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All About Bags!

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One of the most essential pieces of equipment you just have to have for adventuring gear is a bag! Where, oh where are you going to put things if you do not have the bag space? Do you have special treasures or items you need to conceal and keep close? What type of bag do you have it in? There are so many different types so let’s dive right in.

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Backpacks are standard adventuring gear. They allow for a lot of utility and movement and balance weight out quite nicely. It is also very feasible to roll a bedroll or sleeping bag up and attach it to the backpack for optimum organization and utility. You could also easily strap a lantern or unlit torch to the side for easy access. There’s so many things to store and ideas about storing this precious gear with a backpack. The ease and overall utility of the backpack puts it high up on the lists of must have dungeoneering and adventuring gear.

Coin purse

You don’t want to misplace your coin purse, that is for sure. Currency is very important even in tabletop roleplaying games and allows characters to purchase things they need and want to make adventuring all the more fun. Of course you don’t want to leave your coins jiggling around. You want to make sure they are safely concealed in a nice coin purse close to your skin. The closer to the skin and more concealment the better — you never know what shifty folks might be trying to nab your hard earned gold.

Murse aka shoulder bag

For academics the murse — I mean shoulder bag — is one of those must have items. It offers easy and quick access to things like a spellbook, quill and paper or maps and easy riding for your fancy familiar. The shoulder bag could also be an easy addition to wear with a book bag for things to keep closer on your person and within eyesight. You wouldn’t want to just strap your heirloom spellbook to the back of your bookbag would you? Of course not! Nor would a frail type want to carry a heavy book bag. For these situations the murse is here for you.


Saddlebags are an excellent storage solution for heavier items or those items you just don’t consistently use. Maybe you want to put your less valuable items in the saddle bags just in case you leave your horse for a long period of time or your horse gets away. I have had the latter happen a few times and losing all your gear is never good. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: Saddlebags are a no brainer for masters of mounted combat either, ‘natch!]

Magical Bags

Generally there are weight limits for things your character can carry but of course there are always loopholes and magical bags and items to assist your hoarding needs. The quickest that come to mind are the bag of holding and the bag of devouring. Just don’t try to put your gnome friends in these bags — bad things can and probably will happen. My favorite magical container is hands down the folding boat. This is perfect for if you are adventuring near water. It provides shelter and storage too as anything left in the boat stays in the boat and folds up neatly into a 12x6x6 neat little box weighing only four pounds. And of course it floats.

Custom Bags

For many gaming groups the sky’s the limit in creativity, meaning really no limit whatsoever as long as it moderately fits in the game. I once played with a player who would take leather off of monster kills and turn them into bags, purses and other goods. The character was a craftsman for his backstory as a skinner and leatherworker. This turned to be a very handy skill as we were all outfitted to a T and had special custom colored bags. My lovely coin purse was from a lizardfolk kill so it was super shiny and green. Another party member had a minotaur coin purse and another had some red dragon scale boots. Things took a very craft turn but it was a super fun game and just one of the many examples of how creative you can get in tabletop RPGs!

So get on out there and go adventure and don’t forget your murse!

*Featured image — Alisara’s Repository of Misplaced Things is a very powerful rare magical bag and a smoldering satchel is perfect for wilderness travelers, both found in the Mage Forge vault. [Illustration by Ludovico Tellatin]

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