Holy Crap! Nerdarchy’s Top 10 Scariest Dungeons and Dragons Monsters (Part 1)

No story is complete without it’s villains and Dungeons and Dragons monsters are no slouches where villainy’s concerned. Over the years Dungeon Masters (or Game Masters) have been terrorizing their players with all kinds of critters faithfully supplied to them from their Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manuals as well as their own twisted imaginations.

So here is my top 10 scariest Dungeons and Dragons monsters list-

10)  Kobolds– OK you probably want to start laughing now, but just think about it:

Kobolds are smart, sneaky, and there always seems to be no end to their numbers.”

Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

Sure  in toe-to-toe fight they’re not so frightening, but that isn’t how kobolds roll. No self-respecting kobold is going to let itself get put in to a fair fight. Oh no, they’re going use traps, tricks, and ambushes, whittle away at our intrepid heroes until they can be handily dispatched.

9) Choker- These guys were introduced in Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 edition. I instantly fell in love with these little creepers.

They  hide and lurk in the shadowy recesses of the dungeon just waiting for that last adventurer in the party to go by or the straggler that wanders off without the rest of the group.”

Another ambush artist like the kobold, but they hunt in small packs or solo. They easily blend into dark places and have long icky tentacle-like arms that they expertly use to strangle their victims.

8) Mimic– OK I’m starting to see a theme here. Ever since my first DM tricked us with mimic, I’ve felt the need to include them in my game. The mimic’s thing is taking on the appearance of objects.

If D&D has an expert when it comes to the sucker punch nothing rivals the mimic.”

My first mimic experience were statues with big, fat rubies for eyes. Of course our group took the bait hook, line, and sucker. We each climbed a statue with the intent of prying out the rubies when suddenly our hand holding them became stuck fast. Next thing you know, we are stuck to the statues that are now wailing away at us with vigor.

Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

7) Carrion Crawler- Another lower level monster, but I’m still fond of these guys. Come on, what is freaking creepier than a giant centipede-type creature with an octopus head.

It gets even better:  those tentacles each have the ability to deliver a toxic poison that then leaves it’s victims paralyzed and helpless as the carrion crawler devours you alive at it’s leisure.

6) Troll– When it comes to Dungeons and Dragons monsters the troll is one of the most tenacious beasties out there.

Without fire or acid the Dungeons & Dragons troll is unkillable.”

These things are all claw and fang with hankering for the flesh of intelligent creatures. Trolls are savage, tireless, and often employed by smarter evil humanoids.

Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

Be sure to catch the next five scariest Dungeons and Dragons Monsters in the second half of this article.  Also, keep your eyes peeled for Nerdarchy revisiting each of these monsters and teaches why they made it to our top ten list. In these individual entries we’ll be offering tips for Dungeon Masters so they’ll get the most terror-mileage out of these beasties.

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