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Dungeons & Dragons Monsters — Fear The Mighty Morphing Mimic

dungeons and dragons monstersIn this edition of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters I’d like to talk to you about Mimics.  There are many ambush creatures in the various books of monsters, but there is a surprising lack of info in this very useful and deadly creature: The Mimic.

Now many of you have probably touched a statue holding a large gem or a massive treasure chest and got stuck.  You then had a battle that either your friends had to fight for you, because you were stuck or you assisted in the battle and probably were victorious and then spent the next three sessions being super careful checking every lever, door, chest, and bizarre object so it does not happen again.

Dungeons & Dragons Monsters — Beware! There Be Kobolds

In this edition of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters I’d like to talk to you about Kobolds. Since I don’t know when you are reading this blog post I’m referring to Dungeons and dungeons and dragons monstersDragons Edition 3.5 and the Pathfinder Role-playing Game.

The truth is a lot of the information is useful no matter the edition of D&D you are playing. I’d go as far as to say with a little imagination you’ll be able to use the information here in any table top role-playing game.

Kobolds even made it to my Top 10 Scariest Dungeons and Dragons Monsters blog post I did way back in March 2014.

Now on with it. How to properly employ these beasties. First and foremost don’t think you your novice adventuring party is going to clear out a whole tribe of these critters. This is the #1 mistake I’ve seen and made as a GM over the years. If you’ve planned an adventure around that you’ve already have begun on the wrong foot.

Monsters are not going to be just sitting around in a cave complex or dungeon in specific areas just waiting for you to come slaughter them and take their stuff.

Top 10 Scariest Dungeons and Dragons Monsters (Part 1)

No story is complete without it’s villains and Dungeons and Dragons monsters are no slouches where villainy’s concerned. Over the years Dungeon Masters (or Game Masters) have been terrorizing their players with all kinds of critters faithfully supplied to them from their Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manuals as well as their own twisted imaginations.

My top 10 scariest Dungeons and Dragons monsters list