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5E D&D plants dm tips out of the box

Making the Most of Wild Shape Forms for 5E D&D Druids

Over at Nerdarchy the YouTube channel Nerdarchists Dave and Ted get animalistic and take a look at the best beasts in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons for a druid to Wild Shape into during tier one of game play. While they point out the highlights of various beasts I’m of a mind to expand on this and see all the possibilities from official 5E D&D sources along with the environments in which they’re typically found. So let’s get into it.

Cawood Publishing Challenges Adventurers with Monsters of the Wilderness

Our friends at Cawood Publishing unveiled a new excursion into the World of Myrr unfolding through their series of monster books. Monsters of the Wilderness for 5th Edition is the fourth book in the series and the Kickstarter campaign bringing it to life for gaming groups all over the world launched today and runs through March 4.

Big RPG Plans for WizKids Unpainted Miniatures Wave 13

WizKids has been putting out quality miniatures for quite some time. I can recall their releases during the third edition Dungeons & Dragons era and how they changed what we were doing at the gaming table. For many years I’ve purchased their prepainted miniatures line and loved them. They are great for any who have no desire or inclination to paint miniatures for their tabletop roleplaying game experiences.

Top 5 D&D Beyond Homebrew Monsters for 5E D&D

Every now and again I like to browse through homebrew content at D&D Beyond to see what creative players come up with for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. The homebrew tools at DDB allow players to create their own spells, monsters, magic items, backgrounds, feats, races and subclasses. When it comes to creating 5E D&D homebrew monsters the tools allow users to use an existing monsters as a template or create something new from scratch. At this time there’s about 72,000 homebrew monsters in the DDB database. So let’s get into it.

Quantum Leap into Your Next 5E D&D Campaign

While talking with a friend recently I mentioned the idea of a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign based on the totally awesome science fiction television series Quantum Leap. This is a friend who’s played in my campaigns many times over the years yet never stepped into the role of Dungeon Master. Our conversation was aimed at encouraging him to run a game sometime and after playing a session I showed him my notes to illustrate how it’s nowhere near as complicated as he suspected. I could tell he was still unconvinced but when I mentioned creating a campaign inspired by Quantum Leap his whole demeanor changed. If he’ll ever run such a campaign (or any campaign!) remains to be seen but it seemed like a cool idea so I’ll share it here too. Let’s get into it.

Minions of San-Tac-Laus to Help Deliver 5E D&D Holiday Cheer

About this time last year I made a holiday beholder for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons based on the chubby bearded man who is a symbol of the holiday season. But I knew the story would not end there. After all if the jolly man in the red has his staff of elves who really look and act like really short gnomes then San-Tac-Laus should have his own set of 5E D&D minions to work with as well.

5E D&D My Dad's Monster Manual

80 5E D&D Monsters Reimagined with Fun and Fantastic Flavor from My Dad’s Monster Manual

My Dad’s Monster Manual may have started as a silly idea proposed by game designer James Introcaso but here we are months later looking at a fully produced product for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons currently No. 1 Most Popular from Wizards & Guild Adepts at Dungeon Master’s Guild and a silver bestseller in less than two days. What is this unusual 5E D&D book? Let’s get into it.

Getting More from 5E D&D Monsters — Mage’s Echo

When a spellcaster dies, sometimes a part of their soul lingers behind with the body rather than moving on to its final resting place. These imprints are called mage’s echoes. These undead monsters appear in Wizard’s Wake, one of the digital fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons products we create for Patreon supporters and later for Nerdarchy the Store. Here you’ll find expanded 5E D&D content inspired by these haunting spirits along with the stat block as it appears in the book ready to drop into your games.

5E D&D frost king arctic hobgoblin

Expanding Frost King’s Arctic Hobgoblin Frost Raiders for 5E D&D

Salutations, nerds! We’re taking a powder to revisit Frost King’s arctic environment for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. I’ve been thinking a lot about colder places lately and if you remember our vikinglike hobgoblin frost raiders I have new features and traits for you to slot onto these creatures to make your 5E D&D adventurers’ excursion to the frozen tundra more memorable and challenging. Along with these new components you’ll find a couple of other goodies to pair nicely with the myth and magic waiting to be discovered on the frozen tundra. So let’s get cracking.

ADVENTURERS OFFER MEAT TO AN OWLBEAR. tasha's cauldron of everything parleying with monsters owlbear 5E D&D

Parleying with Monsters in 5E D&D Reveals the Power of Social Interaction

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything is officially released! Like countless others around the world I poured through the new fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons book oohing and ahhing over the fun new character options, my imagination awhirl with possibilities. (We’re already talking about twists and turns for our characters when we revisit Those Bastards!) In the coming weeks we’ll surely create plenty of videos and posts right here exploring what’s inside but there’s one section of the book I absolutely love above all others and I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into Parleying with Monsters. So let’s get into it.

5E D&D Tiny monsters

10 Tiny Terrors of 5E D&D

Not too long ago I took a look at the chonkiest bois in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. It turns out 5E D&D’s most massive monsters when it comes to hit points also stand at the top of the size chart with ten out of 13 boasting Gargantuan size. But big threats don’t always come in equally big packages. While there aren’t a whole lot of deadly creatures on the Tiny side of things there’s plenty to put adventurers in peril. So let’s get into it.

5E D&D gelatinous cube Out of the Box Rubes Cube

Crafting your 5E D&D Gelatinous Cubes Encounter

Hello and greetings. I apologize if I tricked you into thinking this was about fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons table preparation. Nope! this is another crafting idea from the mind of Nerdarchist Ted. I was at the store looking for a new cat tree. Despite not seeing the tree made of carpet for my cats to destroy in the clearance aisle I saw a game that looked like it used tiny plastic cubes. I instantly thought of gelatinous cubes. It was worth investigating as a potential new fun crafting project for my 5E D&D games.

WizKids D&D Icons of the Realms: Fangs and Talons ki-rin tyrannosaurus rex

Brave the Dangers of Fangs and Talons with WizKids Miniatures

I have said it before and I will say it again — I love miniatures. Well, WizKids is back and they have brought the monsters! Releasing the second week of November D&D Icons of the Realms: Fangs and Talons offers some amazing monsters of all shapes and sizes. This also includes one of my new favorite miniatures.

5E D&D monsters hit points tarrasque zariel tiamat gold dragon red dragon

Who Are 5E D&D’s Chonkiest Bois? Meet the Monsters with the Most Hit Points

Over at Nerdarchy the YouTube channel Nerdarchists Dave and Ted scoop up all the dice they can muster and discuss the myriad ways to roll a myriad of weapon damage dice in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. They draw the dividing line at making weapon attacks as opposed to spellcasting and if your 5E D&D playstyle leans more towards setpiece battles and sporadic cinematic combat you can really pile up the damage dice without as much concern for resource management over time. In other words, pull out all the stops for those crucial combat scenarios. Why would an adventurer need to deal such prodigious damage? Monsters in 5E D&D boast some hefty hit points potential so let’s get into it and take a closer look.