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Big RPG Plans for WizKids Unpainted Miniatures Wave 13

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WizKids has been putting out quality miniatures for quite some time. I can recall their releases during the third edition Dungeons & Dragons era and how they changed what we were doing at the gaming table. For many years I’ve purchased their prepainted miniatures line and loved them. They are great for any who have no desire or inclination to paint miniatures for their tabletop roleplaying game experiences.

Unpainted miniatures are good to go

WizKids’ unpainted miniatures line changes things up for me again. Other than the premier miniatures the prepainted minis have been blind purchase. But now you can get the exact miniature you want in the unpainted miniature line. These come primed and ready to go. This minor step makes these miniatures so much more appealing to an amateur painter like myself. I can take a primed miniature out of the box and begin the fun layers of painting right away.

Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures Unpainted — Wave 13

  • Ankheg
  • Banderhobb
  • Bronze Dragon Wyrmling & Pile of Seafound Treasure
  • Djinni
  • Efreeti
  • Eidolon Possessed Sacred Statue
  • Elf Ranger Female
  • Elf Ranger Male
  • Elf Wizard Male
  • Firbolg Druid Female
  • Froghemoth
  • Giant Constrictor Snake
  • Goristro
  • Halfling Rogue Male
  • Human Barbarian Male
  • Human Fighter Male
  • Human Paladin Male
  • Human Ranger Male
  • Human Wizard Male
  • Multiclass Cleric + Wizard Male
  • Multiclass Fighter + Wizard Male
  • Multiclass Warlock + Sorcerer Female
  • Orc Barbarian Female
  • Shifter Rogue Female
  • Warforged Fighter Male

I’ve been taking a closer look at my Wave 13 collection and it includes several excellent minis I am excited to share about. I will list some as a group and call out the more specific items I find particularly fantastic and how I plan on using them. This wave of WizKids unpainted miniatures totals about 70 different minis though some come in groups or packs. It includes a group of peasants and some cool back drop pieces. There is a fire pit and meat on a spit and barrels or kegs and their stands . The minis branch out with some specifically calling out 5E D&D multiclass builds. The cleric wizard comes complete with receding hairline that looks fun to paint.

This WizKids unpainted miniatures wave is not all about adventurers though and there are plenty of new monsters in wave 13. There are ankegs and giant scorpions. There are genies and efreetis as well as firbolg druids. The mega minis are the three new huge minis hitting the table. If you are looking for some nasty demons the goristro and his mighty horns charges to the front and leaping out of the swamp comes the froghemoth. I now have several different mold options on this baddie so I am going to have to have a high level game against multiple froghemoths.

By far the thing I’m most excited from this set is the Huge Air Elemental. I have always loved elemental minis. The sculpts always stand out. I have the original, which came already painted, so the question was what to do with the unpainted one?

The answer to me was obvious and upon seeing it I already knew what I wanted to do. In our 5E D&D world we have chaos storms. Chaos magic has run rampant in parts of our world and it possesses the power to change the landscape of the world either temporarily or permanently. Since the huge air elemental is clear my plan was to paint it teeming with chaos energy. It came out really well and everyone I’ve shown it to seemed impressed so I am happy about the result. Next of course I need to stat out this huge chaos elemental.

WizKids unpainted miniatures wave 13 does not stop at making D&D and Pathfinder. We now see Magic: the Gathering miniatures as well. These miniatures call out unique characters from the M:tG universe and bring them to your hands and table to paint them as you like them. The things I’m most excited about in this release are the ghost council, Rakdos: Lord of Riots, Isperia: Law Incarnate and the massive giant Borborygmos.

The ghost council consists of five detailed miniatures made in clear plastic upon a very detailed base. This could easily be used as a set piece or a special encounter in any RPG. The Lord of Riots is yet another huge miniature and the detail is just amazing on this sculpt. Between spikes and chains and wings and horns you get a lot of cool things to paint as well as use to make it your own theme. I am not familiar with the character in M:tG lore as sadly I am out of date with the game but it could easily stand in as a variety of demon types or even as an avatar of a number of different deities. I can easily see it as an avatar of death, war or savagery. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: Nerdarchist Ted ought to brush up on Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica!]

Isperia Law Incarnate looks perfect as a sphinx (or androsphyx if you want to get technical) wearing fancy armor and ready to battle. There was some talk last night about using good monsters against a good party and ways to make it happen be it through leverage, a curse or just strait up mind control. So when you find these awesome lawful monsters remember there are ways to make them work for you and against the party. After all the work you put into buying and painting the minis you want them to have fun right?

If you are looking for your own copies of WizKids unpainted miniatures like these you can get them here.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

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