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We All Live In A Castle web comic D&D

WALIAC No. 2 — Five Easy Dungeon Room Pieces

Hello! In We All Live in a Castle No. 1 Goblin Chief, Lackey, Troll, Rascal and the Maker arrived at their new home. But before this abandoned castle can truly be a monster lair, these dungeon denizens will have to pick their rooms. It ought to be a simple, fair and equitable process right? These are fictional fantasy comics telling the story of five allies on a quest to live in a castle and have their lives illustrated. Use the navigation bar under the title to check out the WALIAC No. 1 and enjoy WALIAC No. 2 — Five Easy Dungeon Room Pieces below.

We All Live In A Castle web comic D&D

We All Live In A Castle — WALIAC No. 1 A Sign of Things to Come

Hello! Welcome to a new series from Nerdarchy — fantasy comics! We All Live In A Castle follows the lives of five fantasy characters inspired by our passion for Dungeons & Dragons. WALIAC won’t be the first comics we’ve created. Nerdarchist Ryan created How to Speeks Goblin back in April 2014 and it ran for over a year. Now in 2019, we fell in love with the work of artist William Elder and wanted to create something together with him. One of William’s pieces was done as promotional art for our adventure as guest Dungeon Masters at D&D In A Castle. Nerdarchy has our own castle in Staffordshire, UK in June 2019. Caverswall Castle is the only moated castle in the UK you can stay in, and we’ll be there with our own guest DMs Lysa Chen and Vee Mus’e to guide players from across the globe through an unforgettable three day D&D campaign!

Kate Sheridan comics and D&D

Comics and D&D Q&A with Artist Kate Sheridan

Hello! Today I’m happy to share a Q&A with Dungeons & Dragons nerd, illustrator and comic creator Kate Sheridan. Kate appeared on the Nerdarchy live chat with Nerdarchist Dave, which you can find below, and had a great conversation about art, comics and D&D. After watching the chat, I checked out Kate’s work and picked up her comic Fallow Time, a terrific story that really captured my imagination. She has a wonderful art and storytelling style and I highly recommend checking out her work. I’m looking forward to adding a print of one of her pieces to my office. Kate was kind enough to share her time answering some more questions, so let’s get into it.

Nerdarchy the comic book! Issue No. 1

Face front, True Believers! In addition to his mild-mannered position as a Nerdarchy staff writer, William C.‘s alter ego is that of Professor Bill. In this other guise he runs Comic Book University, a YouTube channel dedicated to all things comic book. You may also recognize him from the recent live streaming game at Nerdarchy’s YouTube channel. Thursdays at noon EST, Professor Bill takes on the great power and great responsibility of acting as Judge for a game of Marvel Super Heroes RPG.

International TableTop Day

How to Speeks Goblin| Tabletop Terrors in Honor of International TableTop Day

International TableTop Day

Time to check in on Gil Beatin & Killicia Slay just in time for International Tabletop Terrors Day. Oh my is that Durgen from A Fistful of Dice and The Provokers on the table? I don’t know if I want to see what happens to this poor dwarf at these goblin hands. I’m sure they are going to take their time with this grisly game especially with it being International Tabletop Terrors Day.

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