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Dragon Stew 5E D&D cooking

Dragon Stew is the Perfect Recipe for Cooking in 5E D&D

I suppose you could say I’m a foodie. I love trying new cuisine and flavors. Helping my girlfriend, a national food publication editor, in the kitchen is a lot of fun and I frequently make cooking analogies to help explain lots of things. So when I saw an announcement for Dragon Stew: a 5th Edition Cooking Supplemental I started counting the days until the Kickstarter went live. No joke! You can check out the tweet for yourself. I wasn’t the only one looking forward to Dragon Stew with great anticipation either. The project funded in 45 minutes and it’s nearly 500% funded at the moment. Any time I see new content for 5E D&D with unusual twists like this I become very intrigued and with cooking and culinary skills taking the forefront in this project I am absolutely thrilled. So let’s get into it and see what Dragon Stew brings to the table when it comes to cooking in 5E D&D.

Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting — What it Says On the Tin from Nord Games

Our friends at Nord Games launched a new Kickstarter today and judging by the response so far it’s clear fans of fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons are picking up what they’re putting down. The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting for 5E delves into an area of the game players love to explore with a brand new game mechanic for creating items, potions, and magical goods. The project checks all the boxes I look for in snazzy new content for my games, and if you’re wondering why you should back the Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting for 5E Nord Games includes a wonderful sidebar to help you decide too.

dms guild D&D community creator

Catching up with DMs Guild and D&D Community Creators

My collection of content from Dungeon Masters Guild continues to grow! There are so many amazing creators in the D&D community and keeping up with all the fantastic new material is challenging to say the least. Thankfully the DMs Guild newsletter delivers a great summary of new content along with special deals to save you money on great new content for your fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons games. In addition I appreciate whenever creators reach out to share news about their own new and upcoming material for 5E D&D available through the DMs Guild. Also, how about a shout out for Lysa Penrose, recently named brand manager for DMs Guild! Congratulations to Lysa, she is a tireless advocate for great gaming and positive D&D community building. (She’s also a guest creator for our Out of the Box book, and her Crones and their Cravings encounter is one of my favorites of the 55 encounters.)

Help Dungeon Masters Guild and DriveThruRPG Fight Fire with Games

Since late July 2019 devastating bushfires have ravaged large swaths of Australia, the worst the country has experienced in decades. Persistent heat and drought make the problem even worse. Entire towns have been consumed by wildfires, thousands of homes destroyed or damaged and over 7.3 million hectares have burned across Australia — an area larger than Belgium and Denmark together. Because the D&D community includes people from all over the world, we have some personal touchstones to the terrible situation going on in Australia through the creators and people living there who we become friends and fellow gamers with online and at conventions. So it is incredibly wonderful to see the RPG community doing what it can to help. When I saw just now there is a Fight Fire with Games campaign going on at Dungeon Masters Guild and DriveThruRPG I knew right away we had to share this news here on the site.

Nerdarchy the Convention

Explore Myriad Topics, Themes and Styles in the D&D YouTube Community

Over at Nerdarchy the YouTube channel Nerdarchists Dave and Ted give a shout out to a bunch of YouTube channels dedicated to fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying games. In the video they reminisce about Nerdarchy history since earning a Silver Play Button YouTube Creator Award. The D&D YouTube community grew a lot since then with content creators sharing a wide variety of video topics, themes and styles. There’s no ranking of these great D&D YouTubers. Instead the video covers a few broad categories. Here on the website I thought it would be fun to select a few gems from each of the creators I’ve found particularly compelling.

Hero Forge 2.0 Full Color Explosion — No More Unpainted Minis

That is right. You read it correctly. No More Unpainted Minis. Hero Forge has been the leader in customized 3D miniature printing for quite some time. Their current Full-Color Custom Miniatures with Hero Forge 2.0 Kickstarter takes a leap forward by printing full-color custom tabletop miniatures. The amount of color detail they are able to achieve is off the charts. I was lucky enough to be sent a prototype of one of their full-color custom tabletop miniatures and when I first looked at it I thought it was professionally painted. The Kickstarter is now live and when I look at the page I am just blown away.

Whispers in the Dark Roars onto the 5E Scene with Investigative Horror Roleplaying

Fans of investigative horror roleplaying and fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons rejoice! Whispers in the Dark released over the weekend at DriveThru RPG and the well-crafted adaptation of the 5E system for this particular genre already sits at No. 5 on the bestseller list. Among the most popular titles under $5 Whispers in the Dark sits pretty at No. 1 and overall the digital product already claims silver bestseller status. The design team of Matt Corley and newly named Dungeon Masters Guild Adept M.T. Black produced the product under the Saturday Morning Scenarios banner, which takes the flexible 5E system in a new direction. I received an advance copy of the material before finalized layout and got a chance to lob some questions at Matt, so let’s get into it.

The Nightmare Before Critmas — Tale of a Holiday One-Shot

The Nerdarchy crew experienced a tremendous year in 2019! We grew by leaps and bounds, earning a Silver Play Button for the YouTube channel, creating a wildly successful Kickstarter, organizing Nerdarchy the Convention and growing the website right here by hiring me full time along with staff writers Megan R. Miller’s increased role with us and the author and writer of this very post, Steven Partridge. Steven is a remarkable writer, a creative powerhouse and really a good-natured and great hearted fellow. The whole Nerdarchy crew is so happy to have him as part of the family. Steven regularly contributes fun, intriguing content here to help inspire better games and better friendships. Please go visit his website to see all the stuff he is up to here. But that’s enough of me hijacking his holiday tale! — Nerditor Doug

Monocle Society Taking Weave Onward, Upward and Outward

PAX Unplugged offered no shortage of things to see, hear and do over the three over the Dec. 6-8 weekend in Philadelphia. Far and away the best part of any game convention is spending time with friends gathered from far and wide. When they have a booth showcasing their really terrific game along with juicy news about the future direction of it then it becomes a takeaway moment from the whole event. Monocle Society CEO Kyle Kincade, creator of Weave, checked all those boxes. I made a beeline for the Monocle Society booth when I hit the convention floor to say hello and see what was happening with this wonderful game. The booth was abuzz with visitors learning more about Weave and playing demos, and it was fun watching Kyle and the team captivate convention goers. And me! I’m just as enchanted by Weave as the next nerd.

pax unplugged arcknight al game

Out of the Box Partner ArcKnight Hosting Free Game at PAX Unplugged

Hello gamers! Will you be attending PAX Unplugged this year? If you do you will have a chance to check out some amazing things. Nerdarchy will be in attendance walking around. You might catch us at a panel or two. And we’re guest hosts for the live Nolzur’s Marvelous Tutorials event with RealmSmithtv. We’re looking forward to meeting up with our Out of the Box partners like Norse Foundry and ArcKnight too. They’ll both have booths on the floor and it will be great to visit with them.

Dungeon Draw Kickstarter RPG cards

Your Custom Card Deck Helps Dungeon Draw Build a Creator Community and Marketplace

I’ve been watching the promotional video and pouring over the details for the Dungeon Draw | RPG Cards Kickstarter. My mind reels with the possibilities. Cards have long been my favorite kind of accessory for tabletop roleplaying games. Many of my favorite types of games are card based in general. Curating a deck of cards to enhance your own RPG campaigns sounded pretty cool. Custom cards, even better. Creating your own RPG cards whole cloth, now we’re getting somewhere. Becoming part of a creator community and marketplace for designing and sharing your custom cards, decks and artwork for others? You really are cooking up a little scheme here, aren’t you Dungeon Draw?

D&D for students

Please Allow Me…

Hail and well met! I’m Sophie, and I’ve been invited to contribute to this esteemed community. I know — big deal. So, let me tell you my qualifications. Well, to start with, I’ve been playing hobby and tabletop roleplaying games since 1977. I started Dungeons & Dragons with the basic “blue box” edition back in 1978. That means I have dice older than some of you. Probably most. However, it’s not just that I’m older than the Nerdarchy guys, I also spent 13 years working in the gaming community.

D&D community 5E D&D DMs Guild

Add Your Voice (and 5E D&D Content!) to the D&D Community

Every single day the Dungeon Masters Guild adds new titles. At the time I’m writing this 14,184 titles stock the DMs Guild digital shelves and for every adventure, player option or Dungeon Master resource, somewhere along the line the author published their first one. This past week one of my favorite people in the D&D community to game with, Dylan Ramsey, published their first title. Dance of the Deathless Frost expands on Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus with a whole new way to approach the 5E D&D adventure with new locales, NPCs and magic items, including vehicle stats for the Baba Yaga’s hut plus a chance to tame the demon lord Kostchtchie. If you’re a Dungeon Master, chances are you’ve created your own content along the way too, right? Maybe you adapted adventures from earlier editions, created new subclasses for your campaign setting, focused on an element of the game to expand on or a million other things. Consider taking the opportunity to add your creations to the DMs Guild! Players and DMs are always on the lookout for new stuff to add to our games, and maybe yours inspire someone else.

Bring Your Customized Character to Life with a Hero Forge Mini

If you are like me, then you enjoy using minis in your tabletop roleplaying games like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. Minis add an enjoyable tactical side to the challenge of combat. But at times it can be so difficult to find the right mini, the perfect one with the right gear, right pose and even the perfect expression on their face. If you are not aware of Hero Forge than please let me introduce you to their wonderful products. I have purchased dozens of Hero Forge minis I proudly display in my collection. Their method of allowing the customer to perfectly design the exact mini they want makes them an ideal choice for selecting the mini for use at the gaming table.

Two D&D Community Titles for My 5E D&D Short List

Creating content for tabletop roleplaying games like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, or creating an entire RPG itself, brings enormous joy. You might homebrew stuff for your home game, make products for an online marketplace like the Dungeon Masters Guild or your own website, or launch crowdfunding campaigns to produce books, accessories and boutique items. Creating content aims to enhance enjoyment for players at the gaming table. But even after your material is complete, the job doesn’t end there. Dungeon Masters and entrepreneurial content creators always gotta be hustling. At the table we aim to engage players and hook them on what you’re bringing. When it comes to commerce, raising awareness is the name of the game. In either case, you’re selling what you’ve got to the audience. For this week’s D&D community spotlight, two products came across my desk by way of creators out there hustling, something I admire.

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