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Surprise, Delight and Horrify Adventurers with These Tome of Beasts 3 EXCLUSIVE Monster Previews

Our Friends over at Kobold Press are at it again. If the first two Tome of Beasts and Creature Codex monster books were not enough this time they’re going full throttle for the final installment of their series with Tome of Beasts 3, another collection of over 400 Monsters to add into your 5th Edition games.

Dissecting the 5E D&D Giant Creature Type

Salutations, nerds! The fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons creature type I’m covering today is a pretty big deal if I do say so myself. No? Well, I can’t see myself out so I’ll just have to write this one while I’m sitting in pun jail. Grab your magic beans and say Fee Fi Fo Fum with me because I smell something and I don’t think it’s the blood of an Englishman. That’s right, I’m looking at 5E D&D giants! From the big stompy boys who appear in your standard fairy tale fair to the jotun from Norse mythology, giants figure in a lot of fantasy’s source material so it’s no small wonder they also figure prominently in D&D.

11 Huge Threats Posed by Huge Monsters of 5E D&D

I’ve been following up a post about the chonkiest bois in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons with a look at standout monsters from each size category. Huge creatures follow in the footsteps of the smaller 8 Large and in Charge Monsters of 5E D&D. The top of the size category food chain looms but before reaching those heights there’s a lot of amazing Huge size monsters to consider. Let’s get into it.

Dissecting the 5E D&D Fiend Creature Type

Salutations, nerds! I’m back with the next fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons creature type by unassailable right of alphabetical order. Fiends! Do you want to make some fiends? I want to make some fiends. Well, at the very least analyze these 5E D&D creatures. I’m focusing on devils, demons and the lesser known but no less cool yugoloths.

New Dangers Emerge from the Beard Dimension to Swarm Your 5E D&D Games

I recently ran a session of fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons over on our Nerdarchy Live channel. Untraditionally Arcane is a fun campaign featuring an all wizard party, one of whom is a School of Beardomancy wizard. You can grab all the content we’ve created like subclasses for every class, a whole bunch of spells, magic items and monsters from the Beard Dimension inside the trio of the original Beardomancy and follow ups Bad Hair Day and Hairable Ideas (we put together the Beardomancy Bundle as well).

5E D&D fey creatures

Dissecting the 5E D&D Fey Creature Type

Salutations, nerds! I know I express a special love of each fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons creature type every time I tackle a new one but listen. The fair folk are a whole thing with me. I really love them in folklore and they’re super fun in 5E D&D as well. Fey are tricky but not always nice as well as prideful and vain but not always easily buttered up. If you know your fairy tales then you know fey can be easy enough to navigate around but do not lose sight of how the fey don’t see morality the same way as most humans.

Let Loose the Lamp Louse from Untraditionally Arcane in Your 5E D&D Game

Salutations, nerds! Today I want to share with you one of the creatures that came up in our last session of Untraditionally Arcane, the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign at Nerdarchy Live where the Chaos Crew takes on the role of wizards from various untraditional schools of magic because the traditional ones of 5E D&D are on the fritz and puts us in a unique position to fix them.

5E D&D nightmare shepherd mythic odysseys of theros

8 Large and in Charge Monsters of 5E D&D

I’ve been following up a post about the chonkiest bois in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons with a look at standout monsters from each size category and with 14 Mighty Medium Monsters of 5E D&D out of the way it’s time for Large creatures to make their presence known. From the barely there giant fly all the way to the yelping yeth hound these 5E D&D monsters are Large and sometimes even in charge. Let’s get into it.

5E D&D elementals

Dissecting the 5E D&D Elemental Creature Type

Salutations, nerds, I’ve got some hot stuff for you today. The focus of this post about a specific creature type in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons is all about elementals. These primal creatures are basically made of earth, air, fire or water. It’s a little bit more complex than this and since this is one of my very favorite 5E D&D creature types I’m pretty excited to tuck into this one.

14 Mighty Medium Monsters of 5E D&D

Not too long ago I followed up a beefy post about the chonkiest bois in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons with 7 Small Scaries of 5E D&D. Ever a sucker for a series since there’s more size categories in the game I’m compelled to cover them all. In fact the post where this all began isn’t technically limited to the most mammoth creatures in 5E D&D at least where physical size is concerned. Eventually this series will grow into the gargantuan creatures but for now we’re only at the midpoint with Medium creatures. Let’s get into it.

Dissecting the 5E D&D Dragon Creature Type

Salutations, nerds! Today’s post focusing on a specific creature type in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons is interesting because with almost every other creature type there’s a little bit of fuzziness around the edges but pretty much everybody already shares some familiarity with a dragon. Take a second and picture a dragon. I know something came to mind whether it’s the long snakelike Eastern kind or the big ol’ firebreathing Western kind. Listen — dragons are cool in 5E D&D.

5E D&D small monsters

7 Small Scaries of 5E D&D

A while back I wrote a beefy post about the chonkiest bois in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. As a follow up I looked at the deadliest Tiny 5E D&D creatures. For some reason or another the latter began showing up in the top posts over the last week or so and I thought perhaps folks might be curious about creatures who fall between the two extreme ends of the size spectrum in 5E D&D. The title for this post clues you into where I’m starting for a closer look at the monsters of more moderate size. Let’s get into it.