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Improve Your RPG Experiences with Random Generators

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The other day I was playing Dungeons & Dragons and the Dungeon Master started describing an NPC casting a spell. Rather than say the NPC begins an incantation he instead began performing an evocative chant that really brought me into the scene and the game. Needless to say I was very impressed. Not only had I thought this DM had seriously prepped the encounter but I thought we had overstepped what we should have been doing at the time.

RPG random generators ftw

When the encounter was over the DM pointed me towards easy spellcasting verbal components through a lorem ipsum generator. He explained how he’s simply removed “lorem ipsum” from the verbiage. I quickly looked it up and saved the link so I could easily find it again. It got me thinking about all the things D&D players can be achieve through this random generator style website.

I’m shouting out a massive thank you to a great friend Jake from Mini Terrain Domain. He is my DM on Thursday nights for Dawnbringers. We stream on Twitch and you can always find the VOD of our game session on his YouTube channel as well. He introduced me to the Lorem Ipsum Generator.

This got me thinking if I could collect a number of these resources all in one place perhaps I could share not only this cool site but also a bunch of other resources with fellow gamers. If you like the idea of random generated stuff go ahead and bookmark this post now so you can come back each time you need these cool sites.

I reached out to Nerditor Doug and Nerdarchist Dave to ask what tools and resources they use for random generators too. I explained what I was looking for and they kindly shared their own links.

Nerdarchist Dave

Dave had his own thoughts to weigh in with for this post. DonJon in and of itself can do many things other websites cannot. As a DM this will certainly make your life easier regardless of the system you are using and it can be tailored to what ruleset you are using. Check out donjon RPG tools here.

Making magic items for 5E D&D is something I enjoy doing. When the night is long and you are pushing past the prepared material finding random treasure can be fun but if you do not have ideas flowing the 5E Magic Shop can help you out.

Nerditor Doug

We all need maps and a fantasy map generator can do a lot for GMs who are not into making every nook and cranny of their dungeon, region or world. Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator creates large scale maps with lots of optional details including borders, roads, nation names and a whole lot more.

Another fantastic random generator resource is Watabou generators. There’s a variety of generators to create awesome dungeons, mansions, cities and more. The dungeons include suggested background about the location and a handful of wonderful details about various chambers and areas within.

If you are looking to add an interesting NPC into your game but your creative juices are not flowing the NPC Generator has you covered. This randomizer lets you set race, gender, alignment, plot hooks and occupation to either random or choose the category that works for you. It gives a set of abilities based on 5E D&D.

Name generators are a life saver for making NPC names and even player character names so much easier when you do not have to do the heavy thinking. I have been using the Fantasy Name Generator site for a long time myself and you can select the race and even piecemeal the first name and surname with what is listed as it gives you a selection to choose from with each click of a button. I can’t recommend this one more as a great GM tool. There’s a ton of different sorts of names for a huge variety of people, places and things.

So there you have some cool tools you can and should keep at the ready when you are getting down to the business of rolling some funny shaped dice. Again when it comes to randomizers you can just keep hitting the button until you get an answer or result that speaks to you. Mix and match and use as much or as little as you like whenever you need a bit of inspiration.

Thanks for reading and until next time, stay nerdy!

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