WizKids Miniatures Review — Pathfinder Battles — Jungle of Despair

Hello again. I sometimes feel most of the articles I write seem to be reviewing products but I am certain I do more than that. Today however, as I am certain you can see from the title, it is another review. This time I am diving into the Pathfinder Battles series of WizKids miniatures and looking at Jungle of Despair. It is a great set and you can see the full set listed here.

What lurks in the Jungle of Despair?

There are a lot of great WizKids miniatures in this collection. Not being a Pathfinder player myself some of the minis were unknown to me. As a resourceful Game Master I can however stat anything I really need to on the fly. It might not be the final thing if I ever decide to use it again so I consider getting new minis a challenge of how am I going to use them in my game.

There are some really great plant monsters in this set. With a name like Jungle of Despair how could it not. We see murder vines, shamblers, and creeper vines.  With these three you could certainly set up a nice jungle encounter with some weak monsters, but they are the bait and the plants are going to be the real challenge. Maybe the plants use the weaker monsters to lure in prey, maybe they are an illusion? Lots of ideas go through my head looking at this collection.

The monsters I was not familiar with, but was excited to get were called qlippoth. They come in several varieties and to me they seemed cool enough to use as a type of demon. Since my current game is very demon-focused I thought it appropriate to let them see table play quite quickly.

I was very pleased with this set over all and some of my favorite minis that came in the boxes I received were the winged chupacabra, river drake, and as previously stated the qlippoths. I am most likely to do some research in the future to fine out more about those guys.

 Pathfinder Battles Jungle of Despair
Detachable hydra heads for the win! Longtime Nerdarchy fans know you should always keep a scroll of Flesh to Stone handy for hydra attacks.

I would be remiss in writing about this Pathfinder Battles set if I did not go on to cover the hydra. I love minis. The options to be able to pull whatever you need off the shelf, out of the bag or box, or however you store them. But this is one that I feel deserves an award.  Out of the box it is a hydra with 5 necks that you can place the heads in so that you can make a 5 headed hydra. Awesome!  Right out of the book. If your players are new to the hobby and are not used to all the Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder monster rules, or mythology in general, and happen to face one of these you can make them quite upset.

You can have them cut off one of the heads and as you do so you can literally remove the head.  The players will gawk in awe as you do so. They will then reel in horror as you replace the single head with a double head. Their 5 headed hydra just became a 6 headed hydra — maybe not what they were expecting. This figure comes with 5 single heads and 5 double heads allowing you to go from 5 to 10 terrifying heads. It is not necessary to do so but in silver marker I labeled the heads and the slots I would want them in so that 1 replaces 1, 2 replaces 2 and so on when they cut off the head or I am resetting back to all single heads.

All-in-all as stated I really like this set of WizKids miniatures and got just about everything I wanted from a single Jungle of Despair booster brick, a couple of individual purchases and of course the hydra.  If you would like to help support the channel or just pick up some of these great minis you can find this Pathfinder Battles series and more on Amazon.

Thanks for reading and until next time, stay nerdy!

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