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necro Speak with Dead

Villains Most Foul Creating A Lich Straight From The 5E D&D Monster Manual

Welcome fellow Nerdarchist. Today I’ll be guiding you through the horrors of the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual as we discuss a villain most foul. Nerdarchy was asked to do a video about a 1,000 year old lich who was a human and is chaotic evil from one of subscribers over at the Nerdarchy the YouTube channel. The request was for both a story and stats.

D&D Monsters

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters – Goblins and Their Goblinoid Cousins

Hello Nerdarchy reader, Nerdarchist Dave here to talk Dungeons & Dragons monsters, in this case goblins. The D&D goblin has been around for as long as the game has existed, actually longer. Goblins have been lurking around folklore and mythology for ages. Goblins and their ilk are classic D&D monsters we love to hate. It’s one of those monsters adventurers encounter in the beginning of their careers. The downside to all this is goblins have become mundane and dare I say boring to today’s gamer. Heck I bet most Dungeon Master’s don’t even both to describe them to their players anymore. “You see a goblin,” is what a lot of DM’s more than likely say.

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters|Monster vs Monster Beholder and Lich

dungeons and dragons monsters

Hello again loyal fans and newcomers alike.  It is I Nerdarchist Ted here to bring you another article on Dungeons and Dragons Monsters.  But as opposed to to doing our normal how to make a monster better I am pitting one monster versus another.  We get to combat the spell slinging Lich against the eye-stalk menace Beholder.

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters|Lycanthropes- Were-Rats, Were-Boars, And Were-Wolves Oh My

When it comes to Dungeons and Dragons Monsters the lycanthropes are a diverse lot. Not as much as demons and devils, but there are a lot of them. Basically if there is animal someone has turned it into a werecreature. The core werebeasts are- wererat, wereboar, werewolf, weretiger, and werebear. Then from there I’ve seen everything from wereseals to weredragons.

Your lycanthropes really can fill nearly any niche or role in your gaming world. Whether you need  dungeons and dragons monsters to skulk and sneak, be savage and brutal, or benign and gentle werebeasts really do have you covered.

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters – The Dastardly Demons and Demented Devils

Hello again, Nerdarchist Ted bringing you some insights into the wonderful world of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters.  Today I would like to enlighten you about Demons and Devils.

Now I am certain you are saying that is quite a large bite and our normal span of article length would not be enough to cover all the possibilities of demons and devils.  Worry not, I am going to stick to the concepts of demons and devils and not get into the specific types.

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters| Bulette Also Known As The LandShark

Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

Hello my fans out there, It is I Nerdarchist Ted with another exciting edition of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters.

Today we are going to talk about the Burrowing Bulette (pronounced boo-lay). The Bulette is a magical beast and is commonly referred to as a land shark.

It has the ability to burrow in soft soil and actually has a burrow speed. Now though it posses an animal intelligence and has its similarities to trolls in that it only lives to eat and breed. You need not use it as a mindless strait forward killing machine.


Dungeons and Dragons Monsters- Chokers Making Adventurers Breathless Since The Year 2000

dungeons and dragons monsters

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters- Here comes the choker-

I did an article a while back called “Holy Crap! Nerdarchy’s Top 10 Scariest Dungeons and Dragons Monsters” where I talk about chokers and why I like them so much.

Excerpt From Holy Crap! Nerdarchy’s Top 10 Scariest Dungeons and Dragons Monsters-

“These guys were introduced in Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 edition. I instantly fell in love with these little creepers.

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters – The Voracious Troll They Have Adventurers As Appetizers

Hello Fans it is Ted and hopefully welcome back to another edition of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters.  Today I will hopefully broaden your horizons in the views of the Voracious Troll.

Dungeons & Dragons Monsters

Trolls are often used as just mindless killing machines, hell bent on killing and eating and the D&D Monster Manual says that they can be used as just that, but there is no reason to stop at what the book says.

Dungeons And Dragons Monsters- Vampires Vs Zombies To The Undeath

I was inspired to write about Vampires vs Zombies after watching Spike TV’s Deadliest Warriors episode about what else, but Vampires vs Zombies of course.

vampires vs zombies

Now if you’re gamer like me at first you’re thinking yea right zombie and vampire two undead monsters, but no way are they close to being equal when it comes to combat.

But honestly Deadliest Warriors does a really great job of analyzing these two classic monsters. Now they aren’t really comparing your traditional Dungeons and Dragons Monsters per say.

Dungeons and Dragons Monsters – Fear The Mighty Morphing Mimic

dungeons and dragons monstersIn this edition of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters I’d like to talk to you about Mimics.  There are many ambush creatures in the various books of monsters, but there is a surprising lack of info in this very useful and deadly creature: The Mimic.

Now many of you have probably touched a statue holding a large gem or a massive treasure chest and got stuck.  You then had a battle that either your friends had to fight for you, because you were stuck or you assisted in the battle and probably were victorious and then spent the next three sessions being super careful checking every lever, door, chest, and bizarre object so it does not happen again.

Dungeons And Dragons Monsters- Beware There Be Kobolds With In

In this edition of Dungeons and Dragons Monsters I’d like to talk to you about Kobolds. Since I don’t know when you are reading this blog post I’m referring to Dungeons and dungeons and dragons monstersDragons Edition 3.5 and the Pathfinder Role-playing Game.

The truth is a lot of the information is useful no matter the edition of D&D you are playing. I’d go as far as to say with a little imagination you’ll be able to use the information here in any table top role-playing game.

Kobolds even made it to my Top 10 Scariest Dungeons and Dragons Monsters blog post I did way back in March 2014.

Now on with it. How to properly employ these beasties. First and foremost don’t think you your novice adventuring party is going to clear out a whole tribe of these critters. This is the #1 mistake I’ve seen and made as a GM over the years. If you’ve planned an adventure around that you’ve already have begun on the wrong foot.

Monsters are not going to be just sitting around in a cave complex or dungeon in specific areas just waiting for you to come slaughter them and take their stuff.

Holy Crap! Nerdarchy’s Top 10 Scariest Dungeons and Dragons Monsters (Part 1)

No story is complete without it’s villains and Dungeons and Dragons monsters are no slouches where villainy’s concerned. Over the years Dungeon Masters (or Game Masters) have been terrorizing their players with all kinds of critters faithfully supplied to them from their Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manuals as well as their own twisted imaginations.

My top 10 scariest Dungeons and Dragons monsters list

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