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Fifth edition characters do some pretty heroic stuff. Or at least extraordinary, for good or ill. In the course of a campaign, a party of adventurers is likely to do at least one thing worthy of being awarded a medal. Unless you’re Chewbacca. What’s a wookie gotta do to get a medal if helping blow up the Death Star and save the Rebellion doesn’t cut it? Ancient Lair has a Kickstarter going on right now with an awesome way to commemorate the deeds of 5E heroes. Campaign Medals: Collectable medals for your RPG adventures is creating metal and resin displayable medals for your RPG group inspired by D&D 5E adventure modules. But even if you’re not into the cool rewards you and your group can share as mementos of your mighty triumphs, you can get yourself a medal with a display box and a neat PDF with new stuff to add to your game inspired by the medals themselves.

Rewards inspired by D&D adventure stories

Darying to defy the death curse, stopping a threat to the foundations of the Forgotten Realms, facing down the thunder of giant footsteps, escaping the Domain of Dread, preventing the return of Tiamat — these are the things of which legends are made. The stories and experiences of the players will last a lifetime, and these campaign medals are a fun way to immortalize your campaign accomplishments.

Each of the sets of campaign medals are offered in the following finishes: gold shaded, gold plated, shaded pewter, bronze plated, antique pewter, polished pewter and nickel plated. And if you’re not into any of those, you can get the STL files and print your own. There’s quite a bit of variety in pledge levels so there’s something for anyone whether you want everything the Kickstarter has to offer or not. Every pledge level comes with a PDF of The Binding Stone, a supplement that takes the Campaign Medals and turn them into Binding Stones. These stones will come with full background, magic item stats, history, people, places and adventure hooks for players to find these mystical items.

As cool as the campaign medals are, the more I look at what the Kickstarter has to offer, the more impressive it gets. Ancient Lair has partnered up with Craftwood Studios to paint a limited number of resin medals, and the examples on the page look incredible. The metal finish medals are remarkable looking for sure (I dig the bronze plated ones myself) but the painted ones look fantastic. And everything I’ve mentioned so far isn’t even the best part.

You can design your own campaign medal!

campaign medals D&D adventure stories Ancient Lair
An example of the Craftwood Studios painted Lord’s Locket. Inspired by Curse of Strahd, the Lord’s Locket brings the terror and horror of haunted lands to life.

There’s five limited pledge levels for backers to work with the team to define your medal, then pass it on for concept art, then off to the forges for your medal to be cast in molten metal! You will receive 10 resin and metal versions of your own design and they’ll hold the design in our store so others can enjoy your creation. How amazing is that?

Another plus for the Kickstarter campaign is a pretty thorough looking breakdown of shipping costs per country, which I’m sure will be greatly appreciated by folks all over the world.

I’m really interested in The Binding Stone in particular. The characters in my game are members of the Adventurers of Adventurer, a guild designed like the ones in Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. Each member has a badge that grows in power as they earn ranks in their faction, and I’m super curious about the material in the PDF because I’m sure I would find a place for it in my campaign.

Kickstarters like Campaign Medals always impress me. I don’t use props or miniatures for the most part, so when something like this project considers folks like me and includes stuff that gets my imagination working, I really appreciate that.

These would make a fantastic gift for gamers in your life, whether they’re the friends who roll funny-shaped dice with or a friend or family member who’s into the hobby. Imagine you are a new player, and for your first D&D experience you play through — or run (get out there and DM!) — Curse of Strahd. Then after your epic climax, everyone at in the group gets a sweet campaign medal to treasure.

Or Valentine’s Day comes around and your nongamer partner gives you one of these over a fancy dinner. That’s a keeper right there.

If you’re like me I strongly urge you to go check out Campaign Medals. There’s more going on over there than the medals themselves, and The Binding Stones looks like it has some really cool stuff to add to your 5E games and D&D adventure stories. Check out the Campaign Medals Kickstarter page here and discover the pledge level that works best for you, and let Ancient Lair know Nerdarchy pointed you over there.

Stay nerdy!

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