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WizKids D&D Icons of the Realms: Fangs and Talons ki-rin tyrannosaurus rex

Brave the Dangers of Fangs and Talons with WizKids Miniatures

I have said it before and I will say it again — I love miniatures. Well, WizKids is back and they have brought the monsters! Releasing the second week of November D&D Icons of the Realms: Fangs and Talons offers some amazing monsters of all shapes and sizes. This also includes one of my new favorite miniatures.

Fangs and talons and miniatures, oh my!

The Fangs and Talons set includes 45 new amazing miniatures to add to your collection for use in your tabletop roleplaying games. Even some of the common minis are great. There are two different kobold inventors and when you look at how much fun kobolds and artificers are these make great NPCs as well as adventurers. The almiraj is a classic D&D creature brought into fifth edition D&D back in Tomb of Annihilation and to see it one in miniature form is just great. I love lizardfolk so seeing more of them in such detail is awesome too. The animated armor is a fine foe and for years I have been using soldiers for these constructs so getting some in the Fangs and Talons set makes a very useful addition to my collection. If these were not enough the twig and vine blights make for wonderful additions to the games. The set’s common miniatures cover plants, constructs, humanoids, fey, undead and beasts. Talk about options!

Moving into the uncommon miniatures you find even greater selection. You have more humanoids, fiends, elementals, monstrosities, giants, celestials and big beasts. All four types of elementals (earth, air, fire and water) show up in the set along with a marid. And there’s a mimic door! The mimic door is one of my favorite from the entire collection. I love mimics and getting new ones always makes me happy. The detail on this door — the eyes, the teeth and the tongue — are just amazing. I will certainly be using this in the future. It also looks like they are working off of the design of the WarLock tile doors so it blends well with the items from that set. There’s also a ki-rin, a yuan-ti anathema with all its many heads and a dire troll — also with its many heads. And what would a set of monsters be without a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Getting into the rares is always where you find the really fun stuff. I am impressed and happy with the selection. In the rares there are two different tapes of huge dragons — a blue and a red. There is a huge fire giant skeleton too. The flail snail has a great glistening shell and is in full on attack mode. The night stalker is so different from the miniatures I have from third edition D&D I find it hard to see them as the same miniature. The new sculpt is so much more impressive than the earlier edition version. We’ve done a number of videos, posts and products related to frogs recently too and the green slaad came up during those projects. When I look at the sculpt of the green slaad from Fangs and Talons with such wonderful detail I am sure this miniature will be used in the near future in my kids’ game. After all my daughter loves frogs so I’ll need to have some frog antagonists, right?

Finally, the gargantuan purple worm from Fangs and Talons is definitely one of my favorite new miniature for certain. I have a small, or should I say medium sized worm from Reaper I painted up like a purple worm and I have a huge sized purple worm from a 3E D&D line of miniatures. Now I have this new massive purple worm! It is entirely possible to put each smaller worm in the mouth of the greater. I found this just hilarious. I am not sure exactly why I love this miniature so much, but the detail and the size are simply incredible. The spines unseen in earlier renditions look bad ass and make it stand out over all the other miniatures. A purple worm is a terrifying adversary and to have what looks like an advanced version means I will get to beat up adventurers in my games for a lot longer with a bigger meaner version of this very cool monster.

However you are going to use the amazing miniatures from D&D Icons of the Realms: Fang and Talon I am sure you are going to have fun and are going to love them as much as I do. You can check out more of the set and add them to your collection here.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

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