Dungeon Tiles Perfected by WizKids WarLock Tiles

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Back in December I was at PAX Unplugged and I got to have a conversation with the lovely people over at WizKids. They had a lot of projects on the horizon and I have even shared a bunch of them with all you wonderful people. Just released, hot off the presses if you will, are the amazing WarLock Tiles. These fully painted, durable and double sided tiles are perfect for setting up your dungeon scene or creepy castle hallways. The only limitation is your imagination.

WizKids WarLock Tiles terrain
WizKids Warlock clips allow players to construct rooms in advance and place them on the table as needed.

Versatile terrain for your RPG campaigns

WarLock Tiles are compatible with any other tiles using the OpenLock or DragonLock system and come with adapter clips that fit both systems. They are easy to connect and take apart without the need for any tools or tricks. You know they are fully connected when everything is flush and you hear the double click. Once connected everything is secure and tight. The main set comes with plenty of pieces to make some cool and interesting set ups. You get 26 2×2 tiles, two 4×4 tiles and two 2×8 tiles. There are plenty of walls to surround all those square inches. There are over a dozen interior wall pieces to help separate those rooms of the dungeon you know you want to have.

I could gush over the detail on all the stone and woodwork in these beautiful tiles but do you want to hear about that? You might. If you are a regular fan of Nerdarchy you might know I do not consider myself a great painter. It can be costly in time and materials to paint up a whole set of dungeon tiles, let alone to the degree these look right out of the package. The double sided tiles are stone on one side and wood planks on the other.

The set comes with doorways and doors that actually open and close. There are single door and double doorway pieces depending on what you need. But if that is not enough there are expansion packs with even more door options. Doors and Archways offer 14 more options for the connoisseur of dungeon design. Most notable in this pack is the Iron Portcullis that actually works and the Sewer Entrance.

The sewer door is locked. Is that to keep us out, or to keep something in? Both? Lets go in anyway!

Looking at the detail and the simple design It gives me loads of ideas for the types of dungeons I want to run as well as the stories I am looking to tell at the same time. I hope like your favorite bard I’ve inspired you to check out the tiles and see if they are a good fit for your game. If you are interested you can check them out here.

As always, thanks for reading. Until next time, stay nerdy!

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