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Hooked on Adventure — Reversal of Fortune

Over at Nerdarchy the YouTube channel Nerdarchists Dave and Ted roll some funny shaped dice and talk about all the ways a fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons character can become a dice master. Between the halfling Lucky trait, Lucky and Bountiful Luck feats and a slew of class features the probability of creating a fun, effective dice master character for 5E D&D is quite high. These characters step beyond inexplicable good fortune to begin actively manipulating chance. Call it fate, destiny, karma or kismet the dice master character sees the cascade of cause and effect and inserts themselves into the process. Pretty heady stuff! Dungeon Masters can certainly get in on the action too, and odds bending creatures, areas or magic items can be weal for DMs and woe for adventurers. In Fat of the Land a Rural Pig Sty became a low level adventure for 5E D&D giving adventurers a chance to investigate strange goings on leading back to a small family farm. In this encounter unusual behavior spreads through a town to the misfortune of all.

5E D&D low level adventure

Hooked on Adventure — Fat of the Land

Hello! We are introducing a new series here on the website. In Hooked on Adventure we’ll take inspiration from our 3D printed terrain and miniatures to create encounters for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons you can drop right into your game. In Cultivating Chaos we turned the Rural Chicken Coop into an engaging low level adventure for 5E D&D pitting adventurers against demonic forces to save a family farm. In this encounter strange disappearances and transformations lead back to a small farm with a dark history. To enhance the encounter we used Dungeonfog, an online map maker and authoring tool designed for Game Masters, to create a map image for the Rural Chicken Coop. Check out Dungeonfog and use the promo code NERDARCHY to get 10% discount on your first annual and annual-CL (Commercial-License) order here.

trope 5E D&D dm tips Out of the Box encounters

D&D Ideas — Tropes

Welcome once again to the weekly Nerdarchy Newsletter. This week’s topic is tropes, which we discussed in our exclusive Patreon live chat. We hangout every Monday evening at 8 p.m. EST with Patreon supporters and talk about D&D, RPGs, gaming, life and whatever nerdy stuff comes up. You can get the Nerdarchy Newsletter delivered to your inbox each week, along with updates and info on how to game with Nerdarchy, by signing up here. The last days for Out of the Box: Encounters for Fifth Edition Pledge Manager are nigh! We’re in the final push before sending everything off to the printing press. We just received a huge number of gorgeous illustrations from Kim Van Deun and evocative maps from Darryl T. Jones, and we gave the text an additional level of editing from Matt Click. Speaking of tropes, in Girl with the Dragon SNAFU adventurers might meet in a tavern but it’s anything but just another night at the bar! Check out the Pledge Manager here.

Hooked on Adventure — Cultivating Chaos

Hello! We are introducing a new series here on the website. Nerdarchist Ted takes inspiration from our 3D printed terrain and miniatures to create encounters for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons you can drop right into your game. For his first foray into this territory Ted takes a closer look at our Rural Chicken Coop and designs a fun low level 5E D&D encounter. It’s not uncommon for starting adventurers to take on work clearing out giant spiders or rescuing kidnapped townsfolk from goblins. For this encounter Ted spices things up with Abyssal forces terrorizing a rural homestead and sowing chaos. To enhance the encounter we used Dungeonfog, an online map maker and authoring tool designed for Game Masters, to create a map image for the Rural Chicken Coop. Check out Dungeonfog and use the promo code NERDARCHY to get 10% discount on your first annual and annual-CL (Commercial-License) order here.

RPG Crate Holds the Recipe for Adventure for 5E D&D

If you know anything about RPG Crate you might already be aware of their wondrous Recipe for Adventure cards. If you have watched the monthly RPG Crate game I have run for a while over at Nerdarchy the YouTube channel you may have heard me talk about them. Recipe for Adventure cards are fun index cards that allow you to take your fantasy roleplaying game to a whole new level.

Galladoria Games is Creating Painted and Unpainted Miniatures and Terrain

If you love excellently sculpted terrain and miniatures available in both painted and unpainted options then you really need to check out Galladoria Games. I first found them when they released the Mimic Invasion Kit 1. The kit includes the disguised and revealed mimic versions of items and terrain features like sleeping bags, hats, books, barrels and more. Mimic Invasion Kit 1 is a great collection. Mimic Invasion Kit 2 recently released too. The follow up set adds more fun mimics like thrones, anvils and piles of treasure.


Gamer Community and Group Identity

Group identity is important to tabletop roleplaying games. Heck, it’s important to any group of people. We as gamers see ourselves as a community. Whether they admit it or not, people need community. “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human,” Aristotle wrote in Politics. The lone wolf is actually quite a rare phenomenon. Now, if you want I can go deep into scholarly literature about collective identity and start quoting research, but I won’t. After all, while I may be working toward my PhD, such academic stuff isn’t everyone’s cup of meat.

Wringing More from Halaster’s Tumultuous Templates and Mighty Conjurations for 5E D&D

Wow, D&D Spell Effects: Halaster’s Tumultuous Templates and D&D Icons of the Realms: Spell Effects: Mighty Conjurations are a mouthfuls for sure. If you are like me than you really dig using battle mats, miniatures terrain and effects to get more visual with your fifth edition Dungeon & Dragons or other roleplaying games. So I want to tell you about these two wonderful sets from WizKids. Halaster’s Tumultuous Templates and Spell Effects: Mighty Conjurations both allow you to add these lasting effects at your table so players and Dungeon Masters alike will have no question where any effects are, ending any potential dispute.

Dragon Age’s Thedas is My Middle Earth for the Fantasy Genre

For many, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien is their quintessential introduction into the fantasy genre, but that isn’t how it went with me. Today, I’m getting personal and sharing my own introduction into the fantasy genre, a world that few would expect: Thedas, the lands where the stories of Dragon Age take place. However, before I explain how Thedas is my Middle Earth, I need to provide some context. So, please indulge as I share some of my personal history.

5E D&D dwarven artificer specialist

Mythology of a 5E D&D Dwarven Artificer Specialist

Over at Nerdarchy the YouTube channel Nerdarchists Dave and Ted tinker with ideas for playing an artificer in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. A while back we did a video series about the best race to play each 5E D&D class and with the artificer being the only new official class since the Player’s Handbook we were compelled to add a new title to the series. The discussion on YouTube brought up some intriguing ideas and if I’m honest the artificer class itself didn’t really captivate me until I was watching the video. One of the races they mention for potential best artificer doesn’t make the final cut for them but for me it shot to the top of the list and remained there like mountain bedrock. At least for my own growing campaign setting the best artificers are dwarves.

Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting — What it Says On the Tin from Nord Games

Our friends at Nord Games launched a new Kickstarter today and judging by the response so far it’s clear fans of fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons are picking up what they’re putting down. The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting for 5E delves into an area of the game players love to explore with a brand new game mechanic for creating items, potions, and magical goods. The project checks all the boxes I look for in snazzy new content for my games, and if you’re wondering why you should back the Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting for 5E Nord Games includes a wonderful sidebar to help you decide too.

Taking Morality, Duty and Obligation from a Galaxy Far, Far Away for 5E D&D

Over at Nerdarchy the YouTube channel Nerdarchists Dave and Ted bring some ideas from a galaxy far, far away to the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons table. They take inspiration from a mechanic from Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Roleplaying and talk about how they’d implement a similar device in 5E D&D. In Star Wars RPG part of a character is your Morality, Duty or Obligation. These narrative mechanics are tied to Force and Destiny, Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire respectively. If I’m honest I’m not very familiar with FFG’s Star Wars RPG so when we were planning the video I wasn’t much help. But now that I’ve heard what Dave and Ted have to say, I’m certainly intrigued to explore this idea more and think about how Morality, Duty and Obligation can be a terrific tool for 5E D&D Dungeon Masters and players alike.

Weave Foresight Brings Augmented Reality to the Storytelling Platform

When I first encountered the tabletop storytelling platform Weave I wore my enthusiasm on my sleeve. The uniquely designed game from Monocle Society combines a straightforward tabletop game with the best sort of roleplaying components tied together through smart technology and it’s still my No. 1 recommendation for accessible gaming. I’ve been happy to foster a friendly relationship with Kyle Kincade, Monocle Society founder and Weave creator and I love hearing from him whenever there’s exciting developments with the game. At PAX Unplugged in December I enjoyed a great time at the Monocle Society booth where Kyle and the team demoed Weave and spoke with curious visitors about some of the growth and new advancements of the game. That was only a couple of months ago and already Monocle Society announced another great milestone for Weave, making it even more accessible than before.

Nerdarchy the Convention

Nerdarchy the Convention Prep in Full Swing — and YOU Can Help!

Planning and preparation for Nerdarchy the Convention is in full swing! We are putting everything we’ve got into this event and we want to make sure your experience exceeds any and all your expectations. Thanks to the incredible backers for Out of the Box: Encounters for 5th Edition we hit our ultimate stretch goal of creating Nerdarchy the Convention. Hosting events to celebrate nerdy culture and gaming was a dream of ours for quite a while and we cannot wait to share this experience with everyone Halloween weekend 2020. A few months ago we shared an overview of what we’d planned so far at that point and we’ve been charging ahead ever since. But we can only prognosticate so much and we need your help to make Nerdarchy the Convention an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

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