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Harper's Tale Indiegogo DnD adventure

Help Kids Fight Cancer with Harper’s Tale: An Adventure Path for DnD 5e

In our Dungeons & Dragons games we talk about heroic adventure and playing the heroes who make it so. Through our characters we get opportunities to face incredible danger, take extraordinary risks and stand up in the face of adversity in ways we can’t necessarily do in our real lives. But we can also learn from our characters and, as much as they might represent a facet of our own personality, we can reflect some of their heroism too. Harper’s Tale: An Adventure Path for DnD 5e demonstrates this duality perfectly. The story, and the story of the story, behind the project currently on the path to funding through Indiegogo, represents everything that’s awesome about D&D. In every way, it will be a wonderful addition to any gamer’s collection.

Curse of Hollow Hills – Undead Miniatures on Kickstarter

From the people of Crippled God Foundry, allow me to present the Curse of Hollow Hills. Dungeons & Dragons, or let’s face it any fantasy roleplaying game, would not be the same without hordes of undead. It is that fear of a fate worse than death that can scare the normal mortal into staying in town. It takes a brave adventurer — or a foolish one — to brave the trials and tribulations of the monsters out there. And the undead are one of those. Curse of Hollow Hills is a miniatures project of fantasy heroes & undead monsters. If funded, it will include a collection of up to 50 original sculpts (including future stretch goals), inspired by the most iconic undead creatures of fantasy novels, RPGs & tabletop board games.

Dungeons & Dragons Spell Effects: Arcane Fury and Divine Might by WizKids

As a visual person I frequently like to have the battlefield fully represent what is going on during a battle. I have used a variety of markers during my many years of playing Dungeons & Dragons. With WizKids releasing the Spell Effects I feel I can better represent the magical effects at my own table. Below is the list of all the great things that come in this prepainted non-blind purchase pack. This way you know exactly what you are getting.

Matt Colville

Strongholds and Followers from MCDM

Many of us look back at the old editions of Dungeons & Dragons with rose-colored glasses. Reminiscing about THAC0 and the uniqueness of the old races and classes. One thing I always liked though that slowly died out was strongholds as a level reward. This mostly died off after second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. There was the Strongholds and Builders Guide in 3.5, but I found it more of a Dungeon Master supplement and players never gave it a glance. This goes back to something removed from D&D — politics. Old settings like Birthright, Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, and Ravenloft all had factions that lead to a lot of political intrigue and plots. Due to this it was not uncommon for people to be awarded baronies in these games and used as quest points themselves. As the editions changed, we would see the leadership feat come and go, and followers and cohorts fall to the wayside. Now from the brilliant mind of Matt Colville and the creative staff from MCDM they have returned these things to the light with the 5E D&D supplement Strongholds & Followers. For those of you unfamiliar with Matt Colville you can check out his Running the Game series over here. Let’s take a look at the book.

Monstrous Humanoids in 5E D&D

Over the years Dungeons & Dragons has offered many different races for players to choose from. I know that some Dungeon Masters are very much against anything that does not look normal. Let’s forget the dragonborn and tielfing and play with humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes and halflings. With those races there are plenty of options even without all the subrace choices. But if you are like me you enjoy all the choices and you want to play the things that are bizarre and interesting. If you happen to look around this site you will see many different monstrous humanoids I statted out for 5E D&D and even made up some of my own, so feel free to poke around. I’ve had a fondness for monstrous humanoid races from the beginning of my roleplaying days. The Complete Book of Humanoids was always my favorite, with races like the wemic, the ogre mage and of course the dino people — saurials. I used this book over and over again playing second edition AD&D. And now Deck of Many has an free PDF designed for anyone who enjoys anthropomorphic characters for 5E D&D.

The North Seat 5E D&D Campaign Setting from Ethan Hudgens

Often, I find myself wandering around different Discords and Twitch channels wondering what other gamers are up too. Recently I’ve been watching something on the UnMadeGaming channel and found Mike in a game being run by Ethan Hudgens, and I watched in fascination as they tried to kill a bear. As usual Mike had a rough night, but I found myself more and more curious about campaign setting. After the game I was chatting with the folks in the Discord channel and found out Ethan has his work up on DriveThruRPG presented by Encounter Roleplay (another great channel I strongly recommend you check out). After buying The North Seat primer and book one titled Hostadd, Our Home, I am completely intrigued by the story and I think you should be too. Today, we’re going to take a look at the primer and do a review of the books. Hostadd is a 5E D&D alternate campaign setting and style. After reading book one and the primer, I think you’ll really enjoy it so let’s take a jump in and start looking at things.

Dungeon in a Box Unboxing — August 2018

There are several subscription crate services out there that cater to us the gamer. The lovely folks over at Dungeon in a Box decided to send me a copy of what they do so I can share my unboxing with all of you who like these type of things. This being my first adventure into Dungeon in a Box I am not as familiar with them as I am with other monthly subscription boxes. If my information is correct Dungeon In a Box is supposed to offer everything you need to run the adventure within. So you open the box and you are prepared to play some games.

Dungeon Crate subscription unboxing

Dungeon Crate Unboxing — August 2018

Hello happy gamers. It is that time for another unboxing of a Dungeon Crate subscription box. Dungeon Crate is an awesome gamer crate designed to get you awesome adventures, swag and gaming accessories to use at your gaming table delivered to your door every month. I personally have received every crate — and even helped curate one — since the first box has gone out. Each Dungeon Crate typically features 5 to 7 items to use at your gaming table.

Legendary Dragons Kickstarter from Jetpack 7 Takes Flight

Coming on the heels of their most recent Kickstarter Masters and Minions, the Jetpack 7 team is right back at it with a brand new project. Legendary Dragons: A 5th Edition Supplement puts all the focus squarely on the most iconic creature in all of fantasy — dragons! All the majesty, terror and epic peril of a dragon confrontation will claim its rightful place as the most extraordinary encounter a D&D adventurer can face. Legendary Dragons: A 5th Edition Supplement for the world’s greatest roleplaying game is live right now, so go check it out and help dragons become the feared, world-shaking menaces they are meant to be.

RPG Crate Unboxing — August 2018 This Begins Season 3

Hello fellow adventurer. It is time for another unboxing and we are diving into RPG Crate subscription box. August 2018 marks the third year of RPG Crate and all the exciting things that means. This is box No. 25 and I have most of them. My gaming shelf and T-shirt collection are all the more powerful for it.

Cover-to-Cover Awesome Inside Creature Codex from Kobold Press

Kobold Press, you did it again. By now, backers for the Creature Codex have the publishers’ follow-up to the much-loved Tome of Beasts in their hands, and what a follow-up it is! Over 400 5E-compatible new monsters lurk within, ready to burst from the pages and inspire your own fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons adventures and campaigns. Designed by an impressive host of designers including Kobold-in-chief Wolfgang Baur along with personal favorite Dan Dillon joined by a warren of others — plus creatures commissioned by monster patrons — Creature Codex has a lot to love. And with art direction and design by KP mainstay Marc Radle guiding a team of incredible artists like frequent collaborators Bryan Syme and Marcel Mercado along with a whole bunch of others, discovering each page of this massive tome is a visual joy. So let’s get to it.

Deck of Many

Casting D&D Spells with Extra Flair


Maybe you aren’t familiar with Deck of Many and their fine products. Here is a primer. The Deck of Many is a series of 5E reference cards. It is a tool used to assist Game Masters in their role­playing campaigns, freeing them from traditional reference books and allowing them to only bring the references they need. Each card features original artwork and easy to reference information. Guest artists include: Peter Mohrbacher, Jason Engle, Steve Argyle, Thomas Baxa, Tom Babbey, Aaron Miller, Jeff Miracola, and Leesha Hanigan

Atmar’s Cardography™: Full RPG Modules & Random Dungeon Decks – A New Way to Dungeon Crawl

Whether you’ve been role-playing for years or you’re new to rolling the dice, Cardography is certain to enhance your adventures. It’s basically a dungeon in your pocket. Each Cardography deck is the size of a standard poker deck, and contains 52 different cards with rooms, tunnels, or traps that can be configured in countless ways.

Secrets of the Secrets of the Vault: Mage Forge

Part of my self-appointed tasks as nerditor-in-chief for Nerdarchy is organizing content. Cleaning up all the categories and tags here on the website, creating and maintaining the publication budget and schedule for posts, and putting together our products like Fantastical Mounts and From Hit Dice to Heroics all share something in common — exposure to the vast library of archived content produced by Nerdarchy over the last few years. When we decided to try our hand at product creation in 2018, I thought about all the comments I’ve read from Nerdarchy fans curious about the homebrew campaign setting of Ulthe-Ganya. That’s how Secrets of the Vault: Mage Forge Vol. 1 developed. I realized a lot of what people ask for is already out there. Let’s open up the Vault, see what’s inside, how it came to be, and ultimately went full circle by becoming an incredible new D&D artifact itself.

RPG Crate Uboxing — July 2018

Hello gamer, it is time to dive into another RPG Crate unboxing and see what treasures or loot we get to walk away with. If you are interested in signing up for this subscription box service and getting awesome fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons related material you can sign up at RPGcrate.com. Just make sure you use the promo code NERDARCHYRPGCRATE for 10 percent off your first month’s RPG Crate. Without further ado, lets dive into the crate unboxing and see what’s there.

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