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Salutations, nerds! Things are about to get a little hairy in April. All right, that was almost a bald faced lie. Things are about to get a lot hairy. That’s right, we’re revisiting Beardomancy. And if you liked the beardomancer, get ready, because you’ll be in for a good time with the Hairible Ideas supplement for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Last April’s Beardomancy was so popular with players (and us!) that we couldn’t bear to part ways with the strange world of the Beard Dimension. This time around it’s not only wizards who’re having a good hair day, with beardomantic energy affecting five other classes, new magic items and spells, and literally every creature in the entire game.

beardomancy new subclasses 5E D&D barbhairian
The barbhairian is one of the new classes tapping into energy from the Beard Dimension in our April Patreon rewards. [Art by Ashkan Ghanbari]

Beardomancy grows!

Prepare yourself for adventure with 12 new spells from the school of beardomancy and 5 hairtastic new subclasses. Beware the dangerous new hirsute creature template that can apply to any creature to jazz one up with strange powers and abilities granted by weird entities from the dark corners of the Beard Dimension. Discover 8 new magic items sure to gel with the theme, and tangle with a terrible fiend with an affinity for luscious locks.

In last year’s Beardomancy we introduced the concept of the Beard Dimension, a mystical realm wizards could tap into, gaining a magical beard to begin their journey into the School of Beardomancy. Along with the new Arcane Tradition we created a bunch of new spells, magic items and mundane items, feats and a monster. You can check out a preview we did back then right here. This week we also created a special coupon code for you to get some free digital products in our store. Any three Adventures & Supplements products you want — including Beardomancy —  can be yours on us until April 30, 2020. Find out how here.

New subclasses

Barbharian. Your rage is not an unrestrained thing; you are like a hair pulled taught between two points, a tough material that can hold many times its own weight but does not pull enough to snap. It is from that tension that you draw your power.

Beauty Domain. Beauty often goes hand in hand with love and fertility, and rather than simply being about expressing one’s own beauty, it is often also about helping other people find their own.

Way of the Gorgon. You have learned to use your ki to animate your own hair and mimic some of the effects of the deadly medusa to devastating degrees.

Oath of Vanity. You are expected to do what you can to help others live as their own best selves, whatever that means for them.

Weaver. You have spent countless hours on the web of ropes that create the canopy of the city.

Shaggy Soul. Your prehensile hair writhes and moves as you will it, carrying some of the beardomantic magic within you within it as well.

Imagine a rogue with much skill in rope work, webbing their way around high locations to get themselves into more advantageous position, or a sorcerer with hair that can lengthen and animate itself in order to carry them across the field. A paladin whose solemn oath is to love themselves for who they are, or a cleric intent on bringing more beauty into the world.

What about a haunted comb that strangles people and takes their hair to add to its nest and takes over the bodies of its victims, passing as just another person on the street more often than not? That one’s sure to give your party a rough fight.

New magic items

Angel’s Lock. A woven lock of braided silver angel hair clasps neatly around your wrist like a bracelet.

Arcane Razor. A beardomancer’s worst nightmare!

Cloak of the Fire Rat. This rough scarlet cloak woven from the hair of fire rats folds effortlessly around your chest and arms.

Comb of Growth. Originally enchanted for barbers prone to unfortunate mistakes, adventurers have found other clever ways to put it to use.

Fan of Discordant Glamour. Illusions and any objects or creatures affected by them sparkle in your vision.

Hair Shirt. When you wear this incredibly uncomfortable shirt made of hair, the fibers irritate your skin and make your anger rise to the surface easier.

Net of Hair. A lightweight net woven from the soft hair of several elves.

Twine of Wayfinding. A ball of yarn woven from the hair of a minotaur to aid those hopelessly lost.

New monsters

Crinis Spinner. A truly awful fiend, this abomination crawls their way to the Material Plane from the darkest corners of the Beard Dimension when the comb or brush of an evil magic user accumulates too much negative energy and draws the demonic spirit forth. After strangling the unwitting summoner the foul fiend fashions a host body and spins a lair of hair to lure fresh victims.

Hirsute Creature Template. Strange entities seek to entangle mortals in their knotted schemes for their own bizarre reasons. Whether a trip to the salon yields terrible results, a haircut goes awry or locks are shorn in frustration or anger there is a chance for these sinister powers to enter the Material Plane.

Hairable Terrain

An encounter for your 5E D&D games spotlights the themes and elements from this collection of beardomancy inspired content. Presented in the same style as our Out of the Box encounters and Hooked on Adventure series, you can drop this right into your campaign with everything you need to entangle adventurers in a hairy situation.

This one is full of stuff for the players to use as opposed to some of the more Game Master oriented supplements we put out, but if you’re game for some campy fun without having toupee a fortune, rest a-sheared, you’ll have a good time. If you’re ready to roll a shaving throw, there’s no better time to subscribe to Nerdarchy’s Patreon. We create new stuff for players and GMs to drop right into your games every month, plus ways to game with us and connect including live chats and our Discord, monthly giveaways and more. Check it out here. You won’t want to mousse it! As always, I hope you have as much time playing it as I did writing it!

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