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5E Dungeons, Hordes & Horrors Humble RPG Bundle

Any funny-shaped dice enthusiast can’t get enough tabletop roleplaying game material on your bookshelves, right? And if those bookshelves are digital you don’t even need to worry about space. Although you miss out on those extra screws, nuts and bolts after assembling your new Ikea bookcase. Frog God Games has partnered up with Kobold Press and Troll Lord Games to expand your RPG collection with the 5E Dungeons, Hordes & Horrors Humble Bundle. Running until June 22, 2018, you can get over $381 of ebooks including adventures and campaign guides for as little a $1 and contribute to charity at the same time.

RPG Crate subscription unboxing

RPG Crate Unboxing – May 2018

Hello gamer. It is time for another unboxing and I think this one is a darn good one. Presenting from RPG Crate subscription box — 5th Edition Foes. This is their crate from May that sadly had an issue and arrived a little late. But no worries, it got here and I am so glad it did. This is crate number 22 so RPG Crate has been going strong for almost two years. Well done.

Find your setting with 5th Evolution: New Genres for Your 5E Game

For anyone that has been playing within fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons for a while, it can be easy to tell how flexible the system is. There is a lot of homebrew out there to give evidence to not only its flexibility, but also to the wide reaching success of the system. I’ve spoken to players that love 5E, but sometimes want to play beyond the fantasy setting. This is where Limitless Adventures has you covered with 5th Evolution. This #5Evo Kickstarter promises to bring three supplements into the hobby covering Alternate WW II History, 80’s Horror and Super Heroes. The best part? These supplements can be used in any combination, opening the door all manner of unique stories and exciting scenes.

Dungeon Crate Unboxing – May 2018

Hello gamer!  It is that wondrous time again when we delve into another crate and see what glorious treasures can be found within. This is Dungeon Crate, for May 2018 to be exact. This month we get a variety of cool stuff to use in our gaming sessions, so without further ado, let us jump into the unboxing of this subscription box and take a closer look.

Starcalled Studios Creatures of Vathis: Volume One Kickstarter is a Beast(iary)!

The team of Starcalled Studios is a group of long-time gamers dedicated to bringing you tabletop content. In addition to streaming fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, RPG video games and board games on their Twitch channel, they also created several books for their Zodiac Empires setting including a full-color, illustrated campaign setting guide and player’s guide, and an adventure, all compatible with both 5E and Pathfinder. Their latest project, Creatures of Vathis: Volume One, successfully funded in 24 hours on Kickstarter with several weeks left to go on the campaign.

Extend your 5E Game World with Limitless Adventures 5th Evolution

Andy Hand and his team at Limitless Adventures have heard your frustrated call. These top creators in the gaming community have assembled under the Limitless Adventures banner and have brought to you 5th Evolution (5Evo). The intrepid band of writers have sat down and given your favorite Fifth Edition rules new life in three fantastic genres: 80’s Horror, Super Heroes, and World War II. They’ve taken their favorite genres, added new equipment, rule supplements, and monsters, and made pregenerated characters and an 8-page introductory comic with an epic cliffhanger to start players right into the adventures, with the 5Evo Kickstarter set to launch on June 4, 2018. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: Updated June 6 with link to live Kickstarter]

RPG Crate Unboxing — April 2018

Hello adventurer, Nerdarchist Ted here and we got us a crate to look at again. This time we are rockin’ out with RPG Crate. RPG crate is a Game Master’s dream with all the great stuff delivered in your subscription box each month. There’s so much prepared content you can either use as-is or take apart to use the pieces as you see fit.

Dungeon Crate Unboxing — April 2018

Hello dungeon delver. Do you like awesome RPG and D&D related products?  Do you want these type of things to show up at your door once a month, say in a subscription box? You might consider getting a subscription to Dungeon Crate and use the promo code Nerdarchy to get 10 percent off your first month’s subscription.


Making a Villain of the Warlock with a Little Help from our Friends

Warlock is probably one of the most popular fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons character classes. It didn’t come into existence as a character class until the later part of 3.5 D&D. Fourth edition D&D made it a core class in the fourth edition Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook. [NERDITOR’S NOTE: According to April’s And Beyond live stream with D&D Beyond lead Adam Bradford, warlocks are the No. 1 most created character class over there.]

Dungeon Crate

Dungeon Crate March 2018 Unboxing

Hello gamers! Our crate unboxing segments are moving from our video series to a new home here on the website as we shuffle things around to best provide all the things we want to offer between here and the Nerdarchy YouTube channel. Check back every month should you wish to learn of the awesome stuff that comes in that month crate. This time we are unboxing the March 2018 Dungeon Crate.

Gee Whiz, Critical Role Animation Sure is Fun

Tabletop RPGs aren’t the first thing that probably comes to mind when you think about animation. There’s a lot of stuff going on at any given time and humorous or action-filled moments are often dispersed among hours of the player characters shopping or doing other tasks that don’t translate well to being encapsulated in a short spurt of animation. But over at Gee Whiz Productions, those drawbacks to a tabletop RPG session haven’t really been drawbacks at all. They’re doing amazing work in taking scenes from longer sessions like Critical Role and transferring them into animated gold.

D&D Campaign Setting

From Billy Goats Gruff to D&D Campaign Setting

Nerdarchist Dave here with a recap of one of our latest videos where we were inspired by Studio Woe’s Gruff – A Tactical Card Game of Mutated Monster Goats. They have a KickStarter for Gruff: Stuff of Nightmares you can check out, a stand-alone game fully compatible with the Gruff rules system and other Gruff games. Talking with the creator of Gruff really got my juices flowing for a semi-silly D&D campaign setting somewhere between Ravenloft and Dark Sun, but with evil shepherds and lots of goats.

unmade gaming live streaming RPG

Live streaming RPG (un)life with unMadeGaming

The RPG space is undoubtedly growing in ways it never has before. There are simply more options for games, whether new systems, new content for classics like fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons and new ways to play all of these games like live streaming RPG gameplay. From Critical Role and Acquisitions Inc. straight on down the line, thousands of players and Game Masters share their tables with the world. Mike Hunt, whose unMadeGaming brand showcases a wide variety of RPG systems, is one such content creator.

Frog God Games Getting Superheroic with MegaHeroes RPG

Recently Nerdarchist Dave welcomed our good friends from Frog God Games to the daily live chat on our YouTube channel. Zach Glazar, Bill Webb, and Jim Wampler to talk about the the Rappan Athuk Reborn Kickstarter and let us know that there would be a new Kickstarter coming before the dust even considered settling on the current Rappan Athuk. From the brainchild of Jim Wampler, in conjunction with Frog God Games, looming up from the corrupt city streets of Cincinnati comes MegaHeroes superhero RPG.

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