PST already? You’re in luck, roleplaying gamer! While you’re getting ready to stuff your stockings this holiday season you can stuff your digital bookshelf full of a dragon’s hoard worth of awesome books – and help out a charity for doing it!

Bill Webb, co-founder of Frog God Games partnered up with Wolfgang Baur and Kobold Press to create the first ever fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Humble RPG Book Bundle. The offering is live for two weeks and the clock is already ticking.

DriveThruRPG digital RPG

DriveThruRPG Sponsors Nerdarchy and Saves You Money on RPG Stuff

Nerdarchy is proud to announce a terrific sponsorship from DriveThruRPG – the largest RPG download store! Since 2001, DriveThruRPG has been a premiere online marketplace for digital and print-on-demand roleplaying games. Even more, the expanded family of sites makes comic books, card games, fiction and more available with ease. With DriveThruRPG as a sponsor, we can now pass along great deals to the Nerdarchy community.

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