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I’m taking a page out of Nerdarchist Ted’s playbook today to share some news about some highly detailed miniatures to augment your tabletop roleplaying experience. Wicked Foundations: Tales of Terror 5e Miniatures is a live Kickstarter campaign featuring some truly creepy and terrifying minis along with storytelling material to help Game Masters bring the fear!

Wicked Foundations: Tales of Terror 5e Miniatures

I’m no expert on tabletop miniatures, but the level of detail on Wicked Foundations’ Tales of Terror minis seen on the Kickstarter page is astounding. Not only are the features and accents on these devilish minis intricate but the textures look amazing! Even unpainted, these look great and I look forward to seeing what the masterful minis painters out there do with these.

What really captures my attention and imagination about Tales of Terror are the three distinct narratives built into the Kickstarter. Each of the three packages is accompanied with pioneering monster mechanics and engrossing lore. This is something I can really sink my teeth into. I love collecting all sorts of material for my D&D games and discovering new creatures and mechanics, but more importantly storytelling elements and adventure hooks to add to my games.

“We here at Wicked Foundations are fascinated by things that go bump in the night. Our mission is to incorporate our original monstrosities seamlessly into your table top experience. We do so by delivering story elements, narrative, distinct combat mechanics, lairs, and minis to your game. Embrace our wicked designs and subject your players to challenges never seen before!” — From the Wicked Foundations: Tales of Terror 5e Miniatures Kickstarter page

There are three Twisted Tales of Terror, each with their own collection of truly scary and evocative minis. The Orphanarium features Grandma Malka, a very creepy looking character sitting on a platform carried by faceless humanoids. Two massive cherub-faced destroyers named Agony and Ecstasy look ready to crush her foes, and the Infantile Visages in tow with this gang up the creepy factor big time.

Grandma Malka is described as the embodiment of bitter greed, who devours children and hope alike. These minis already give me ideas for all sorts of adventures centered around Grandma Malka. Maybe this horrible creature employs Agony and Ecstasy to create orphans, and Grandma Malka takes children to her floating Orphanarium to care for them in her own twisted way.

Blood Soaked Toys is the second collection. The Twisted Toymaker is devious master of crafted mechanics, part engineer and part devil. Elevated Tabitha, No-Eyed Jack and Mr. Fuzzybottom are three of his creations, and they are most certainly devilish. I’m already imagining a scenario where this Twisted Toymaker’s toys grow in popularity across the land. The Twisted Toymaker travels from town to town selling his wonderful toys at low, low prices, and kids everywhere just gotta have them! But once these beloved toys are in homes far and wide, their true nature emerges. Now the adventurers have to track down the Twisted Toymaker’s factory and put a stop to his machinations to grind up the innocent, vivisect the pure, and torment the pious.

The final collection is The Blossom of Pestilence and this one really speaks to my love of plant creatures. There’s something weird and creepy about evil flora, and The Striggore is no exception! A lumbering avatar of fae cruelty and aggression, the Striggore will carve out its portion of the forest through cruel will and crueler methods. The mini for this looks like something straight from a nightmare. The deepest, darkest parts of forgotten forests come to life, the Striggore, Dional Beasts and Scopitera already took root in my imagination.

Grandma Malka, Twisted Toymaker and Striggore are the central figures in the Wicked Foundations: Tales of Terror 5e Miniatures collections.

More than miniatures

As I mentioned, I’m no miniatures expert and in fact I don’t use minis in my games. But this is where Wicked Foundations: Tales of Terror 5e Miniatures does a great job of including entry points for someone like me. One of the pledge levels includes only the soft bound bestiary, which is a really considerate option. They’ve also broken up the collections so backers can pledge one, two or all three. So if you’ve got to have The Orphanarium but Twisted Toys and Blossom of Pestilence don’t appeal to you, it’s easy to back only the minis you want. But if you do want to back for all three collections, you can do that too for a discounted cost. They’ve also built in a couple of retail options.

If you want an even closer look at Wicked Foundations: Tales of Terror 5e Miniatures, check out the Black Magic Craft YouTube channel on Sept. 27, 2019 when they’ll be showcasing one of their designs. There’s a link to Black Magic Craft on the Kickstarter page Updates. In the meantime, visit the page here and explore all the cool, creepy-as-heck minis and discover the pledge level that’s right for you.

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