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5th Edition Tome of Beasts – Aberrations

Hello again I am guess you can tell from the title that Nerdarchist Ted is here to talk more about the tome of beasts kobold press 5th edition  awesome monsters found in the Tome of Beasts.  Last week I touched on the Devils in the book.  You can check out that article here.  Today we are going to look at some of the Aberrations that can be found within its pages.

Aberrations are creatures from beyond.  They are nor of this world and are the things of nightmares.  This time Kobold Press brings you 20, if my count is right, new aberrations for use in your 5th edition game.  I can assure you that with this spread you get challenge ratings as low as 1/4 with the map mimic and as high as 19 with the Shoggoth

The Map Mimic is cool because it allows dms to use those nasty surprise creatures at the earliest levels.  And who does not want to have them find a map that leads to another mimic?  Think of all the fun you aberrationcan do with such a thing.

Shoggoth, I believe is right out of Cthulian Horrors.  With a challenge rating of 19 I would imagine it would be so.  This is the type of monster that could have a campaign leading up to it as the major adversary.  And since the tome of beasts gives you so many more options you have enough aberrations to make that type of game happen

The Arboreal Grappler is an awesome Ape with limbs that are at least 10 foot long.  Encounter this guy on the plains and you are all set, but meet this guy in the jungle with heavy tree cover and they might just pull you up into their world and let you fall to your death.  

5th Edition Tome of Beasts – Arch Devils and Devils

Last week I delved into the Tome of Beats and the Rulers of the Fey Court.  You can check out that kobold press tome of beastsArticle here.  This week I have torn through the devils and lets see what we get.

Not only does Tome of Beast give us some new lower tier Devils to play with but some Upper tier Arch Devils that can be a source for an entire campaign arc.  If you have not pre-ordered you own copy you can do so here.

We get 4 new Arch Devils to inspire us in new ways.  Kobold press did an excellent job of creating foes with goals and agendas.  They also added a new format of damage requiring weapons to be silvered to damage certain foes.

Arbeyach is the first Arch Devil we get to explore and he is literally made of a swarm of insects.  His greatest weapons is to cause people to be poisoned and he removes resistance and immunities from those close to him.  Be warned.  Though his power wains through inaction he has many that serve him.

Ia’Affrat is actually the offspring of Arbeyach.  While his father is a swarm of insects, he is a swarm of fire.  He is composed of tiny elementals.  So removed from flesh and blood he is immune to weapon damage of any kind.  Do not get into a fight with him unless you are prepared.

5th Edition Tome of Beasts – Fey Lords and Ladies

last week we delved into the Tome of Beasts and touched on the Dragons.  Today we are going to talk tome of beastsabout the Fey Lords and Ladies. This is from the Tome of Beasts  that is coming out for 5th Edition.  You can pre-order your own copy here.  It is expected to be released on September 13th.

They divide the fey lords and ladies up into regions and tell you the power and political side of things.  if you wanted to run a game dealing with them there is the structure set up already.  Each of these mighty beings has the ability to alter the land around around them coming in with legendary actions, lair actions and regional effects.  These beings are not toppled easily and unless you have a DM set things up poorly or you set up machinations correctly you are never going to encounter them alone.

The mythological Cold Iron comes back into play with these might Fey Lords and Ladies.  There has been no previous mention, I am familiar with. There is a side bar for how to obtain them in the game but crafter beware.  These beings are powerful and live a long time.  They might kill you just for making them.  The reason cold iron is a thing as these mighty beings can’t be harmed with weapons that are not made of the stuff.  Only 2 of the Fey lords and Ladies are able to be hurt with just regular magic weapons.  The rest require you to have Cold Iron Weapons.

tome of beasts

5th Edition Tome of Beasts – Dragons

Every Dungeon Master loves access to new monsters.  And what Dungeon Master does not like using Dragons.  With the Open Gaming License we are starting to see 3rd party publishers getting hardbound products out as options to, well give us more options.

Kobold Press has released a new product out for Pre-order.  You can preorder your copy here.  We did a review on Daves copy that he got early because he backed the kickstarter.

I was sad when I found out that missed getting my own early copy.  When we looked at the pdf we were not disappointed.  There are so many awesome monsters in this book as well as some new beasts and NPCs to easily add into your game.

Today I am just going to talk about the Dragons that are in this book. Next week I will touch on some dragonsother monster groups.  I will keep this series going until the book is released.

In this book you get 6 new Dragon types for your 5th edition game.  Kobold Press does not give you any carbon copy of dragons that exist in your 5th edition monster manual but 6 new whole cloth creations that stand out as unique.

Almost all of the dragons have 4 separate stat blocks for the 4 age categories of Dragons: ancient, adult, young and wyrmling. I make my notes below

The cave dragon is a fierce beast that constantly needs to eat.  It lives underground where its sensitivity to sunlight keeps it safe.  But sadly living underground is not a place abundant with food.  It is not mindless and is a true dragon.  I compare this one with a white dragon with lower stats and its desire for food out weighs its desire for any coin.  Sorry adventurers if you are looking to slay a dragon

In gaming as in literature, the villains make the heroes


Can you name this villain? Here’s a hint: He’s a certain Canadian mounty’s worst nightmare.

What is a hero without a villain? Not much, I’d say. Oh, a character can still be the main actor of a tale, the protagonist of a story, but without that villain, the hero can’t really be heroic.

Some might argue there are tales of heroes without a villain, such as survival stories in which the hero bests the elements to save the day, or maybe a romantic tale in which there is only a misunderstanding between love interests though eventually one or both of them proves their heroism by overcoming that misunderstanding. To that I say the villain is still there, but is not so readily seen. In the survival story, the elements themselves can be the villain. In the love story, if there is not an out-and-out villain, the misunderstanding that brings about conflict can be the villain. Sometimes the villain is the hero’s own inner struggle.

Ecology of the Blitzorn – Fast and Dirty Monsters – 5th Edition

BltzornThe Blitzorn, sorry Dave you spelled it wrong in the video below, is the primal hunter on the para-elemental planes.  Agrar the hunter claims the Blitzorn is what would happen if a tiger mated with a thunderstorm.  A beast as large as a mighty tiger but made entirely out  of a thunder cloud.  So let me present you this monster for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

Fast and Dirty Monsters – D&D 5th Edition

The markings that you would see on a tiger are made of actual lightning arcing through the cloud that is their being.  These creatures though native to the elemental plane of lightning at time a storm draws energy from the elemental plane an it can draw these creatures from their home to hunt and stalk here on the prime.

Ecology of the Golden Chimera – Dungeons and Dragons Monsters

Dungeons and DragonsLast week I talked about the creation of the Golden Chimera.  While the chimera is built as a monster of Demons combining all the worst of each of the component monsters, the olden Chimera actually combines the best of each of the creatures combining together.

As the Demon Prince created the regular chimera a powerful Solar, perhaps the first,  created a creature in its image to be a positive force on the world below, but powerful enough to defend itself and its kind.

As the dragon half of the regular strives to raid and plunder the Golden Chimera craves its wealth but usually through trade and service and is interested in acquiring knowledge above actual material possessions.

Golden Chimera in Dungeons and Dragons

Designing a monster

AJ Pickett – The Mighty Gluestick – Designing a Monster

Role Playing GameDesigning a Monster for Role Playing Games.

By AJ Pickett (aka, The Mighty Gluestick)
Off the top of my head, here are my Top Five Factors to consider
1. Is it needed?
Is there an existing creature that could just be tweaked a little to fit the new fluff?  (look at monster types per challenge rating, can you rework it into a role suited for sneaky ambush, brute force assault, fast striking skirmish, tricky controller, etc) Is there something already close in your role playing game.

2. Is it fun?
Not just for you to run, is it a fun creature for the players to encounter? Does it have atmosphere, iconic characteristics, reputation, hair raising threat, horror, wonder, humor and excitement?

3. Does it make sense?
Why does it exist, where did it come from, what does it do when the players are not fighting it, how does it live, feed and thrive? What impact does it have on it’s environment?

4. Is it known?
Has it been encountered before, studied, recorded, and if so, how widely known and famous is it? Are they relatively common and people know of them far and wide, is it just a local legend, even thought to just be a solitary, legendary beast?

Dungeons and Dragons

Creation of the Golden Chimera – Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Dungeons and DragonsLong ago I came up with this creature.  Inspired by the regular Chimera I set out to make something personnel and cool.  I never truly gave it a name because it was more of a unique creature in my mind then one of many.  But over the years the idea has changed and grew.

Now Nerdarchy did a video on the chimera For Dungeons and Dragons, you can watch that below, and I talked about my version.  The Golden Chimera like the regular has the head of a lion and a dragon.  The lion looks more regal than vicious.  The dragon is that of a gold dragon rather than that of a red dragon.

Would You Use this in Dungeons and Dragons?

Ecology of the Mage Eater – Fast and Dirty Monsters

Mage EaterSpell Casters of the worlds beware.  The Mage Eater lurks above stalking and hunting lone travelers with magical abilities.  I present to you the Fast and Dirty Monster: The Mage Eater.

Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition presents many useful creatures to use against your player characters but perhaps that is not enough.  Fast and Dirty Monsters is a series where we take a concept and convert an already created monster and give it a whole new life as a completely different monster.  In this edition we have taken the Coalt, a generally good monster and turn it into something a little more vial and monster-like.

Fast and Dirty Monster: The Mage Eater

Fast and Dirty Monsters – Ecology of the Skleee

Greetings, Nerdarchist Ted here and and today I present to you a new race and its ecology.  I offer up the Skleee.  These are from our Fast and Dirty monsters series.  Tune in below to see how the race came about.  Lets see how they stack up against other creatures in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Fast and Dirty Monster

The Skleee get their name from the sound they make when startled.  I would like to thank Jerel Fontenot  for his suggestion for the name and concept for the name.   The Sklee are an insectoid race that combines several insectoid concepts together.  They have a hive mind like that of ants as well as their ability to function together as a unit.

In addition their great carrying capacity is inherent within all Skleee.  But they also posses the abilities of termites in chewing through would and other things to burrow and make their dwellings.

The Sklee in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition – World Building – Gnar-Kee-Tis

Blood DemonNerdarchist Ted here and I have been running my Dungeons and Dragons campaign for around 8 months. The inspiration for my game came from one of our earlier videos.

Well now that we are well into the thick of the campaign I figured I would give you some background information on my blood demon. I am not going to give any stats as I am not sure whether the players or their characters will ever want to try and slay him.

I would hate to spoil the surprise for my players in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.  As many of them I would guess read this.

Who is this Blood Demon

Dra-glands, Different Types of Dragons in my RPG | Vyrium Campaign Setting

There are many different types of Dragons throughout myths, legends, and stories.

Dra-glands, Different Types of Dragons in my RPG | Vyrium Campaign SettingThey range from very small armchair lizards to titans able to crush multiple people with a single claw while burning down a building with fiery breath.

But I am not here to write about any of the different types of dragons that you may be familiar with from games or stories.

Well that isn’t exactly true.

What I mean to convey is that I am here to write about different types of dragons in my Vyrium campaign setting and while they resemble the normal RPG dragon they are not born in the typical egg.

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